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  1. Personally, I like both retro and modern styles, but your example doesn't work for me because that NES art doesn't tell me anything about the game besides that it is an NES game. is that a person smashing a block? I can't tell? Interest lost! Sometimes copying retro styles can be a bad thing because it tells me that whoever created it might not have had an original concept to begin with. I'm not saying it isn't. but that's my first thought.
  2. glad I'm not the only one that thinks this thing is ugly!
  3. personally, I think it looks boring and cheap. the solid aluminium effect looks blah to me. maybe it looks better IRL? either way, my NES and SNES still work fine and can be had for far less than the cost of a PS4. Far too pricey for me. the add-ons are also ridiculously priced IMO
  4. I wasn't into Atari much until I got a pair of Tomahawk joysticks. probably the best Atari purchase I've ever bought. I always found the CX-40's kind of flimsy.
  5. I just saw that too. Is this a Joke? I'm confused as to why anyone would bid since it clearly states it didn't come from Alamogordo.
  6. I rather like the visual and gameplay style of the game, but I agree with GroovyBee on most of his points. on my first play through, I was confused because it didn't seem to be going anywhere. adding points/wave number sure would've eliminated that confusion. keep it up! looking forward to more from this!
  7. I say you focus on a few of your favourite systems primarily. make lists of games you want and slowly work on that, then move on to other systems when the pickings are either too slim, or too expensive. alternatively, you could make a list of top 10 WTB games for each of your systems and cross them off when you get them, this way your collection will grow more evenly? I have a collection of 3000+ games, over half of that is NES, Atari 2600, and PS2. most other systems I'm very picky about what goes into it as I've run out of space. I have plans to fix that but until then I I recommend not buying bad games to fill your collection, and also recommend not trying to get all games for any system. IMO, they are a waste of time/space/money and eventually you will just want to get rid of the stinkers because you won't ever play them. I still have a bunch in my collection, but in my own defence, I started collecting in 1999 when it was so much easier to find anything in the wild for next to nothing. be selective and buy the stuff you know you will enjoy. but ultimately, it is your collection, enjoy it and build/destroy it however you please!
  8. Video Clock might be the same as Video Time Machine? I Can't confirm that though. Hot Head could be LEDHead? it was an earlier version of BLiP Football I believe. never heard of Le Emperor before.
  9. I might be interested. any estimated price?
  10. I'm selling my SD2SNES flashcart in a multi-region shell. I bought it from Retrogate last year sometime and have only used it once, Guess I don't fancy the SNES like I thought I would. Tested and Working! Comes in the original box and packaging that I got it in. Also comes with a 2GB SD Card with some ROM's on it, but you should probably get your own 'ROM's and organize it the way you want. These are still for sale for $205(US) + Shipping from the Retrogate Store. SOLD!
  11. That is interesting, I noticed the NTSC and PAL versions at Atarimania have the exact same image. so I can't comment further since I don't own either versions. It's missing the PRINTED IN HONG KONG and CA282.
  12. the sticker of the back says QC Passed N, meaning it is NTSC. if it said QC Passed P, then it would be PAL. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-great-escape_8490.html
  13. there really is no definitive value set on any item in this hobby. It's all about supply and demand and how much you/others are willing to spend. If I could sell all my loose Pac-Man carts for $10 each, I'd probably have about $200 in my wallet to spend.
  14. Strangeland is almost sold out of pre-orders. also a few not mentioned yet Stay Frosty 2 Space Raid Circus Atariage Panky the Panda (This one stalled, but I'm still waiting patiently)
  15. maybe you would drum up more interest in the Atari 2600 forums instead. seems like this forum is slower. do you have any hacks that haven't been released on cartridge yet?
  16. I find it funny that you posted the same thing last year on the same date! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/208328-salem-frost-cart-sale-2013/?view=findpost&p=2699208&hl=%2Bsalem+%2Bfrost I still vote for Donkey Kong Escapes, but I would likely buy whichever is decided. maybe make a poll instead?
  17. Arg, so you aren't shipping to Canada now?
  18. the short answer is that it no more will be made. Nintendo ordered a Cease & Decist on the game.
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