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  1. Sold Scooby105 a TurboEverdrive. Easy transaction. No problems.
  2. Sold! Thanks for looking. I no longer need this because I got a Super System SD 3 in the past six months and haven't used it since. The Turbo Everdrive is basically a rom loading solution for TG-16/PC-Engine HUcard games. It does not support CD rom games, though it's my understanding it can load the roms of certain CD Cards and act like the cards- though I've never tried that before since I do not own any of the CD peripherals for the TG-16 or PC-Engine. You can read more about it here; https://krikzz.com/store/home/35-turbo-everdrive-v24.html It is currently in PC-Engine mode as I typically used it with my CoreGrafx. There's a tiny switch on the side that you need to switch based on if you're using it on a TG-16 or PCE. If you tell me what you intend to use it on before sale I can make sure it's switch to the right position. Or you can do it yourself. Just be aware of that, if you try to plug it into your TG-16 and it doesn't work-- that's probably the reason! I live in the United States and will only trade/make a sale to someone in the US, as I do not know how to properly ship anything internationally and I'd prefer there be no issues involved in that. For Trade; I am looking for an Atari Lynx Flashcart/SD Card/Multicart of some sort, or a few Atari Lynx games that are not Rampart and Xybots. I'm also looking for a ''Good'' Atari 2600 flashcart. (One that can handle larger roms/homebrew.) For Sale; I see them on Ebay right now from 118 to 80 dollars + Shipping, so I figure 70 Shipped. Kind of firm on price when cash is involved. Might bring it down if you wanna do a combined small item + paypal trade like thing. I have a preference for trade here. I'm willing to hear offers for 'other things' not listed. Maybe you'll pique my interest! Find picture of my unit attached!
  3. Excellent. I'll probably tag this post when I have the money on hand then next month. Maybe sooner once all my needed life things are handled.
  4. Will this work on all versions of the Lynx? I bought an original Model recently.
  5. Heh, I bought a Wii U at a Thrift shop recently for ten dollars. It was just the main console unit, and it was dirty but for ten dollars I figured it was worth the attempt. I bought a cheap power supply and bam, it booted up just fine. So I sunk in the cost of the tablet controller since I already had a sensor bar and wii controller and It works pretty great! Disc Drive works, etc. I mean I also obviously cleaned the outside and opened it up to dust it out with a can of air, etc. Basic, maintenance stuff it hadn't had for a bit. There was a 50 cent charge involved with getting a master PIN though for unlocking the parental controls that we're set on it so I could set a new PIN and E-mail, attached to that, etc. I installed a custom CFW on mine and CFW'ed the virtual Wii in it, and replaced my White Gamecube compatible Wii with the Wii U. Works just fine! Really enjoying it. Sure is a unique console! I may try some DS game injections for the Phoenix Wright series.
  6. I'm liking the new forum stuff going on! ... I'd buy a subscription but I already bought like a three year one. X3. 

  7. Hey there, wfg97079! You may wanna provide more information. Overall, it's good etiquette, on AtariAge, to post what you want for it and then also mention 'open to offers'. If you wanna 'just see what you can get for it' you're better off on Ebay--- I find most sellers-- unless they have something people REALLY want-- won't sell the things they have unless they at least post what they're looking for it.
  8. I've been on a Nintendo DS/3DS kick recently. Dunno why! I've been looking at a few Atari Lynx consoles but they seem a little outta the price ranges I'm willing to pay. Oh well~ Maybe soon though. Belatedly, is there a Atari Lynx 'Flash cart'.

  9. PMed my answer. I figured that's the way you wanted it.
  10. What dumb little repair or tech thing have you done recently- that while simple and small- makes you feel accomplished and awesome? For me it was putting the guts of a well loved Gameboy Color into a new case with new pads and buttons to fix it- since many of the buttons didn't work well (or work in well.) and the case was not in great condition. Easy thing to do- but made me feel pretty good when it was all done and everything worked a hecka a lot better.
  11. Interested in: All Three Roleplaying Books Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Dawn of Souls Book Pokemon Gold and Silver Book PMed this, too!
  12. Looking to try to obtain a Super SD System 3, second hand. The current new price is more than a little too steep for me.(299$, USD). I already have a TurboEverdrive, but looking for the CD Image Support of the SD System. Also looking for a 3DS or 2DS for modding purposes- or one that is already modded! If it's already modded, I'll wanna know what mod it has first please! Gimme a Private Message if you got one and how much you might want for it!
  13. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays you crazy cats!

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