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  1. It's a Wico ErgoStick; I think it may have been a semi-competitor of the Epyx 500XJ. They were super nice new (nice microswitch joystick), but that soft rubberized coating does not age well at all... plus gets grimy easily.
  2. I have not received my games either, and have not gotten a response to PM or direct email. Used to waiting for pre-orders, but even a quick "hey this is what's going on" would be helpful.
  3. Now to brag a little; there was a time when I had two of them in my possession (more than 10 years ago and long since sold off the spare). Pics since it did happen 😁
  4. (quietly raises hand)... I've got one. Tape drive is an on-again, off-again affair.
  5. Please add me to the list... thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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