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  1. small third party thing ya. uhh, 2 games I had made for fun a few years back and'd like to make a lot better, are dis one boxin thing, and this one drivin thing, huh, nice descriptions eh? And I know that odds are nobodys gonna say yes, but ya never know and I am lookin other places too but hey, what could it hurt to put up a wanted ad. About the name- very long story but just a hope after ep II, Boba forever man.
  2. Well, in sherwood park, alberta canada, (I live there) I will hopefully open an arcade with misslecommand, asteroids, double dragon, pacman, tempest etc. I've go missle command and soon street fighter but in 5 years about I should have enough money and games to open a retro arcade! Ya, I miss them though, my memories are mostly playin Mortal Kombat and that sit-down missle command (the type I now own). The late '80s/ early '90s were so wicked, ya, '80s forever man.
  3. Hello, I am Bobashotmace of the E4,I used to make atari games (I have a few somewhere lyin around but I can't find them), I came up with ideas and my partner programmed, however my partner no longer works with me, so, I now have ideas, no one to make them into code and stuff, and no way to get them onto carts, AA could make carts but, as I don't understand most all of the 2600 programming tutorial, I need a programmer. I have many ideas, one very similar to Maze Craze and an Adventure-ish game off of a story I wrote a few years back, I have more but those are the 2 I'd most like to see on cart, I can give more details once I have a programmer.
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