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  1. I love it, although it's still the same stuff if described less accurately.
  2. I think they are fine for Media in my book, I see them as data. But where to get rid of them? Trash?
  3. Really want to see these go to a good home rather than the trash. I have no use for these since I have a flash adapter for DC, and maybe eventually will get one for PSX. I am legally entitled to own the DC copies since I have a complete collection and just wanted a convenient way to play them without digging into my originals. NO ORIGINALS, total garbage copies in good condition. Some fun import titles. DC sets include a boot disc that you can do the disc swap with. Most require it. 10 PSX discs, all copies Free shipped in the US ~40 Dreamcast discs, all copies Free shipped in the US ~50 Dreamcast discs, all copies Free shipped in the US I will ship one set to each person, unless nobody else wants a set in the next week. Just tell me if you want more than one set so I can at least ship them together next week. Get caught reselling them and you'll get a lot of hate. I'll pay shipping in the US.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Those are my auctions. Please also check out my store items by looking at the fixed price buy it now stuff.
  5. No humanoid trafficking in these forums.
  6. The goal is to both image unprotected disks with Atari DOS (and potentially other popular DOSes) with validation of files, and to flux image all disks with validation of nibbles. Information about protection schemes and any exotic nibble schemes would be really helpful for the software validation. This is for the Applesauce disk imaging project. As I understand it, Kryoflux and Catweasel can flux any disk, without much regard for the validity of the data. I’m referring to disk damage or other disk errors. The Applesauce software is in ongoing development to do this. I’m just trying to find some resources for the developer.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ianoid/m.html?_ipg=200&_sop=1&rt=nc The Big Box empties like Half Life and such are ending soon, sold as auctions. I also have a ton of stuff in my store. Please check it out! I add new stuff approximately every week.
  8. I need a reference for nibble level reading of Atari disks and Atari DOS. If anyone can recommend one, whether it’s a book or a magazine article,I’d love to track it down. Or if you have a strong understanding of low level Atari disk drive stuff, drop me a note, I need to pick your brain a little bit. This is for a disk archival project. Thanks!
  9. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=200&_ssn=ianoid&_sop=1 Looking to sell them off of eBay or trade them, but there is a bunch of the spare stuff I have with pictures, easily searchable. I'd always rather do transactions off eBay. Not trying to promote my eBay auctions. Totally open to offers well below the prices on eBay, depending on the item. ian
  10. This belongs in the auction forum because it has an eBay link. If that's the workaround then I'll just post my auctions here and say I'd like to sell them privately.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I cut both of the traces and then the mod worked fine. Ian
  12. Hi, I am installing this Console 5 no delay bios and having a little trouble. I followed these instructions: https://console5.com/wiki/Colecovision_BIOS_Replacement After completing the install, the picture has gotten badly distorted. I can tell even through a good deal of distortion to the picture that the No Delay works when I push a button at the title screen. Previously the unit worked with the original ROM. I actually took the unit apart to fix the power switch and decided to install the BIOS upgrade. Here are some pix, which show the two jumpers I installed (Blue) and the two cut traces as per the install. In fact, the traces on the bottom of the board at were already cut and had been bridged with some wire. I removed the bridging wire (which looked like some through hole leg pieces). Oddly, this unit came to me with a ROM socket and the red jumper wires already in place. The ROM installed was smaller than the socket. Any suggestions to get the picture back without giving up on the No Delay ROM?
  13. It does require a Mac. The developer is not anti-Windows, but forking the development and updates would slow development substantially, especially since the software is constantly under development. I'm sure he would be happy if someone wanted to deal with the Windows side of it, but so far nobody has stepped up. "I haven’t heard any issues with it. But most are using Sierra instead of El Capitan. Need to be sure to allocate 2 or more cores to the VM." That is what the developer of Applesauce said. If you do try and have feedback, I'd love to hear it and I'll pass it along.
  14. You can copy unprotected WOZ images as complete disks from devices that can read files, which includes the wDrive and the FloppyEmu. Many emulators support the WOZ spec as well. I have not used CiderPress at all to write images, but it’s a popular means to do so. If you have an Applesauce you can write WOZ images, as well as .DSK, .PO and .2MG files. The Applesauce device requires a MacOS device and a Disk ][ floppy drive to image and write disks. Or an Apple 3.5” drive (and the deluxe version of the Applesauce device) if you want to deal with 3.5” disks. If you want to check out how slick the software is, you can download the Applesauce client for free. Open up an unprotected WOZ to see how the software can parse files. Download any A2R file and open it to see how the disk analyzer works. At this time, the WOZ spec does not include all the information needed to write all Apple II disks with an Applesauce device with protection intact. Some protection schemes are supported, but most complex schemes are not. So you can mainly only write unprotected or deprotected WOZ files. Future functionality of the Applesauce device is intended to include writing disks using flux images (A2R format or another format to be developed that includes all the necessary information) with protection intact, but that is under development. It is possible that certain arcane protection schemes which were originally written to disks using proprietary hardware may never be supported, but these are considered rare, probably non-existent on systems other than the Apple II. Currently I am not aware of support from Applesauce for writing flux or other images from non-Apple II or non-Mac formats. Support for non-Apple II 5.25” formats is ongoing, with current basic (“Fast Imager”) support for unprotected C64, Atari and single sided only IBM PC software along with most other single density formats you can throw at it. Flux imaging (including protection, verification and file parsing) of non-Apple formats is under development. If you have a compatible Apple 3.5” drive or SuperDrive you can image Apple 3.5” formats as well as many unprotected disks from other formats. I have imaged numerous disk formats using the device, including Apple II 5.25”, Apple IIgs 3.5”, Mac 400K, Mac 800K, Mac 1.44mb, PC 720K (current build has issues, but already fixed for next update), PC 1.44mb, C64 (unprotected), Atari 8-bit (unprotected), Kaypro, NEC PC-8001, CoCo and TRS-80 (single density only). Non Apple II images can be saved using appropriate file types for their platform, like .IMG or .D64. The Disk ][ drive only supports 36 tracks, so you can use third party Apple II drives to reach 40 tracks, which is supported by the client and allows for the 40 track non-Apple II formats. Double Density, Double Sided and High Density 5.25” disks or drives are not anticipated to be supported. The device is available occasionally but usually sells out within a few weeks. Get yourself on the waiting list for the next batch if you are interested. The website is applesaucefdc.com I can explain more if you guys have specific questions. I’m not the developer, but I am involved in testing.
  15. I'm in Texas, so being sort of nearby would help with shipping. I just need a working console, nothing else. It doesn't have to be pretty. Needs to be NTSC/US. It's for an archival project (reading GD-ROM betas). I would love to trade for it as have a variety of classic stuff to trade, but usually it's just simpler for me to pay for things. My console for playing Dreamcast has the GDEMU so I can't read discs with it.
  16. Black Belt by Earthware supposedly has Mockingboard and Speech support. I tried it in Virtual ][ but it's mainly sound effects and I can't even tell if it's using the Mockingboard. I saw that there is Mockingboard support in a review in the The Book of Apple Software 1985.
  17. Belongs in the wanted forum
  18. $500 minimum Actually I don’t see this as some kind of incredible windfall. It’s not clear if it’s true NTSC output or 110v. That makes a difference. If it’s PAL, it’s probably something like $25-$50. If it’s NTSC a reasonable price would be $75-$125. For me personally, I would offer you $100 if it’s NTSC and 110V if it has the battery cover and manual, which weren’t pictured. I would be closer to $75 without those things. If someone wants to pay a lot more than that, you should accept it.
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