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  1. Oh, that old thing? I designed that quite a long time ago. Sometime in 2009 I think? LOL @Stephen, I remember the area well. Back in my 7800 days I was WAY active there. Maybe it's time to dust off the system, eh? Just loves me some 2600.
  2. Yeah, I am. Just trying to get out of the politics and all that garbage. Not just a problem in the Atari scene these days, seems to be everywhere and I grow weary of it. The Jaguar is still one of my all time favorite systems, although there is still a bad taste in my mouth from all of this petty BS, but it is slowly fading and I find the system more desirable every day. Doesn't help there's been tons of drama in my life of late too. Then again, what else is new, eh? I guess it's just a part of getting older and having people in your life, not being a hermit and all. People bring baggage. Nice to see you still around too, man!
  3. Nice looking little system. Since I sadly don't currently have a colecovision, I'm all over it on release. I've got a couple other @t Games products, so hopefully it's built well. Still no list on the games though, eh?
  4. No, I will take responsibility for my own comments. That was not said by Laird, it was said by me, and it was an unfair comment to make actually, especially in that particular thread as it was talking about a new game coming. Personal feelings aside, I should not have went there in that thread as my personal feelings towards certain members of a team or group should not have a baring on what they produce for the community. It was the wrong place and the wrong time, especially since some of us, myself included, are trying to get away from all of the political bickering and nonsense that happens "Behind The Scenes" as it were. I have taken it upon myself to edit the comment as it was hateful and unnecessary to have said it in the first place as I was angry and lashing out at people I probably should not have been. I was not asked to do so, but did it on my own and am not trying to bury it either as I am here stating that I said it. I apologize for hurting, insulting, or irritating anyone with said comment as it was not appropriate given the circumstance. Just trying to move on and be a better person. In short, I am sorry for what I said and should have thought about it before I said it. *This post was edited for typos.
  5. Not a good idea. I actually agree with what sh3 stated above. From a legal standpoint even, it would be such a hassle and headache it would hardly be worth the effort. Ten years of stuff to sift through and decide what stays and what goes, I don't even think Jay would really want to bother with it. In the end, JSII died because it was time, I guess. if anyone were to revive the site, it would be Jay and I think he's done permanently. Lot's of good years and times, and some bad times, but the party there is over and the last chapter was written. Remember it for what it was, but let it go. Time to move on. Not like there aren't plenty of other places to talk Jaguar these days anyway.
  6. That may actually be a true statement.
  7. Well, you are one of the people that has first hand experience, so your reasoning on reddit is a pretty good, non biased explanation as to what sadly happened. Just saying.
  8. Nice to see this game get some recognition. Easily one of my all time top ten faves for the 2600. Growing up though, I was the only person I knew that had this game. Everyone wanted to play it though because nobody could find it. Really cool stuff though.
  9. Hmm, so how did it do? Looking forward to playing this one day . . . awesome we are seeing it anyway.

    Impulse X

    Man, just been waiting on this release to be ready. I'm ready to plop some cash down on it already!
  11. Hmm, if this is the Beta, what's going to be added to the finished product?
  12. Burning a disc now. I will let you know in a moment. You can add the link to the top as a CD image. All works great burnt with Alcohol 120%. Very cool game for the Jaguar. As a "Joke", this is a great punchline! It rocks!
  13. Well, got me to log in for the first time in a very long time. Game looks awesome. I must say I am impressed with what I have seen. I agree with the above question though. What are the chances of an iso for play on a CD?
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