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    I look forward to ordering one of these carts when they are made available again!
  2. Are you asking 1000 reals for all 7 or just for each cartridge?
  3. This is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendations and the files, to save the unusual amount of trouble it takes to find specific utilities. Games are easy, but few websites archive the utilities. I will try these options and report back!
  4. I would love to program something, but it's not a project I am up to take on right now. I am non-technical, so I'd need to learn to code. That, on top of learning the modern nuances of coding environments, which are a major hurdle for those of us whose only programming experience is command line BASIC. I need disk verification for another project I'm involved in related to disk imaging and archival. I need known good disks to confirm imaging reads. By verify, I don't mean compare two disks, but rather to ensure the every nibble/byte on the disk is readable, that the disk surface has no errors. Content doesn't matter so much as certain error free readability. Thanks!
  5. Dangit, I forgot that Atari DOS is menu driven. I'll explore that. I keep thinking of SpartaDOS and MyDOS with their command line interfaces as the real DOS for Atari. Although I'd love to find a program to verify disks as well, not just the files, but to check for any errors even in unused sectors. It has become ever more important as magnetic media has aged.
  6. I need a disk image compatible with my Uno cart that will allow me to verify Atari 800 disks, copy disks, and format disks. Basically I need to create a few known good single density disks for an archival project I am involved in. Another question: will running a utility off the UnoCart prevent me from accessing my real disk drive? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. Mods please move this to Auction Central
  8. Have this spare copy. I'd love to trade it for something I want to keep for any 8-bit system. Mind you I have a lot, so interesting software or (fat chance) unusual cartridges would be great. Common stuff, I'm unlikely to need unless sealed and mint. I collect nearly every 8-bit system. If you don't have anything to trade, please make a fair offer.
  9. Thanks for the response. I'll email him. I did successfully dump several 8-bit carts and some other formats using the Maxflash, which was pretty easy, aside from not knowing the size of the carts and experimenting to get images that worked in Altierra.
  10. Perhaps this is a controversial topic addressed in other parts of this thread or in other threads, but what are the most useful formats to output flux images to? Do any of them preserve protection? Or does all formats only work for unprotected/cracked disks?
  11. So, to bump this, does anyone have any suggestions how to dump Romox ECPC carts with the Atarimax device? Any specific setting? Is the Atarimax guy a regular on the forums? If not maybe I should directly contact him.
  12. I'd take it although it depends on what it will cost to ship it to the US. PM sent!
  13. Lotta RAM swapping solved the problem although it didn't fit into any of the screen shots. Thanks and sorry for not FAQing the group. I was afraid it was something else that would be spotted by the wise eyes of the TI masters.
  14. Hi folks, I just decided to dump some weird carts. I got through a bunch, but I can't get an image out of a single Romox ECPC cart. Is there anything special I should know to successfully dump these babies? I did dump a couple of retail Romox carts and was able to test the images on Altierra, which is how I'm testing all the images. I also had trouble dumping some weird utility carts, or at least I made dumps that I couldn't verify at like Magic Dump (version 1.0, a right cartridge), Super Cart Ace 80XL and SpectraView II. If those are all successfully archived in some way, I won't bother with them more.
  15. I have a TI-99/4 yes 4 that starts up to this kind of messed up screen. Is it RAM or other chips? What should I replace first?
  16. If it's on eBay, it belongs in the Auction Central forum, please. Mods? Neat Wii!
  17. Added another copy of Star Wars Battlefront II and Project Snowblind both for PS2.
  18. Super cool. Thanks for posting that list and pix. Now I see I only need 5 more pins. Good luck with the sale!
  19. This belongs in the WANTED sub-forum. Mods please move!
  20. Wrong forum. Mods please move to Auction Central.
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