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  1. _The_Doctor__, wtf is the "almost rice" version? You really should keep your mouth shut on topics you know nothing about. The "blue" wires on the back of the MIOs had several functions and it doesn't matter which side of the PCB they were on. I've seen ICD put them on either side.. top or bottom. One was the deletion of the 12v power circuit from the design which happened fairly early on in the production history of MIOs, so most of them were built this way. The second was a propagation delay for the highest order DRAM address line. It used a few spare gates in one of the ICs to add ~10-20ns of delay to that line so it would more closely line up with the others in the DRAM access timing. Almost Rice (Tuon Ho,) is a personal friend of mine.. I assure you he had nothing to do with MIO firmware development. WareRat is the man responsible.. You should get your shit straight before flapping your jaw. Somewhere, I've got 1.2 and 1.3 ICD MIO EPROM binaries and partial source code. I might get persuaded to dig them up if someone's interested.. But not tonight.
  2. MEtalGuy66


  3. One PCB, three possible models depending on population/assembly. Makes ALOT more sense than IDC cables anus-rigged into chip sockets.. 90% of needed signals for either/both devices are available at ANTIC socket. It's a "no brainer"..
  4. Awesome. I need about 20 of those. I have another great idea for you.. Merge VBXE and ULTIMATE 1MEG into a single product, and get rid of the stupid "tape-worm" cables..
  5. What we need is an Apple IIgs emulator for the Rapidus+VBXE..
  6. DRAMs were expensive. Possibly he was waiting till he could afford them, or waiting to get the ballz to desolder 8 chips..
  7. Offer the movers a free case of beer if everything arrives perfectly sound with no incidents.
  8. Yeah, 2600 star raiders is not the benchmark, but the exception. Sorry you don't like the 5200 control scheme, but the 8-bit Home computer version is the original version and concept of the game. The 5200 version is even better because analog joysticks allow for proportional steering on two axis within the 3D spaceflight simulation environment. Crappy control buttons or not, this is clearly the BEST version of Star Raiders out there.
  9. My life is a mess.. I don't know if/when I'll ever get time to work on MIOs again. Maybe I'll give everything to WareRat and let him continue.. Truthfully, he was the real brains behind it all anywayze..
  10. Looks great, man. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Looks like a good start on a Prince of Persia clone.
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