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  1. What I hate about modern turn-based CFRP engines is they all use either 3D 1st or 3rd person perspective or 3D isometric perspective and have animated graphics. Simulate a pen and paper game with a top down tile based perspective - let my imagination work the visuals. Bring back Ultima III style games. Ultima IV started up with that paladin, "D&D doesn't have to be satanic," morality quest stuff - and Bards Tale made everyone else decide that it had to be as graphic as possible, all the way up to Skyrim. Not that I don't enjoy those games - but the more I go back and play old retro 8 and 16 bit RPGs - the more I realize that today we could do an INCREDIBLE example of a game like Car Wars or Ogre or any hex or tile based FRP game using this classic style of engine - and it would be awesome. Hell... you could do all of this - and have the actual results of encounters and rolls appear in a window on the display in full 3D graphics from 1st or 3rd person perspective... but I'd prefer it just to digitally recreate a real paper FRP.
  2. I'd like to see how the wiring was done. I imagine it is a variation of the PMP Radica conversion here: ... but connecting a different keypad would be the tricky part.
  3. I agree. I have a CRT lying around that will probably do the trick with MIST - and I think there is actually a certain positive to being able to plug it into a VGA CRT... the whole idea of recreating your retro experience on your 72" LED LCD kind of defeats the purpose to me, in a certain sense. But... the long term viability of supporting MIST with VGA out that requires core-specific frequency compatible displays... when MISTer supports HDMI... makes MISTer easier to support moving forward.
  4. Did you ever buy the Mister, Zetastrike?
  5. I see comments like this on the MIST Facebook group: Roberto LariJanuary 14 at 5:42 AM Anyone is afraid that Mist / Mistica are dead cause Mister? 4 new cores and 1 new firmware in these 11 first days of 2019, i tell that they are more alive than never : D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose you could always just buy both. I see the MIST as convenient because it is already put together, it has two DB9 ports, built in Midi Ports, and actually supports CRTs directly. MISTer seems like something between MIST and RetroPie to me - as far as what is required to get it up and running. I'll probably pick up a MISTer at some point, too. Why:D
  6. With the DE10-Nano kit going for $130, then $59 for the DE-10 Super expansion board - before shipping, the difference in price isn't hugely less than the $263 USD for a complete MIST from Lotharek. A Raspberry Pi running RetroPie on the other hand, can be put together for significantly less than $100.
  7. Just for the record, I was able to repair the Slik Stik and it works as good as new - and I've got an 8-Ball for the ball-cap instead of the orange ball now. I was going to upload images, but I guess they have to be hosted somewhere else for AtariAge. I'll post them on the AtariAge Facebook group.
  8. In the early 80s/90s, I ran The Santiarium BBS/The Amiga Archives in the 916 area... The Bates Motel BBS sounded super familiar, so I looked it up to see if it was the same one. I'm fairly certain it is. In the early 2000s I put The Sanitarium back up as a telnet BBS on Sparc 5 for a while. It was cool at first, lots of nostalgia and most of the old crowd showed up for a while. But it is rough competing with Facebook.
  9. I found you, MacRorie - and the check is in the mail (or, the Paypal transfer is in your account, anyhow...)
  10. Is anyone making these for sale? I realize I'm about a year late to this post. I've got a CC2 - but I use it almost exclusively for Atari 2600 titles. Would be nice to have one that works directly with the 2600. Does it handle Supercharger game images?
  11. I had 4, and at least two of them have torn bases at the bottom of the valve stem - which is what causes the unwanted directional input. I tried to replace one of them. I was able to get the ball off the top (and I realized that the ball on the top is basically just a ball-valve stem cover - what you might see as an 8-ball or skull on a tire.). I went to the local tire store and the guy gave me 4 stems - but he gave me TR-413 instead of TR-414. The metal shaft with the ball is too thick in diameter to fit up inside the metal inside the TR-413. So, I decided to tear apart the donor valve from the slik-stick. My notes... The top valve isn't threaded like an actual valve stem - where it connects to the orange ball. Also, the valve stem interior assembly is gone. It is just hollow - so it looks like you can't repair it just by swapping out an actual valve stem - there would be some machining required... I think you might be able to drill out the metal tube already in a valve-stem and then thread it, and then seat the metal ball and shaft in the stem. I've ordered some TR-414s hoping that maybe the interior metal tube is a little wider in diameter and it'll work - but I don't think it is going to without some additional engineering that may be beyond me.
  12. I have 4 of them. 3 of them had the square head screws. Only one had a set of Philips head.
  13. I feel like if you were watching me, you would have seen the light go on over my head when I read this. Awesome!
  14. This would explain why for example - I can run various versions of Ultima 3 on various emulators on Windows with no problem - but none of these images, on any of these emulators, will work on my Nexus S7 Edge. I think you just gave me a solution that days of troubleshooting have been unable to resolve. The interesting thing is that on at least one emulator - I was able to get the register to update to a scenario disk that was on the SD card - but the emulator hangs at that point and when I reopen the game and change to the scenario disk, it is corrupted. So, it DOES write to the SD card - it just mangles it. Anyhow - I guess I'll look into putting the ROMs into main memory for Ultima 3 and see if that improves my emulator experience on Android. I don't know why I am so intent on getting this particular game to run on Android. Just the principle of the thing at this point, I guess.
  15. Tempest, Space Dungeon and Robotron are all analog games, I think. Digital won't work when you're trying to spin around a 360 degree turret - if you think about it.
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