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  1. It existed way before the internet was mainstream for sure. People would visit BBSes, or meet in hotel rooms to share and trade mimeographed magazines. https://youtu.be/8aF2GxWi7Ag That's a Youtube Video about Furries. It starts Very Early Pre-Fur even to show you what it evolved from.
  2. Bought a game lot from him. Everything arrived fine and well packed. Would buy from him again! 👍
  3. I bought more cart only famicom games from him. It went as smooth as last time! But I have something else to add. During when I was picking out games, I was copying and pasting them into a text file so I could total the amount together. It turned out I had copied a game twice and didn't notice it. And honestly, I would had probably paid the amount I stated and wouldn't had thought any different once I got the games and if I'd caught it later, would had blamed myself for putting a game down twice. ApolloBoy caught it, however and let me know. That kinda thing goes a long way with me. Definitively buy with confidence from this seller.
  4. Hey @phoenixdownita, I don't have an Neo-GEO AES, but have been looking to get one maybe in the near future. If I get a stock (no mods/unibios) AES, does it need any modification to use the MagicKey adapter there with the Multicart with the switch in the off position? (I'm assuming it's a multicart.). I'm not quite understanding your post in terms of compatibility.
  5. I can't quite read the name of that Wii game. What's the condition of all the game discs?
  6. The Zero isn't really powerful so I would think more Atari/NES than SNES/MAME. Though it might be able to do that depending on the game you're trying to play.
  7. Looking to buy an Atari Lynx Model II in the United States. Just has to work and have a good screen/sound! Shoot me offers via PM please. Found a good deal for one online and hit it. Will update if this changes.
  8. I actually found a few good priced ones on Ebay-- for a bare bones system with the hook ups. I could had bought that, but instead found a seller on another forum-- paid a LOT extra-- but it came expanded with 32k and a handmade composite cable that was made by the person selling it to me-- it worked great. (I did not want to mess with that fricken RF box. X3. It looked like a nightmare.) Got a FlashRom99 for it and been having some fun with it- with the pack of roms found on this forum! I'm looking for a cassette cable next. The BAD part is that my mail carrier has a grudge against me due to a lot of reports of how she handles my packages because she hates getting out of her vehicle and the poor box was manhandled so bad ''keys popped off the TI!'' despite LOTS of bubble wrap! Luckily, they only ''popped off'' and didn't ''break off' so the fix was as easy as just plugging them back on. The system worked great. I did, however, find a lot of stuff on Ebay in the regular 'LOOK, VINTAGE LAUNCH EDITION IN THE BOX!' for way too much and the usual buzzwords and just... blarg.
  9. Bought the top case part of a 5200 from him, and some cart only famicom games. Both arrived fine and packed well!
  10. I Redid my main Avatar. The original was by an artist named 'Dangerboy'. I retraced it and made it a little more cartoony in the process I guess. Background is 'Fantasy Zone'.
  11. Aha. I was looking all over that first front page. I'll remember that for next time I'm searching his website. X3. For now, I bought a compatible supply.
  12. I know Best Electronics is a good place to check. But their website is basically a nightmare to navigate. I get it's old school- and that's fine!-- but I searched 'Lynx' all over using the 'Search' command and couldn't find it but apparently it exists somehow and I still missed it searching that way.
  13. There we go! Specs seem to check out to what I'm told above, Thank you much!
  14. I seriously can't find one. Does anyone know the exact specs I should be looking for an polarity at least in a generic, universal one?
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