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  1. Will there be a "pre-order" list like the first one?
  2. The first run was 250, but with it coming up “short” of demand, I’m hoping the number will be higher this time. I am DEFINITELY in for this one, even though I have the original release as well.
  3. Okay, I'm just finding this thread..... but one quick question: The ROM pack that works on the FB Portable is what can be used on the FB9? I have the FB Portable, and really enjoy it. Still, would be nice to play those games with an actual joystick.
  4. I know I'm late to the game here..... but I FINALLY managed to pick one of these up tonight! That bugger is just coolness personified! I am SO looking forward to going through this thread, and grabbing all the games and info I can. But first, I wanted to give a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!! to everyone involved in making these ROMs available to us all! I will be much more active here on the forums, and now that I finally have money coming in, I'll be buying more Homebrews for my (now) modest collection. I am feeling SO thankful right now. Only those who have HAD to sell off the bulk of their collection(including R10s!) know how I feel right now. The feeling is SO good..... I can't even put it into words. But let me say that I appreciate this community, and all of the work you guys have done.
  5. By your definition(and no one said "illegal") Activision games are "bootlegs". The point I was trying to make is that First Star Software endorsed Boulderdash for the 2600, thus making it an "official" release even though no one on their staff coded it. Halo2600 was coded with, I'm guessing, a "gentleman's agreement", as I never heard of there being an actual contract signed(correct me on that if I'm wrong). Of course, it's not like a game released for the 2600 is going to cut into sales of modern games. Homebrews, in my mind, are games created by independent coders, who don't do that sort of thing for a living. Yes, Boulderdash was a labor of love, just like other homebrews. The difference was the contract between the coders and First Star Software(the copyright holders). Except for Nintendo, I haven't heard of any C&Ds being issued over Atari console homebrews. So, we can reason that other copyright holders don't feel it's worth the time or money to take legal actions for games on this level.
  6. However, the two games referenced in this thread were allowed by the copyright holders. In fact, Boulderdash was effectively licensed from First Star for this project, with signed contracts I do believe. I'd say that's an "official" release, no matter who coded it. Halo2600 may have been a simple "verbal" go ahead, which technically makes it less clear.
  7. Do you know if it also happens in Super Pac? Pausing from writing the post and thinking about it, I seem to recall at least one time where I believe it happened. It rather shocked me as I thought I was dead so I let go of the joystick.
  8. If you really want to have one of those, you can build one yourself by modifying an old non-working Poker style cabinet. I don't know where you live, but I have 3 of them that I'm going to be converting to Multies when funds become available. I already gutted the cabinets. You can probably find an existing cabinet cheap, but I really wouldn't recommend taking an old "classic game" cabinet for the project. There are many xxx in 1 boards available out there, and while I have a small collection of dedicated cabinets, I want 1 Multi just to be able to play other games without taking up too much more room. As it stands, my "home arcade" is in our dining room. Multi-Cades have their place, but "game collectors" generally frown upon converting an existing classic. Poker machines, as I mentioned above, are fair game, not to mention they take up a bit less space. You will likely have to replace the monitor, though, as the original ones tend to have severe burn in. If you can do the work yourself, you can probably do a full conversion to a Poker cabinet for only a few hundred bucks... which is way cheaper than the retail price of one of those custom built jobs. There are several "complete" kits that you can buy, the one I'm looking at retails for roughly $100 and includes everything except the monitor and cabinet(board, joysticks, buttons, harness, power supply). My uncle has offered to "cut" a new control panel for me, I'll just need to find a bezel and some artwork for the CP. Since I've got 3 available cabinets, I'm going to keep one and sell the other two. Hell, it's even possible to mount a new monitor in such a way that you can switch between vertical and horizontal.
  9. That is awesome! I've got a Lunar Lander cabinet that I've had for nearly 34 years, and I "piggy-backed" an Asteroids harness to the original one so I could easily swap games. One day, the monitor went out, so I recapped it.... still not working, but worse yet is that the whole cabinet isn't working now. It was playing blind, but now I'm not capable of doing any soldering work on these things as my hands shake too much. Once I get my Disability money rolling in, I'm going to have to pay Buffet to fix it. I'm not doing anything to the marquee or artwork, it will simply be a board and CP swap to switch between games. I know of the Multi-game board, but I've already got both boards, so it seems like a waste of money, as I'm not a huge fan of Asteroids Deluxe. Have you replaced the Big Blue capacitor? My Lunar Lander was making a humming noise like that, and it turned out to be a symptom of that cap going bad.
