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  1. Im looking for a colecovision with composite or svideo mod. If the unit comes with multicart even better. Thank you
  2. pepeart

    Wanted JVC X'Eye

    Once I get my mega sd, I might sell my jvc Xeye. I wil keep you posted
  3. Both everdrives are version 1 releases. No sd cards are included. Not bootlegs. Both everdrives are from Krikzz. You will need to dowload one file for the sd cards from krikzz website.the Genesis everdrive works great. The turbo grafx everdrive has a broken switch, this switch its to select tg16 mode or pce mode. The switch its on pce mode because I own a duo rx. Make me an offer. I will only ship in the US. Thank you
  4. Hi, Im looking for a complete Atari 2600 with av mod and if possible missile command and phoenix. Im not looking for the Jr model. Thank you
  5. Hi, Im looking for a zelda or mario nelsonic gaming watch in really good shape and working. Im looking for the black models, not the white or pink. I was looking on ebay and found one new for $100, but I checked the sellers feedback and it was not good. Thank you
  6. Its like if you owned an actual amiga computer, I will upload more pics tomorrow of actual screens and game play.
  7. Hi fellow members. I am selling my amiga station. Here is the original information from the person who I bought it from. It works good. You need to know about emulation to make the games work properly. There are different amiga systems and each one needs a specific setting. Im asking $135.00 including shipping in the USA. UAE is a dedicated emulation station, It is based on WinXP Embedded and WinUAE. It boots into ClassicWB 3.1 in Picasso96 Mode. It is loaded with a ton of Demos, It has Ethernet and serial support on the Amiga side. The system is highly configurable. Can even run OS 3.9 if you have the license for it. It is configured to run WB 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1, All the Workbench ADFs and HDFs are included on the internal 16GB Flash memory. Which is easily removable to backup to your own personal hard drive. This system will run any bit of Amiga software you throw at it. System Specs are as follows AMD Sempron 2200+ Processor 1GB RAM 1GB Internal Flash that holds XPe 16GB Internal Removable USB flash memory that holds UAE and all associated files. Easily backed up to your own hard drive. Clonezilla Image of all files included will be available for download 8GB USB Flash drive for easy file transfer to the D-UAE AmigaForever Plus License is included A 29.95 Value in the purchase price and comes on a USB flash drive Pricing is 135.00 Shipped in the USA No key board, mouse or hdmi cable included
  8. My kid slammed the tray. I tried to fix it but now the lazer doesnt move to read the games. If you can fix it PM. I also need some one who can install a mod chip in a gamecube. Ty
  9. Hi Are you still doing work on ps2 systems? Plese pm I need your services. Ty
  10. Thanks Guys. Iceman I already have cds with the classics. I want to backup my games and play 'em of the HD. TY
  11. Im looking to buy a unit with the board installed. I also heard there is another board on the market. Thank u
  12. Need an original snes power cable. Bought a generic one and I get lines on my tv. Pm. Thank you
  13. Yes, its for the 5200. Im getting flashbacks from HS lol. That was my nickname!
  14. SOLD 1.Wico Command Control in really good shape SOLD 2.Adaptor Wonder for the N64 3. 52 Nes Multicart with Adaptor SOLD 4.Lucky Dime Caper and Asterix complete with manuals 5. MAN AT ARMS Gun Holster Movie Prop from He-Man's Movie Pm your questions or offers
  15. Priced it at $55.00 including shipping USA only. I think its a fair price
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