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  1. You are correct, I certainly won't be playing this everyday but when that mood strikes it will be great to turn it on a play without having to run any wires or hooking it up to a tv.
  2. I got the CV for Christmas and about came apart, I couldn't even imagine getting a self contained CV arcade machine
  3. That would be awesome, I will email you and we can discuss it
  4. I just added the “COLECO” logo to the upper kick plate
  5. Hello Everyone, I recently shared my Atari 7800 machine over in the 7800 forum and I wanted to show everyone my ColecoVision Arcade Machine. I am using an “Ultimate ColecoVision Flashback” which is perfect for this project. I plan to buy a Super CV from Edladdin and add some custom side art:
  6. I have a bezel from a centipede arcade1up cabinet, wonder if there is a way to remove the print or just paint over it and cut it to size??
  7. I found a guy who does custom bezels and I plan to have one made soon. I also need a custom control panel and I think I know someone who can help with that. I am also working on an Arcade1up Colecovision mod, but with this one I am using an "Ultimate Colecovison Flashback" (if u have not heard of these google them they are amazng) since it is HDMI I am able to us the monitor that came with arcade1up using a board I bought on DIY Retro Arcade. The picture is AMAZING and the game play is awsome, I plan to buy the CV controler from Edladdin in a couple weeks.
  8. The marquee is the one that came with the arcade1up machine that I am modding, I plan to replace the marquee and the side art with Atari 7800 themed images. I also need to replace the controller board at some point.
  9. Here are the recent updated to my 7800 arcade machine
  10. Hello I recently built an Atari 7800 Arcade machine and I would like to place the cartridge slot on the Joystick control panel, Is there a Ribbon cable (like the one shown below) I could use to extend from the 7800 to the Joystick control panel? Thank you for any help you can offer! Tim
  11. Super DK & DK JR Galaga Robotron Desert Falcon Joust WASP (Homebrew)
  12. This is a project I have been wanting to do for years and with the help of Arcade1up and Edladdin I was finally able to bring it to life however this has been a Nightmare project especially the monitor. It's not done but it's up and running so I wanted to share a couple pictures with everyone. I plan to add a bezel, a better controller board and marquee and side art:
  13. Thank you for the reply. I have both Crossbow and Alien Brigade, great games
  14. Is there a way to use the controller in Barnyard Blaster? Seems pretty hard to get a gun and I was reading the gun won't work on modern tv sets.
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