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  1. Thanks to everyone for their helpful responses. Thinking about it, shouldn't this ST have 1mb standard, and then this modification should bring it to 2mb or more than 1mb at least? I'll pull the electrical tape and post some more pictures.
  2. I opened up my ST to find this mess. What is this upgrade with connector from Zubair interfaces? I have no experience with ST upgrades. The shielding is very bent up and there is electrical tape to prevent shorts here and there. Should I make sure I keep all the shielding in place or can I leave some out when I reassemble? I wanted to see if it was a 6 chip ROM since I have a ROM 1.4 upgrade for that, but it’s a 2 chip. I believe I tested it when it was whole as ROM 1.0 or some other ROM too low rev to work with my UltraSATAN. While I have it open, what is the best upgrade for compatibility and easy of use? I understand that there are some sacrifices with every version. And any suggestions where I should buy said upgrade? I’d like something that autoboots without a floppy in the built in drive. Or is it a moot point to worry about the UltraSATAN when I just got one of those new ST Disk adapters from Spain? And FINALLY, should I recap the PS while I’m in here? Heard it’s a good idea. The caps on the motherboard look ok and are refreshingly through hole, while I was expecting to have to surface mount recap. I am planning to leave those alone. Oh but wait! I just noticed it’s a 1040ST motherboard here! I did test it to have 1mb RAM when it was whole but I just figured it was an upgraded 520ST. Thanks ST people!
  3. I am messing around with the Chip Tester Pro CartRip functionality and I had these two unusual carts sitting around. They should be raw binary dumps. Can these be converted to cart files and used with emulation like VICE or on flash adapters? It's perfectly possible I have the file names reversed. VIC20 - Minijini VIC20 - VICTERM40
  4. Wonderful. Thanks so much!
  5. I got this in an Atari Service lot. Is it a regular part of the 400/800 personality cards? The name I’m quoting is simply from Best, which seems to have the one of the only links I could find to this Atari part number. Thanks!
  6. "only 1,983 copies of each limited edition cartridge will be made" That seems like a very hopeful number of boxed games for $150 apiece. I wonder what the highest print run has been of any Atari Age release?
  7. I wouldn't think much of it. 5200 protos were widely shared. I guess it might be interesting to see what it is though.
  8. I just received mine. Now to prep the SD card. Did anyone cook up a 3D printed enclosure that I could buy?
  9. These are the cool Infocom folio versions in good condition. Enchanter is complete. Seastalker is complete aside from the badge, which is basically a cutout of the circle with the orca you see on the inside flap of the packaging, and made of similar paper. I'd love to trade them for other software I want to keep, but I'm mainly into Apple II software. I'm also into all manner of video game collecting, from Odyssey to Xbox, so if you have something interesting or a bunch of titles to choose from, let's talk. Otherwise, happy to sell these. Just PM interest.
  10. What does the SMPTE unit do? I can't seem to find much on the internet about it. Or at least can you post some pictures of the ports on it? ian
  11. I dumped a couple of unusual carts I have handy with the Backbit Chip Tester Pro. This is my first Commodore capable dumping device. I came up with these two BINs. Pix of the carts also attached. Whoops, I reversed the names on the photos. I am Macsexual and I couldn't figure out how to run the cartconv utility included with VICE. Both carts start up on real hardware. C64 - PageFox Italiano.bin C64 - 64 Doctor Triologic.bin
  12. Ultima I was released for Commodore 64 in 1986 as part of a rerelease for multiple platforms, and that is what this disk is from. They enough of those that it isn't consider a particularly special version. Agree with @Mayhem There was no earlier more valuable release for the C64.
  13. This is not the place for this post. I would be happy to see the mods delete it. It would be suited for the Marketplace, but there isn't even a link.
  14. Looks awesome all set up! eBay is still the pricing standard, since it's sort of public. A lot of commerce has headed to Facebook, yuck!You might get some interest fishing around there than here in the not growing sale forum. There is the challenge of finding the right FB groups to advertise in, and the endless comments and questions. It's not very straightforward but somehow it still happens.
  15. There is no chance in the taking of the photos of the prototypes. Only action! Xevious seems to be signed by the programmer. I actually also have the source code on green bar but have not figured out a way to scan it without tearing the seams or spending forever doing it myself. Plus it's super wide and wouldn't fit on my scanner. Eventually it will get scanned. So happy the forum has drag and drop.
  16. @Tempest Not sure if these are on AtariProtos.com, but here are three prototypes I dumped that I recently picked up. They should all work as they were tested on real hardware and the bins were tested in emulation. 5200 Baseball 4-14.bin 5200 Berzerk 8-3 blue label.bin 5200 Xevious 11-15.bin
  17. Be sure to check this guy's prices on eBay before making an offer and embarrassing yourself like I did.
  18. I don't see a price in the original post.
  19. @Allan Did you just win this lot on eBay? I saw a really cool lot that recently sold. Either way, thanks for scanning and posting!
  20. What are the minimum specs for the computer that can use this as far as TOS version and memory? Does it require a TOS boot disc for systems that don't autoboot to TOS or can it be used without a floppy disc? Do I need any connectors or cables that don't come with the device? I'm very interested. I've never gotten my Ultra-Satan to work because my ST has the wrong TOS version. I might be able to upgrade it, but I'd rather have an easier to use device. Thanks for creating this neat device!
  21. I really can't hang onto my spares forever or hope someone has the insight to buy them at Classic Game Fest or PRGE, the two shows I bring stuff like this to. $10 opening bids for 3-8 manuals. No carts or software are included. Also listed a bunch of other Atari 8-bit stuff as BINS, so check my store if you are in the market. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=200&_ssn=ianoid&_sop=10 Lots like Broderbund Synergistic+IDSI Atari XE games Parker+Sega Epyx+K-byte and more
  22. AND auctions belong in the auction subforum.
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