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  1. It's a question you should ask SainT. But don't be surprised if he's reluctant to open that can of worms.
  2. After more than 12 years in the Jaguar community, there are still things that amaze me.
  3. There's always the option of making said ROMs only work on Skunkboard and SainT's SD card, not real carts. It doesn't prevent shady people from reselling the ROM as a file, but it'd solve the problem for those who only buy physical stuff, and I suspect that's the majority of people buying from bootleggers.
  4. By "hostile environment", do you mean "the tools I keep using to make games, despite telling everyone they're bad and their creators are assholes"? And repeatedly calling the checkerboard trick "true transparency" makes as much sense as calling heating microwave dinners "true cooking". It's a low-effort substitute, at best.
  5. Nope, it's the other way around. The Skunkboard was coded not to run BattleSphere.
  6. As far as I know, none of the releases that have been bootlegged contained any protection to begin with. In other words, I'm not aware of any "protected" release being bootlegged.
  7. Yeah. You just make every other pixel transparent, i.e. using a 1x1 pixel checkerboard pattern. How do I know? Because if you look closely at the video, rainbow artifacts show up in translucent areas. That's what happen when you use this technique and the video output is composite or RF. And it's nothing new: (from 4:05)
  8. I didn't even know it supported monochrome monitors, to be honest...
  9. It should, yeah. If you get a red screen, it means that the cartridge has dirty contacts or is defective.
  10. "Péritel" even, with that funky accent on the "e". But "SCART" is the same thing, and it's probably more well-known among non-French people
  11. Jaguars sold in France included an RGB SCART cable.
  12. Don't feel bad, that's the intended gameplay mechanic for this type of game.
  13. Anyways, this is a non-issue on the Jaguar, because all of the homebrew hardware that I know of (Skunkboard, Jagtopus and SainT's SD cart) use either 5V-compatible components or proper level shifters.
  14. Ah, so it's like that on legit copies too.
  15. The printing quality looks legit (as far as you can tell from a photo), but there are missing characters in the red box: Do know-to-be-genuine copies have the same issue?
  16. I don't think it actually crashes, since the height of the bitmap objects ends up at zero after the OP is done. But of course, this means you'll get a blank screen, so...
  17. Perfect for those "Is the Jaguar really 64-bit?" arguments, then.
  18. That's why CJ is releasing so many Jag games: developing them himself is quicker than getting existing games delivered to his place.
  19. I know (I designed my own a PS1-to-Jaguar pad adapter) ; it was a simplified explanation.
  20. Both the Genesis pad and the Jaguar pad have more buttons than pins on the connector, so you have to select beforehand which set of buttons you want to read. Which buttons are grouped together is not the same for both consoles, and it is not possible to solve this only by using wires.
  21. It's not possible with just wires. You'd need several ICs or a microcontroller for it to work.
  22. The best point about the Jaguar community is that a lot of its members are insanely attached to the console. The worst point about the Jaguar community is that a lot of its members are insane, period.
  23. The TwoMice program from Matthias Domin can be used as an example: http://mdgames.de/twomice2_20071230.zip
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