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  1. ok. Well, I've been traveling and I don't have my 7800 with me at the moment.. 😔
  2. DUH! I've since figured out you need to reset POKEY to make it work and now it does! On the emulator at least... I have a POKEY concerto ... But when I try to hear the music there, it is dead silent.
  3. On the 5200 it does at least... Still can't get the 7800 to work. 🤔 Edit: Now I've got it working on the 7800 using [email protected] but.... not the concerto. ( I do have a POKEY, an origonal POKEY, in my concerto)
  4. OOOOHHHHHHH!! (Gosh, it didn't say that in the documentary I used!!!) No I didn't. I will try. Yes, It works. Thanks. 😃
  5. Basically, all I want to know is how to get a square wave and a noise wave with POKEY. Even just the hex values for AUDCx, and AUDTCL would work. (will setting AUDTCL to $00 work though?) What is weird is all the documentations on POKEY don't seem to work in my emulator, OR my 5200 one. To be sure, I tested Mountain king (5200) on my 5200 emulator and IT works...
  6. Hi! So I'm no expert, ok? I've been working on It's Conner time! for the atari 7800 and wanted to include a POKEY soundtrack. But because I had trouble getting it to work on my 7800 emulator, I thought that maybe I had the header wrong. (I wanted POKEY at $800) So I tried doing a POKEY test for the 5200. But no matter what, all I could get is a simple beep. Does anyone have 5200 or 7800 source code (If it is a 7800 source code, please include the header!) for POKEY? Anything would work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! What I tried to do was write Ax to AUDC0 and set AUDF0 to some random number. But instead of hearing a square wave, I got NOTHING. (I also had AUDCTL set to $00, that might be the problem) Just a simple plucking sound. I've never coded for POKEY so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I realised... Using some decompression routine, I could use the new 160C for my game! (The title screen)
  8. Well, NTSC isn't crap; I tested it on my HDTV and it works FINE, using a 2007 TV and my STOCK 7800.
  9. Yes yes yes!!!! I'd love to see polygons on an 8 bit console displaying more colors than a genesis!
  10. Ok, I have an issue: 1. The only bank switching stuff I could find is for 7800basic But I code in ASM only. 2. My development emulator doesn't support bank switching, BUT I know about A7800 and JS7800 and have them both 3. I've tried with the headers but they are confusing. I wasn't even able to get POKEY working. (P.S. Go check out It's Conner time! I've included an updated version on that post)
  11. Guess what? Version 0.88 is out! It adds the enemies to the 1st stage. 😃
  12. Shellcreepers (turtles) can be kicked when jumped on, and goofballs (IDK what to name them yet, this is a temporary name) can be killed in one go.
  13. Version 0.88 is here! Enemies are present on the first level and fixed a few bugs. On the first screen, enter the pipe. Levelgeneration (1).a Levelgeneration (9).a78
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