  10. Nerds.... Look, I have no dog in this whole mess, but as an unbiased bystander, I'm highly entertained by it all. I watched Jase's livestream that analyzed the BM tapes. I found it rather fascinating, really. I enjoyed watching KoK(I bought it on iTunes, so I didn't get the bonus stuff. ). I recently(okay, a few minutes ago when I saw someone mention it) found the "bonus" footage on YouTube, but haven't watched it yet. The thing is, it's a movie. I never really considered it a "documentary", as it seemed pretty obvious that there was a coherent story and not just a boatload of "random footage". I do, however, enjoy watching it. I'm now, after all this brouhaha, certain that the tapes were indeed forgeries. Probably "set up" for the movie.... however, they never should have been recorded as "legit" scores if anyone involved knew they were made for the movie. Hell, it's quite possible that Billy "went along with it" to not bust the notion that the movie wasn't a legit documentary, much like wrestlers used to never break "Kayfabe" in years gone by. He(Billy) SHOULD just come out and say, "Yeah, we used MAME and some of it's features to enhance the story of the movie and that it was never intended to be considered as legit. However, I made a bad decision in allowing it to go on to protect the movie itself." I would imagine that a confession along those lines would go over well with the arcade community(of which I am a part) and sooner or later all of the hate would go away. I must say, that IF indeed the threats against his friends and family are legit(and he can prove that), someone needs to go to jail. That's not cool at all. I mean, feel free to have your opinion, but really? Threatening violence over it? C'mon man... that's going WAY too far. As a "first generation gamer", I do respect his legit accomplishments. but I don't worship the guy. I've pulled off some pretty neat accomplishments with regards to games myself. I just never knew(back then) that Twin Galaxies(or anything even remotely like it) existed. If I had, my life would have been a lot different. I'm fine with that, though. Aside from my physical disabilities, I'm in a very good place in life. I'm not rich by any stretch, but there are a lot of people much worse off than I am. Knowing that puts silly stuff like this into perspective. Too many people have gotten all worked up over this. But hey, I'm just a casual observer and life is the stage that keeps me entertained.
  11. Nice score!! $199 for that, even "not fully working" is a really good deal, and cocktails were produced in much lower numbers than uprights. Congrats on getting it working again!
  12. From a few pages back, and I don't think this has ever been addressed, but I have a question on this... Would "starting in 2nd gear" not slow down your initial speed, or does the game assume that by reaching gear 2 that you've already achieved the top speed(or near to it) of gear 1 and start from there? I'm not a programmer, and honestly, can't make heads or tails of the charts and whatnot, so I'm asking. I hope the question is clear... If not, basically, does starting in second gear also start your speed at the lowest speed for gear 2, or would it "slow down" your acceleration curve because your starting from the "wrong" gear? Would there even BE an advantage to starting in 2nd gear? If the answer to that last is "yes", maybe someone should start looking there for a possible answer. Let us assume, for even a moment, that doing so would NOT result in the "blown engine" scenario. Just for shits and giggles.
  13. Coleco did it with their port of Donkey Kong.... but I honestly don't remember Atari ever doing it(previous mention of Video Pinball aside). They just whipped up some mad wicked custom art for the packaging.
  14. That's the difference between being 7(second grade) and 15(as I was) in '82. I was practically living at that pool hall.... but then again, my best friend's parents owned it, so I was almost always there. At least, until it burned down in '84. The video store was a good distance away, and I could make better use of the money at the pool hall which was across the street. Kind of ironic that we're talking about this, as the owners didn't re-open after the fire, and what was the pool hall was split into two store areas, one of which became a little "mom and pop" video store. By then('85), they were starting to pop up around here.
  15. lol You're forgetting one thing: If I had $5 in 1982($9 if you add in the movie rental), I wasn't asking for a ride to a video store 5-10 miles away... I was walking across the street to the pool hall/arcade and spending the evening there.
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