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  1. That’s not bad. I will keep checking. Thanks!
  2. Shows not in stock. Have you had one sent to the US? Just wondering what the shipping cost would be
  3. Both my white labeled carts show this:
  4. that’s cool Tim I have them both from when John was still producing them
  5. Thanks for sharing @ianoid I have the c64 versin of Mini Jini
  6. It's not the same as TPB version, but maybe you can find john dondzila's version of Star Castle, either as a cart somewhere or maybe the rom is available? Maybe more obtainable if all you want to do is play star castle. His version is called star fortress.
  7. btw, arkadion is already used in a video game, Hunter Island
  8. so an actual box, not a a plastic claim shell? yeah
  9. Any pictures of the cart, box and instructions?
  10. super sketch for which system? I believe they exist for CV/C64 and TI99/4A and possibly other systems.
  11. I’m waiting to see what evie at backbit comes up with
  12. I have the following for free. Would prefer one person take them. Local pickup only. Sacramento Area. Franklin Ace and Apple II keyboards Franklin Ace and Apple II power supplies Franklin Ace 5.25 disk drives (2) and face plate Working condition is unknown. I'm near Folsom, CA If you happen to have any 5 1/4 disk cases, disks, or old Commodore stuff that you want to drop off while you are here I wouldn't object.
  13. I reached out to evie @ backbit, she is working on creating one. Here is the thread: https://forum.backbit.io/index.php?topic=476.0
  14. I’ve been trying to find one in the USA also. Maybe Evie @ backbit should start selling them.
  15. There his, he mentioned on FB that he switched to the claim shell cases for selling on ebay.
  16. @CGQuarterly Picked them up, no DRAMA! And thanks for dropping off something, I appreciate it!
  17. @ianoid Thanks for sharing these file. The backbit is a great tool.
  18. Thanks, I know but I don't want to go through the work. I figure about $500+ if they were ebayed. Hoping they can go to someone who will appreciate them. If someone flips them, then I guess lucky them!
  19. not sure why the link doesn't work go to main page: https://www.videogameboxprotectors.com/ store nintendo nes and you should see the box
  20. I have 3 comic book boxes full of Nintendo power magazines. There are also some game guides, I think a Saturn mag, and some other mags. 95%+ NP. They are carded and bagged. I'm near Folsom, CA NO DRAMA means: No I won't bring them to you, or meet you somewhere. Don't ask me to mail them to you. You must come to my house via a vehicle, don't tell me you will put them in a backpack and walk miles to a bus stop. Don't whine I don't think that is too much to ask for free stuff! If you happen to have any 5 1/4 disk cases, disks, or old Commodore stuff that you want to drop off while you are here I wouldn't object.
  21. Not sure if any of you like to keep you CV boxes in plastic protectors, if you do I use stack up protectors for the Cote game boxes. I get them here: https://www.videogameboxprotectors.com/cgi-bin/snippet.cgi?todo=as_page;instance=4569532134;num=3;community_id=4011174210#!/Stack-Up-Protector-read-description/p/27989204/category=3708431 The protector is a little wider than the box, but over all it's a good fit.
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