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  1. Hi all. Regenerator 1.7 is now released with Multi Systems support. One of the built-in systems is Atari 8-bit. You can of course make your own configurations, etc. Hope Atari community finds it usefull. Link: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=149429 Best regards!
  2. Thank you... I will add these to the lists...
  3. Unfortunetly that is not doable with Regenerator... each address can have only one unique label, that's how it is coded. Currently I took the first label in the files I found, if needed they can be combined though, but not sure about that. Still searching for kernel function addresses though. For c64 this stuff is everywhere... for Atari 8bit it is very hard to find Also a file with one liners describing all those GTIA, Pokey and Antic addresses (for comments) would be nice.
  4. Hmm, these are mostly variables and hw registers which is good for labels (and some comments), what about kernel functions ? Should I include all of these as labels (especially Zero Page stuff)? Also - can you specifiy which addresses should be excluded from auto-label creation. I think $d000 - $d40f at least should be excluded.
  5. Hi all. I am the author of Regenerator - an interactive disasembler for 6502 binaries. Currently I am trying to add support for multiple systems. Which means you can select the system from the drop-down list and the configuration specific for this system would be loaded that includes the files that define which addresses to exclude from auto-labelling (excludes.txt) - normally you would exclude absolute addresses for I/O, etc. , then names of the labels to auto-label (kernel functions, variables, etc.) and comments.txt which auto-comments certain addresses (for jumps and references). I would like to add those three files for Atari 8-bit (and any other system with 6502/6510 processor), if maybe you can point me to direction where I could get the content for those files I can generate them myself. If anyone would like to beta test the multi-system support please drop me an email ( tomcat AT sgn.net ) and I can send you the beta. Otherwise you can download the latest release 1.6 here: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=148862 Best regards, Tom-Cat
  6. For sale is a really good condition ColecoVision with controllers - one controller has a nice overlay included. It is not modded in anyway. Also included are three cartridges: Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap and Venture. Unfortunetly I cannot find the PSU anywhere, but a few years ago before the move it was working perfectly, so it is sold without one and as-is. Price: 40 EUR + postage from Slovenia (EU)
  7. This item has been SOLD. Thank you.
  8. Atari is made in Europe... shipping to USA is 57 EUR
  9. Hi all. I am putting my Atari 2080 STf up for sale. I got it quite a few years back... it was officially sold in ex-Yugoslav countries (and some others). This is a quite rare model and it is in working condition. The keys are a bit yellowed though (and not all the same which is strange). I am not sure what it is worth though so I will take offers. I am from Slovenia - so the mailing costs could be high. Please also make offers on my email [email protected] Thank you. A few pictures I took with an old phone :
  10. This was SOLD. Thank you. For sale is a Megafile20. Optionally I could also sell the 1040 ST and SM124 monitor with it, but they are probably not very desirable items here Megafile 20 in good condition - fully tested with 1040ST, comes with all cables. There is also an 1040 STfm and a SM124 hires monitor in the pictures, which are also for sale. All items have absolutely NO yellowing on the casings/keys and work without any problems. Offers on PM... will post from Slovenia (EU). The Megafile 20 is quite heavy though...
  11. Sorry for reviving this thread... but... I just got a pretty good condition PAL ColecoVision (after a cleanup ofcourse) which came with NO power supply I found the picture of the power supply and the needed voltages but I don't have exact numbering of the pins... can someone tell me how exactly are the pins numbered for the voltages ? I don't want to fry it. I will use a PC AT power supply, since it has all required voltages... i.e. if looking at the console from the outside you see the power connector. Is the numbering right for looking at the power connector from there ? 1 2 o o o o 3 4 1 = +5 2 = -5 3 = +12 4 = GND Thanx in advance !
  12. Currently I know of 3 other 2080STf's like mine. All of them have very low serial numbers (all below 200) and the plastic labels underneath (with the serial numbers, etc. printed on the other side of the see-through label). The monitor has a similar label plate with serial number (but these go into 1000's). The 2080STf was 100% an official Atari product sold in Slovenia and in some other countries around here.
  13. I have tried with the TV Channels and the Monitor cable - the same thing... no keys work (but the picture quality changes a bit when I press and hold some of the function keys on the right). Only reset works and resets the machine (which can be noticed because the pictures goes greyish for a moment). Other keys produce no effect... Oh and I don't have a disk. The tape loader (when holding START on the reset) doesn't work though....
  14. I dismatled the whole thing again yesterday and resoldered a bunch of places that looked like they might be cold (but it seems they weren't) - also pushed out and in all 5 socketed chips and cleaned everything up thorougly. The voltages on the chips seem OK though. Still Nothing ((
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