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  1. In 1999 I went back to school to get into IT. At that time I had been putzing around with a 486-DX 50 that I had gotten for free from my brother in 97. My father offered to buy me a machine as a gift for me going back to school. I had no clue what I was looking for. So I bought a computer, monitor and speakers from a mail order catalog. It had a Slot 1 PIII 450 64MB RAM and a board with a SIS 620 chipset with integrated graphics. No 2D or 3D support. I learned a lot from that failure. Ended up having to get a Nvidia Riva PCI card for 2D and a Voodoo 2 for 3D. The next year I ended up upgading to a Intel BX2 board and a TNT2. Traded that SIS board for a DX4-100 with a motherboard and gave it to a friend.
  2. I bought a NOS 16GB Sony from New Egg for pretty cheap. With the CFW it makes a good little emulation machine.
  3. I have a Sega CDX parts machine. It powers on but but nothing shows on the screen. The LCD looks like it is not getting enough power. USA only. Make an offer.
  4. I have a EverDrive MD Deluxe which I purchaced from StoneAge Gamer in 2011. It comes with a 2GB SD card. NO ROMS ARE INCLUDED. Shipping is USA Only Make an offer.
  5. I just used your Vision adapter to test a Wico Command Control joystick. Also love your Seagul. Thanks for your great products.
  6. For Sale is a WICO Command Control joystick for ColecoVision. It has been tested and is working. $40.00 USD shipped USA only
  7. For sale is a boxed Donkey Kong Arcade for the Intellivision. This is by Carl Mueller JR and published by IntelligentVision. The box IS NOT in perfect condition. $40 USD shipped USA only.
  8. There is also the Seagull adapter from edladin. https://edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-v20-ec-2-001b.htm
  9. I only have one working N64 controller. Buying a used one is not happening without testing it first. Are any of the third party replacement worth trying?
  10. Merry Christmas. One son brought me a Seagull 78. Another son brought me A/V cable for my N64. All mye retro needs were filled.
  11. I've been playing through this on my Dragonfly. First of all this game is great. I've waited a long time for a game like this to be on the 7800. I did notice one bug : Some times when I enter a gate room and the gates open. All of the gates dissapear except for one piece. Its a bug that doesn't seem to affect game play. Thanks for making a great game.
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