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  1. System and both games sold. Steering wheel assembly available for now.
  2. Going a different direction with my collection. Selling my brand new Hyoer Neo Geo 64 fighting game board. Have a new, complete Fatal Fury Wild Ambition 64 game, along with a used copy of Roads Edge. Everything comes with its original box, though Roads Edge doesn't come with all the stickers and manual. Though just having it is quite the feat due to its rarity. Also for sale is the steering wheel and pedals for Roads Edge (or any racing game for HNG64). $350 for the brand new fighting board SOLD $250 for the new and complete Fatal Fury 64 Sold $150 for Roads Edge SOLD Shipping is free for continental 48 on these items. Steering wheel and pedals are very heavy. Shipping will likely be around 100 dollars. Only charging $125 for both before shipping costs. You won't find another set, easily. Trying to be fair and taking losses on my stuff to move.
  3. Thanks for the response. At least my cart isn't broken! Thanks Charlie. Called you out on twitter.
  4. Can anyone help me? I have a real aes copy of League Bowling. It doesn't save my high scores. I know scores save on my neo sd pro, but im assuming the game saves on the cart itself and not the memory card as my previous high scores also don't load up when using the real cart. Or was the game never supposed to save and its merely a function of the neo sd pro? Thanks.
  5. According to my order I got rosewood. I think its second from thr right on the xbox order page. The xbox logo is a sliver of wood in the shape of an X that sticks on the X of the xbox console power button. I didnt want that. The bottom panel is only if you want this laying on its side and want the bottom covered in wood. I also did not get this. Just the basic kit.
  6. The wood paneling for the Xbox? Theyre available at toastmade.com
  7. New beige keyboard, some grey coiled cables for the keyboard and to charge the wireless headset. Looking good
  8. Yeah, noticed that. My rf signal has no noise and is clear as a bell. Its hoe i play my neo geo, there. You'd never be able to tell the difference. Yeah, I think the naming convention was just something out of the marketing hat. I love the look of the set, from the grain to the digital channel readout to to grey screen surround. But I know this era was Zeniths final last hurrah. Even during this era of my TV production had already shifted from Illinois to Mexico. After that they stopped making their own hardware all together and started to selling rebadged japanese hardware, which was sad. But they just couldn't compete price wise. Mid 2000s, the dying breath of the brand, I remember my dad had a zenith set that was an exact clone of what was clearly an rca. They didn't even try to hide it at the end.
  9. Man I wish. I still haven't seen on physically in a brick and mortar store. Plenty of switches, even oleds out here. And the occasional S. Thats it, though. I hope they all become common. This has become ridiculous. Typical initial sold out status for consoles in the past look like a joke by comparison lol.
  10. One thing no one is mentioning is used disc based games are dirt cheap. Like cheaper than you'd probably guess for top tier games. Like 9 -19 for most titles. I just got several games yesterday, Like a Dragon for 11 sealed new, Samurai Shodown for series x with dlc sealed new for 19, Cod Cold War used for 19, Hotwheels new sealed for 18, Rider's Republic lic used for 18, Dirt 5 used for 20, Sea of Thieves used for 10, Cyberpunk new sealed for 10 and Money Ball used for 14. I feel like I already have a nice, large collection and at a tiny fraction of what I would have from the xbox dload store. Not to mention some games like Kof XV having very nice collectors editions that only come in physical form. Just food for thought. Also, having started with a series s first I feel like I can say this pretty definitively, graphically its not anywhere near the X, which I'd honestly recommend any day. Especially since you're going to spend 100-150 bucks on a 512gb expansion module just getting the S to the same internal hdd space as the X. At that point there's not enough of price savings enough to make the lack of horsepower and lack of disc drive worth it. Again, loved my S. Not saying you wouldn't. Just that I feel the X for its price is a no brainer.
  11. I'm going to throw my hat into the ring. I bought a series s originally. I loved the system, to be honest. But at least for me, all it did was make me want to get a Series X. I loved the zippiness of the OS, the new rumble features and the quick resume features. But really missed the polish I knew certain games had having played their respective pc ans ps5 ports. Nothing wrong with it. But I see the Series S as kind of a gateway drug. Grts you hooked on the ecosystem and all. But will make you want more. From what I gather talking to others, it seems thats why there's so many used ones (not new ones from scalpers) for sale on places like Offer Up.
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