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  1. evg2000


    Just recently finished a deal with Mike. Mike bought some Jaguar games from me. Worked out great, no issues! Thanks Mike!
  2. Remove more sold items. I'm running out of games!
  3. So your order page is not secure. Not a good idea to create a user ID and password, or enter your birthdate and address in a non secure page. Any plans to make it secure for your users?
  4. Nope, what the name of it? Who makes it? If it's just left/right and upper left button it should be fine.
  5. I've added an update over on the CV forum. Any updates will be made there:
  6. Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've said anything regarding the paddles controllers. Here is what's been going on. I've sold and delivered 5 Intellivision paddles, no CV controllers. I've received feedback both through AtariAge, publicly and indirectly that it was too expensive. Some of the feedback was basically rude, turned me off from doing anything for awhile. I've put some time into the design, both in the case and the electronics to make it easier and quicker to build. I've also made it more responsive on the Intellivison. Originally I was going to offer them at a lower price, but decided that I didn't want to deal with building and selling, and potentially more negative comments. I'm doing this for fun. I would rather work on my next ideas. I thought about just dropping it, but instead I've decided to open source the project. For personally use, not to be sold for profit. As I type this I'm printing out what I hope will be the version of the case that will be the one for this open source release. I'm printing at 15mm, should take less than 10 hours. The old design took around 26 hours for much lower quality printing. Working on the BOM I have the version 3.1 PCB, though it says 3.0. Forgot to update it. Version 3.0 I forgot to hook up the 5 volts, oops. Also made some other changes that make it a better and easier to build the paddle. Hopefully today or tomorrow I will build the new board, install in the case, write instructions, take pictures and test it. Then I will have to figure out how to publish to Instructibles. I'm hoping to wrap this all up within a month and people can start building controllers. The intellivision controller only works on the intellivision. The CV controller will work on the atari 2600, atari 7800, C64, etc. Anything that is either left/right or up/down and one fire button. Here are a couple of picture: The board is approximately 38mm x 35mm Some video, these videos are made using the prototype controller: Atari 2600 kickman prototype: CV Arkanoid: Intellivision Mad Bomber:
  7. I have some of the knobs that I believe he used, don't remember where I got them. I think you have to remove the top of the CV controller, then use a threading die to thread the shaft and then install the knobs
  8. not to steal from this cool devices, but in regards to joystick games that either go left/right or up/down my paddle controller that I've created for the CV would work. I am in the process of simplifying the design and will be open sourcing it for personal use. Here is a video of it being used for kickman. The CV version should work on any A2600 compatible joystick games, the INTV one only works for the INTV. Hoping to get an instructable done in a month or so. Still redesigning the case, old case took over 24 hours to print. New one should be about 5 hours to print. I just received version 3.1 of the PCB so need to build that. Also the new version is more responsive than the version in the video. If you make one of these controllers no hack should be needed! here is CV arkanoid:
  9. first post always has the latest cores, so check there.
  10. updated sold items, I'm running out of Jag stuff to sell. Though I will eventually have a CIB Jag CD up for sale.
  11. I have one that I've had for years, never even plugged it in!
  12. I didn't see in your post where you live. Might want to mention since it's local pickup only, or if it does say then disregard
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