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  1. i responded to the email the other day and didn’t hear back. just wanted to verify i do not need to do anything as i prepaid back in 2016. thank, charles
  2. you are correct, someone on FB posted a picture and you can read it through the sticker
  3. controller, power supply, phoenix and cartridge sold separately.
  4. It sold out at Amazon a long time ago https://www.amazon.com/C64-not-machine-specific/dp/B08GMTJYXJ/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=commodore+maxi&qid=1631397625&sr=8-5
  5. Hey Milli, Just ordered Turmoil 2022. I noticed that you poll only allows 1 choice, since it's radio buttons.
  6. maybe $20-$40, maybe less. Based on everything untested and nasty dirty, so you have to consider everything not working and no games. One of the adam controllers looked like it has been sitting under water, and one controller wire possible eaten through by mice or rats you tend to assume that it was poorly treated. Also, pictures seem to be selective, no complete picture of the CV. Might be other issues that would be obvious.
  7. My guess would be that they want you to make a copy of the disk and work with it so not to erase or update any files on the original disk.
  8. thanks for the write up, great job! i’ve never tried my printer, no paper. The last time i used a thermal printer was the 40 column printer i had for my c64 used for my pascal listing in JC.
  9. A lot not coming out also. Some cars can’t be built. Trying to buy a computer is a challenge. So there are electronic shortage. People I talk to who are in the industry have said that $1 part they normally buy can only be bought on the grey market for $5.
  10. you need to get sound from c88
  11. btw, in the 80s OMNI was a magazine.
  12. Have you done an interest check recently to make sure you can sell enough so you don't go bankrupt? Seems like this could be a very expensive venture. I look at Atari and Intellivision with their release of devices. So many delays, issues etc.
  13. And what percentage goes to charity? And what charity? It could be one people are against
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