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  1. Donkey Kong PK is amazing, the amount of effort @tep392 put in to that was stellar. I didn't list it because I was only going by original releases but I agree Donkey Kong PK is one of the best games currently available for the 7800.
  2. It's 100% Collector Mentality, the 7800 has a limited number of games so when a new one pops up it becomes very exciting. Recently @darryl1970 created a homebrew of Popeye for the 7800 and the excitement surrounding the release is off the charts.
  3. I'm surprised that no one mentioned Desert Falcon for best game! I currently own 39 Atari 7800 Games (Complete in Box) and am going for the set but there are a few that go for Crazy money! My Favs are: Desert Falcon (Amazing Graphics, Fun Game Play) Food Fight (Great Arcade Port) Alien Brigade (If only all Light Gun Games also used Joystick) Xenophobe (Great Arcade Port) Least Favs are: Karateka (The controls suck) Sports Games (Never have enjoyed Sports Games) Light Gun Games (Don't own a Light Gun or a TV that would play them) Flight Simulator Games (Never Liked Flight Simulator Games)
  4. I would love to get the "Arcade" version on a cart as well for the 7800!
  5. Such a great game and your Graphics look amazing.
  6. With all the amazing 7800 programers on AA i'm sure someone could take this from "Beta" to "100% Complete" including Pokey sound improvements!
  7. I'm glad that the Atari Universe has Honest and Loyal folks that would honor someones choice. Toki may not be great but those of us that collect 7800 games want it just because it's part of the 7800 mythos and not so much for the game play. I'm sure someday the person who made the discovery will release this in one form or another but until then we can dream
  8. If this hits the AA store I would buy one for sure!
  9. Hello, I am looking to buy Mr. Do! for the Atari 2600 Complete in Box (NTSC, Does not need to be sealed or in Mint Condition)
  10. Nothing was said, I was just hoping!
  11. The Atari Store is open again and no Popeye i'm sure @darryl1970 is hard at work to bring this to all of us!
  12. It's a TV I found at my local GoodWill for like 15.00, I needed a TV with composite connections because the 7800 would not work using a HDMI Converter so I couldn't use the monitor that came with the arcade1up machine. On my Colecovision machine I used an "Ultimate Colecovision Flashback" that has every game ever made for Colecovision and works perfectly using HDMI so I was able to use the monitor that came with the arcade1up machine. Colecovision flashback upgrade service
  13. I was recently told that Food Fight was included with the Atari 7800 towards the end of its run, does anyone know if thats true? Also was Fatal Run for the 7800 released in the US or was it a UK release only just like the 2600 version? Thank you!
  14. I hope when the Atari Store opens back up POPEYE is available to purchase. I Added a new Marquee to my Atari 7800 Machine:
  15. Added a new Marquee to my Atari 7800 Machine:
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