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  1. Hi thanks for all the help, I'm in no way an expert! I removed the USD piggy backed RAM? (MCM6810P) and replaced it back with the original single one out of the broken drive. Removed the EPROM and installed the (Happy / Lazer clone) board. Power on and I have a Happy 1050 Swapped out the WDC chip and all running fantastic. Thanks for the help once again.
  2. Hi Doctor, No I've not fitted it, I don't want to break my only working 1050. Thought I'd take advice first lol
  3. P.S. If I did give it a clean and try it out, do you know which side way round it would go, I would imagine that the part that said component side would be the correct way up when looking from the front of the drive. Thanks
  4. Hi all, as you may know from my previous post 1050 my US Doubler seems to be misbehaving and not reading anything other than SD. One of the suggestions I got was to try and replace the FDC chip, In my spare (and very broken 1050 I bought from a car boot sale when I connected it something on the board started smoking) didn't have one it had an empty socket but it did contain this. I think it was called a LAZER, would this allow the reading of US Doubler disks? It's in such poor shape though I don't know if I would risk it killing the working 1050 completely. What would you recommend? I see there is a Happy 1050 in stock on 8BitClassics would that be able to read (and archive to ATR) US Doubler disks? Many Thanks in advance. Nermal
  5. Yes that's what I thought. Thx for the help All
  6. Thanks guys! Will have another look, will look better than my Heath Robinson add on .
  7. Ok I've had a go, and its being weird again, 1050 will format SD but I get an error if I format to 1050 mid density or Double density in Sparta Dos X. But As I now have an APT partition (Thanks to FlashJazzCats SIDE3 youtube tutorial and the guy i bought the 600XL off) I can format it to SD skewed and it absolutely flies when loading and saving. I think its probably a media or drive thing. The media must be 30 years old now. I must say that I've never seen a XF551 in real life they look cool. All my media is about the same vintage, and I dont even want to think how expensive 5 1/4" disks are now, or if anybody even makes them.
  8. Hi River Patroller, yes It re-steps and tries to re-read, it will eventually picks them up and continues but it's takes it ages. The 810 has a Happy upgrade so it does read faster, I can use Side3 to load the Happy Software and make it unhappy . The 1050 reads SD perfectly, just DD it won't. And the 810 can only cope with SD, so that was mainly for backups (ahem). My media has not been kept in the best of places, its lived most of its life in a cardboard box in the bottom of a wardrobe, its only recently that I dived back in to the world of A8. Hence all the old hardware. Thankyou
  9. Thanks Beeblebrox, it seems to be a bit happier its not seeking quite as much. I think my media may be toooo olllldddd like me
  10. Hi I think its just a name for some warp / ultra speed multiboots. I've attached some of the loader screens that are Alpha.
  11. Hi, I'll have another go at cleaning the 1050s head, Last time I used a very tiny bit of isopropanol alcohol on a cotton bud and then dried it off with the other side. I'll be careful with the SIO thanks for that. Wish me luck
  12. Hi I've been trying some of my old 5-1/4 floppies. Most of them are Alphas. Both 810 and 1050 have no difficulties reading SD disks and run perfectly so I don't think its the felt pads. When I try an alpha load DD it either keeps Boot erroring or loads up the media very slowly. I've added a link with video, any ideas gratefully received. I think maybe the media has degraded over time, I don't think it was specified to be in use thirty years later https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkwzwvRKBoyjlKhl-xelEjRLlTpN4A?e=6OcXzn Many Thanks
  13. I'm just getting back in to A8s at the moment and really enjoying it. I've got a ton of ATR multi boots and am going through them one at time and looking at games i've never played in Years! I've kept my 810 Happy in a cupboard for years (400 died years ago), then recently EBAY happened I forgot how I loved some of the games I played so much. It will calm down but at the moment i'm loving it! Preppie 1 and 2 tonight!
  14. Yes, book 5 was a bit dark.... But then I read book 6 "And Another Thing..." which was good fun and brightened it up a bit. Alien 3 yep 100% with you there. Aliens spend 50% of the movie rescuing Newt, Alien 3 Newt = Dead before movie even starts. I do love the bit where "Queen takes Bishop" in Aliens all time fave.
  15. I've recently got a 600XL from Ebay. The guy I bought it off was very knowledgeable, it had already been updated to 64K (With Tosh Ram I think) He told me about the U1MB & Side3 Combo so I treated myself to it and a sDriveMax. I couldn't fit the U1MB into the case and the thought of drilling holes into the mainboard left me in a cold sweat so hacked the sdrive Max case from Thingiverse into a reasonable add on. The final beastie. The Side3 and U1MB combo is so good just soooo many options just really getting to grips with it. Love that the SDrive can emulate tapes, something about the "beeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeep, BOOT ERROR, farty noise" that is pure nostalgia from my 400 days.
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