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  1. Bump. Looking for a ball top or regular controller in good condition.
  2. Im looking for a neo geo cd controller. I ordered one from Japan and the down switch was not working properly. Thank you ps. Im looking for the pad controller
  3. Hi, Im looking for a Coleco controller with ball top or a regular. Thank you
  4. Selling my sg-1000 II console with megacart. here its what you get 1. sega sg-1000 II console with 1 controller. Console its missing the pause button. No power cable included, Im using my Genesis power cable model 1602 to power console. The console has been moded for composite video but the audio rca jack doesnt go all the way in. There is no problem with the audio, audio always plays. 2. sc-3000 survivors mega cart I will only ship in the USA. make me an offer. Paypal + fees
  5. I know there are a few out there, hopefully one its for sale.
  6. Hi, Im looking for an Atari 5200 2 port, 1 game, power cable and 1 working controller. I live in California. Thank you
  7. bump - I really want the LTO flashcart for the intellivision. Can pay the same day. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  8. Just like another AA member I looked over Ebay and prices are a bit high for me, hoping to find one here cheaper. I live in California. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  9. Hi, $80 for how many games? am a bit confused on whats been sold. Lmk. Thank you
  10. Im looking to buy a few intellivision games. I dont need any sports titles or the boxes. Please take a look at the games I already own. Thank you
  11. 🤣 Good 1, I want to play the games, I bought a few games today from CVGA.
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