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  1. Hello, has there been an update on these shipping? Sorry I have been away for awhile and was just checking in.
  2. A few people have asked me if it was ok to offer these carts and I said yes, I'm not into making carts anymore and I am happy people still want my hacks.
  3. Now I need a version of Tutankham that uses the 2nd joystick to fire like the arcade game does
  4. Now I need to figure out a way to alter the controller board to make the new CV controller level
  5. The Controller is being delivered today, I should be posting pictures this evening.......
  6. Here is the CV Controller that Edladdin made for my CV Arcade Machine, he is mailing it next week, I will post pictures once it's installed!
  7. I don't sell these anymore however there are a couple people on Etsy that sell them along with all my other hacks
  8. Here are a few pictures of my latest additions, a light up coin slot and a retro coin door. I’m also working with Edladdin to add a 2 player joystick next:
  9. You are correct, I certainly won't be playing this everyday but when that mood strikes it will be great to turn it on a play without having to run any wires or hooking it up to a tv.
  10. I got the CV for Christmas and about came apart, I couldn't even imagine getting a self contained CV arcade machine
  11. That would be awesome, I will email you and we can discuss it
  12. I just added the “COLECO” logo to the upper kick plate
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