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  1. I still don't think I got ripped off.. I'm not working as many hours as i was so the time with the soldering iron(composite mods) is no problem.(screw lead poisoning ) Costs me <$75 in gas to pick it up.. I bet I can get some cool classic gaming stuff and break even selling the rest. Have wanted a Colecovision for a LONG time. This better work out, though, cuz my girlfriend thinks I'm an IDIOT right now j/k (well she thinks I'm an idiot regardless so the j/k is more about it "better work out" )
  2. I'm sure I look like a fuckin' idiot but I won it My girlfriend was like 'there is NO way you just spent $1,000 on Atari stuff.. let alone in one auction' My plan is to keep the stuff I don't have and all the duplicate systems will be composite modded and sold on here(and eBay if necessary) most likely with the common carts. Hope to more or less break even and get a bunch of cool stuff in the mean time **EDIT** for all the naysayers.. just the Colecovision stuff listed in the auction has broken $100 in recent auctions.. so even if I got screwed I'm still glad I got a bunch of Atari stuff. Plus I can pick it up so no shipping.. If I can sell the 2600's for $50 a piece(composite or s-video modded) then I've broken even on those alone..
  3. Where do you guys think this will end up at? I'm considering topping out at around $800 but I may not even bid on it. Will at least keep an eye on it, though.
  4. 6 hour drive each way from where I live.. I'd say that's probably worth it to save the shipping cost. I'm probably going to bid on it.
  5. The government only requires liability insurance, which doesn't cover your car getting broken into. And would you really want to drive around with a bunch of uninsured people? What happens if they hit you and cause not only property damage to your car, but maybe hurt you in the crash too? Do you think the average joe has $100k sitting around in case he causes injury to somebody and has to pay their medical bills?
  6. Check this out. It's pretty cool, but definitely more complicated than just a case mod.
  7. The real question would be, would it be worth it? You can get a new atari for cheap, unless heavily moded. But making a claim will useually give you higher rates (which in the case of a 2600would make it quickly not worth it) Every insurance policy I've had does not raise rates when you file a claim for vandalism, theft, etc. They charge their deductible(which I've always made sure to have a policy where my deductible is <$100 even though it costs me more each month) but that's it, no monthly raise of your premiums. Plus he has to make a claim to get his door fixed(plus any other damage that may have resulted from that) so why not tack on the ~$50 a 2600 is worth? Also, a lot of home owner's insurance policies(and even some renter's insurance policies) cover theft that happens when your vehicle is parked outside of your residence.. so that may be worth looking into if you have home owner's insurance darthkur - I agree that insurance companies are out to screw us over.. but I do understand why they charge deductibles... otherwise any time somebody gets a scratch on their car, etc. they'd turn it in.(especially because like I said vandalism, etc. often doesn't bring a raise in premiums).
  8. Will your insurance cover the cost of the 2600? Some insurance policies not only cover damage to the vehicle but theft of any merchandise that was inside the vehicle.
  9. My girlfriend bought me one of these for Christmas(but gave it to me today. she couldn't wait until Chrismtas LOL ) I think they're pretty sweet. I need about 10 more to actually make enough usable ice but I'm gonna make as much as I can with the one tray. Plus it made me decide to drink a CC & sprite on the rocks(SPACE INVADERS ROCKS And i know this thread is pretty old but I didn't want to start a new one.. These are sweet I just wish they made bigger ice cubes.
  10. There's been a surprising amount of arcade stuff in akron/canton area lately. Especially considering I used to look for stuff all the time and could never find anything good(ended up settling for a horribly gutted cab I made a MAME out of). Now if you go on akron/canton Craigslist and type in 'arcade' there are quite a few, and for decent prices(on most, some are way overpriced) Unfortunately right now is not a good time for me to be buying arcade cabs(a space issue primarily and also a money issue)
  11. Got the game yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play it with my girlfriend yet but it's really fun even by myself!! Definitely a game I can see myself coming back to, and a definite motivator to have a Wii
  12. So when are ya gonna bump up my quota? I'm at 96% full
  13. I may go pick this up today. Is your wife a gamer? And did she enjoy the game? If I pick it up I'm hoping my girlfriend will be interested in it. She enjoys playing mario kart on the wii and some other games but I don't really consider her a "gamer"
  14. What the hell is a chickenhen r3? ChickHEN is a method of loading custom firmware on a PSP to play emulators, etc.
  15. Another thing all the haters are forgetting is that this apparently has good ntsc/pal output. I have a hacked psp slim and the TV out sucks. WTF is with the tiny image on my 42" LCD? I don't understand why any time people post about a handheld that does emulation there are 50 posts of "I already have a hacked PSP"(I'm not talking about pinball22 his post was at least relevant and asked a question). Anyways, this looks like a pretty cool device. I don't do much portable gaming at all(hence why my hacked psp is tucked in a drawer somewhere) so I probably wont pick one up, but it's still a cool device!
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