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  1. That guide seems to be on the high side. Ebay shows a few metal slugs selling anywhere from $60-80, and MS2 sold for as little as $40.
  2. The Neo games 99% of the time have both regions/languages on the cart. It depends on the region of the system to determine whether a game will be in english or not. So if you have a jap system, all games will come up in japanese. If it's US, they'll all come up in SNK's variant of english.
  3. which CD system is it? There's two versions not counting the CDZ. US or Jap? Same with games. US Metal Slugs usually fetch $50-$70. With the exception of Power Discs (cause I'm not sure of that one) the rest are in the $10-$15 range.
  4. pm sent. Good luck with the engagement! Hope she appreciates not only the ring, but what you've had to do to get it.
  5. pm read and responded to. tmi? prolly, but it's a free bump init?
  6. I'm trying to put a Saturn collection together again. I had most of the library but sold it all off a few years ago when a move was coming. Now I want to start building it up again. Looking for complete games and don't-have-to-be-complete accessories (meaning I don't care if the controller has a box), Since I'm starting from scratch, I'll even take sports games as long as the case isn't beat to heck. Looking for good condition, working systems as well. Plural because I want both models of saturn. Thanks for looking!
  7. IF you can get that for $50, go for it. Broken up and sold individually, there's around $100 worth of stuff there.
  8. I wish to God I saw this before it went to ebay. I'm very interested, and have cash on hand. But not looking to get into a bidding war. I guess that's what I get for not checking here as often as I should.
  9. It's not like it's a couch or tv. Just hang onto it and pay attention. I'm sure you'll run into someone who wants one eventually.
  10. I've amassed most of them over the years, but for some reason if I come across any at all these days, it's always 2.4.
  11. Thanks Rick! OP edited to reflect Rick's awesomeness, and to make that other guy not on top any more.
  12. I don't sell on ebay anymore, but when I did, nothing frustrated me more than people who left poor feedback or would hound me with emails concerning why it's taking so long for their item to get there (um, you just bought it yesterday and didn't opt for overnight delivery?). Yet it seemed like every time I bought something, weeks would go by before I received my purchase. I so don't miss that crap.
  13. That was it? We both thought that was the jpn game I mentioned earlier. Well, we'll have to find a copy. We both like collecting last official US releases.
  14. Mr. Poll of the Week Rhindle the Red and I were conversing, and the question came up. A little googling only told us what the last japanese release was. Anyone know?
  15. jesusc

    My Jaguar

    In a few years, Xbox and Gamecube will be considered classic. Shocking! Although both are flawed in their own ways, I'd take Tempo over Bubsy. Super Tempo on Saturn is superb by the way. Also, you could argue that 32X and Jaguar have kinda the same hinderances. The 32X architecture was too dependent on the Genesis and the Jag developers were too dependent on the 68000. It'd have been great if both systems were around long enough to really push the hardware.
  16. Only need four more discs in order to complete my spaceship! pls help!
  17. hay budday. Any luck with those demos?
  18. Unless you played Flashback to death on other systems, I'd recommend picking that up.
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