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  1. Bought a lot of 4 games from this user. Everything was exactly as described and the shipping was affordable and quick! What an awesome user! thanks so much
  2. got my copy lastnight in the mail!!! Im beyond happy with it and WOW the effort you put into it, it looks fantastic its awesome! Great job!!! I truly hope you make another game in the future! This is amazing
  3. i was about 13 when I started too so this is a great age to start. Can't wait to see you when you have more atari man! Great collection so far loved the picture of the systems. EDITEDITEDIT: what happened to your 2600?
  4. Master is right however nobody will publicly say this so the general public understands the tactic.. so it will probably work again
  5. Don't let the work discourage you, from what we have seen and I am sure I have backup when saying this. You have done some FANTASTIC work so far and im pumped to be showing this off in my collection! Maybe recruit some people to help with boxes and such lol Don't let this be your last!
  6. My Final Day at work. Productive... Yet somehow sad :( Ill be moving across the province in 3 days.

  7. Need a new desktop, Budgeting $1600 -$2300 I figured I shall get a good PC along with this macbook pro ( Which runs 7 lol) 64Gigs of ram and a GTX 680?

  8. I think my day has been made thanks to you
  9. Wait Mario Adventure! I have yet to ever see this game! That is so cool
  10. Does Anybody else here like any cars nobody else seems to like?

    1. bomberpunk


      i love my piece-of-sh** 4-cylinder Saturn Vue.

    2. MrAtari2600


      Why is it so bad in your opinion ? :o


    3. purduecrum


      You mean like the Ford Pinto Wagon?

  11. Debating on what to attempt to review or show on youtube for my new channel. Retro Gaming or Computer related, I should probably do an intro video!

    1. MrAtari2600


      and everything will be done on the top of my asteroids cocktail :P


  12. Bought Sega Master games off YAGRS. They were exactly what I wanted and I am happy to say that this seller by far gets an easy 100% rating! Thank you so much!
  13. Well there is www.nintendoage.com Did you try there?
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