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  1. Playing Frogger and managed to get 1136, which is an all time best for me, but i'm sure i can do better
  2. McWill I've sent you a PM as I couldn't find an email address. Found out about this kit today and have to say I'm blown away by the quality of the screen. My Lynx II developed a horizontal line across the lower half of the screen, doesn't stop me from using my Lynx II. But I decided to look in to getting it repaired, only to discovered you can now get new screens! Woohoo!
  3. I've seen these consoles and I've thought about buying one, because I'd like to own a NES and having a SNES and a NES in one box would be great. However what has put me off is the look of the thing. Lord could they have made it look more ughly? They had a vast library of past consoles for inspiration, the original Mastersystem, 2600, NES, Megadrive..and that is what they came up with? Far from being cheap, it looks cheap...They should have taken a leaf from the Flashback consoles and made it look like a hybrid NES/SNES or something. The only one I can say looks ok, is the Retron 2, because it has a blocky early 90's look to it.
  4. Just bought Burgertime for my Atari...Would love to see one of the programmers on here give it some love and attention. I'm sure the end product would be something amazing
  5. Thanks guys for your help, it's cost me $15 in the end. Shipping was twice the cost of the cart, but I like the original arcade Burgertime and wanted to have this in my game collection. The 2600 port might not look pretty, but if the game review I watched it anything to go by, then the gameplay is still pretty good.
  6. Yep the same, I added burgertime to my cart, went to pay and Firefox had a fit. Telling me the site wasn't secure. Because I've never been to the site before, i just wanted to check to see if it was ok
  7. Hi guys My VCS has a Purevideo video module installed, so everything goes through the AV. My flat screen TV refused to work with the aerial lead, so I had to mod it. I've been on that website that is selling burgertime but Firefox reports its not a safe site. Has anyone bought from them?
  8. Hi guys I was watching an episode of Starcade and they had Burgertime as one of the games on the show. I've played the game before but through emulation, I discovered there had been release for the VCS. But for the life of me, I can't seem to find a copy of the game. Is it rare? or am I just not looking in the right places?
  9. Hi there I recently bought a new 27" tv for the living room, retiring the old 22" CRT. Last night was the first time I came to use the VCS since buying the TV and I have to say the RF picture quality was less then amazing. So I've been looking online for a guide to modifying my 2600 to use composite output. My plan would be to replace the RF lead coming out the back of the console, with a single AV cable. My search however has not being going well, I keep reading contraditing reports as to what actually works. So I was wondering if anyone could give me a clear answer. I'm not scared to use a soldering iron, so long as the instructions are reasonable clear to follow. Many thanks James
  10. Well i found a replacement mosfet and installed it. Removing the old one wasn't easy, desoldered the pins and tried wiggling the chip off the board, I must have applied to much force as the damn think broke in two.. Anyways, the new MOSFET was installed and the Lynx still doesn't work. I've tried the wire trick and where as before fitting the MOSFET, the console would work. I now get a blank black screen. The back light IS working, just i'm not getting a picture.
  11. Hi there Need some advice my Lynx has stopped powering on. Was using it a few days ago not a problem, game to turn it on this morning and it's dead as a door nail. Any help would be appreciated.. James
  12. Hi there I've finally branched out from lurking in the 2600 section and bought myself a Lynx. It was listed as faulty along with a copy of scrapyard dog. However i put some freshly charged rechargables in it's powered up and working fine. Just one initial question..my batteries lasted all of about 15 minutes before the Lynx's screen slowly began to go dark. I kept upping the contrast until it just went black/green. Now i remember owning an old LCD TV from the 90's and it would usually do this when it went flat. The power LED didn't blink like on my game gear, it did look like it was flickering tho, very quickly. I tried turning it back on again and the screen would be find, then slowly go black/green again and finally the power LED would fade. Also the sound would go. Now i know people might be laughing at me. But having not owned a Lynx and reading some of the hardware issues with the screen. I'm a right in thinking this isn't a screen fault, just that my rechargable batteries are not up to the job of powering the console? Many thanks James
  13. Im beginning to think your right. Luckily we do have a DVD/VCR combo at her flat, so i'm going to try passing the 2600 through there Thanks for all the help, been very handy! James
  14. The picture seems to stablise after 5-10 minutes of the fresh cart being inserted, but there still remains a 1 inch barely visible bar scrolling up the screen. I'm just wondering if this is something to do with the TV and not the 2600. I've had it apart, i've pressed all the chips down, just in case that was the cause. I've twiddled the screw on the RF modulator which doesn't seem to do a lot aside from move it off channel. I dont think the power switch is actually causing the problem now.. :-/
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