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  1. Whoops! Went to my local gamestore and asked if they had any old gameboy games they don't want. Turns out he basically has a big basket of unwanted common shovelware junk he couldn't sell if he wanted. X3. Bought three for like a buck each. Neat neat neat. No longer needed!
  2. Here's a post wherein I look for three cheap original, grey cased gameboy games. I'm looking to replace the broken/chipped cartridges of three games I own-- and looking for non-working or cheap/common carts to use for the case. I don't care what the games or label condition-- just that they are in one piece and cleanable at best if dirty! Thank you for your help. Found. Thank you!
  3. Whoops, see you sold all your Famicom stuff! Too late for me.
  4. Bought a ColUSB from him, something I was searching for for a long time! Works great. Pleasure to do business with. Would buy from again.
  5. Bought an Atari 65XE from him. Transaction went just fine! Always a pleasure to do business with.
  6. tpugmire replied to a post asking for someone to repair my Lynx Model 2 System with a Recap- since the screen was really dim. They went above and beyond the initial request, and caught other problems with my system- and it came back working a hecka a lot better and looking almost brand new! He also stayed in great communication- which I believe is important with this kind of job / when someone is working with your personal property. Would suggest his services if they are offered to you, for sure.
  7. Found someone to do this for me. Thanks for consideration guys!
  8. I have a Game Gear with a weak display. It's playable, if you fool with the contrast, but it's weak. I have two Lynx units, a Model 1 and a Model 2 with similar issues-- weak displays. I'm assuming that, this is most likely a capacitor problem based on research I've done, but I don't have the skills needed to do that. Or even diagnose that properly. Looking for someone to diagnose and repair these for me properly. Here are the pics of the units, attached to this post. If it helps any. Edit: Found someone to do this for me. Thanks for consideration guys!
  9. Looking for an Atari XE (EXGS) system. Would prefer to be as complete as possible, but fine if it's just the Game system and keyboard/Power Supply, etc. Also looking for a Modded PSone system. That is, the smaller, 'newer' model that came out near the system's end-- the kind that looked like this: https://imgur.com/pjC9jdq . I'm looking to buy that portable LCD screen for it, so if you have that too feel free to offer. But will be happy with just the modded system. Thanks for offers. Thanks for consideration! - R.R. (I think that's gonna be my last bump for a bit. It's clear no one has one of these for sale at the moment. ~.~. If you see this, I haven't found one yet, just send me a message if you have one!)
  10. Those prices are out of my range atm. If you still have them later in the month I'll be back to check.
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