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  1. If it's not too late: Charles Dysert evg2000 Sacramento, CA
  2. Boxes in protectors on shelf for display. Games in a drawer for playing.
  3. Sorry for long delay... work and family have taken up a lot of time... will be finishing up the SMD conversion in next 2 weeks and then can run trace tests and run off a few testing boards to see how the design carries over. Will keep everyone posted once that is ready.
  4. It took about 2 weeks for me to get updated firmware from him. You need to tell him your version information, this can change the steps to follow. Just using what someone else got may not work for yo.Sent him an email with: Hi Steve, I would like to get the latest updates. I'm currently running: HDW: 20160607 Boot: 20150207 Menu: 20141102 Firm: 20160609 Here is a screen shot of the latest versions
  5. It works! I can now use the phoenix on my VG room tv. Couldn't get it to work before. Now I just need to get a cable to hookup the audio.
  6. Hey digress, so it convert HDMI to composite (RCA)? How is the quality when down converted? thx
  7. I've also had some early HB that in addition to poor quality printer, they used packing tape over the label to make it shiny and smooth.
  8. @sirlynxalot where are you located?
  9. where can one get a y adapter these days without building there own? I just designed PCBs to make a y adapter, waiting for them to arrive.
  10. Some of the manufacture tell you on their site. Here is an example: http://teampixelboy.com/mecha8.php
  11. Actually he responded to a question 3 weeks ago, so as far as I can tell this would be the latest update:
  12. http://retrogamingmagazine.com/2018/06/16/rick-dangerous-homage-risky-rick-sees-colecovision-release-looming/ "Easter Egg had to work around copyright and trademarks, so some things are not quite the same as Core Design’s original. " "As you can see from the screen shots above, the similarities are quite strong."
  13. Will any of the intv booths have either an INTV 2 or sears system running? I'm hoping to bring something to show that would require a joystick port. No promises, I'm working on version 2 of the PCB.
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