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    Video Games, Anime, Manga, Wrestling, Drawing, and Writing<br /><br />I own the following game consoles:<br /><br />Atari Flashback 2<br />Sears Video Arcade II<br />FC Game Console<br />GCN<br />PS2 Slim<br />Xbox<br />GBA<br />DS Lite
  1. The best joystick ever is the Tekken 5 arcade stick for PS2. Just hook that thing up to a Super Dual Box Pro converter, set up your options, and bam! You're set! I recommend using a stool to place the joystick on and setting Select to Coin 1 and Start to Player 1 Start.
  2. Has anyone developed any Tetris/Column style games for the 2600?
  3. Here's some ideas for hacks I'd like to see: The Great Trix Caper (Keystone Kaper hack) Jungle Jane (Pitfall hack with spear throwing ability) Paintball Wars (Outlaw hack)
  4. I wish someone would combine Combat 2 with that wild west shooting game. I would love to see a Halo combat game. Here's a fake screen I made with Paint. The sprite size should be similar to Atari 2600. chief.bmp halo.bmp
  5. Dear Homebrewers, I came up with an idea I thought might be around. I admit, I love Pitfall, but it could be better. I thought it would be cool if a girl named Jane could explore the world of Pitfall, but the gameplay should be improved by adding spear throwing. Well, Greg Zumwalt already made Jungle Jane, but he didn't entirely design what I had in mine. I wanted better graphics and less silliness. I not looking for a programmer as much as a hacker who will add shooting action to Pitfall. Here is a fake screenshot. pitfallfake.bmp
  6. Dear Homebrewers, I'm sick of so many awful platformers out there. Pitfall was the only true good one on the Atari 2600, so it's time to homebrew an awesome new platformer. I want to take the Pitfall series and Paperboy series and combine them into a game I call "Going Postal" featuring Postal Pete. The game features a postal worker who must deliver as many letters as he can in a day within a time limit. Every mailbox Pete passes earns him $5, but apartment mailboxes earns him $50. He must jump over potholes, spraying fire hydrants, and avoid chasing dogs. If he falls in a manhole, he lives, but must pass up mailboxes to find a ladder. The background will slowly change from morning to sunset as the time changes from around 20 mins. to 0. You can't get killed, but every time you get hit, you will be stunned 5 seconds. Delivering a letter also takes 3 -10 secs. depending on the type of mailbox. The farther you get in the game, the more money you make. I have included a faked screenshot. I wish to change the background and I might add a bag on Pete's back. If any homebrewer is interested, let me know. I had ideas for all sorts of traps and things. Contact me at [email protected] if interested in it or Elemental Madness. goingpostal.bmp
  7. Dear HomeBrewers, I like PC games and I came up with an idea I've been working on with Game Maker 6. I like puzzle games like Dr. Mario, but none ever really use elements all that often, so I decided it's time for a puzzle game to really make you think and doesn't simply ask you to match colors. I have had trouble getting it to work in Game Maker, but it would make a perfect Atari 2600 game. I call it, Elemental Madness. The basis is this: 3 Fire beats ice. 3 Ice beats water. 3 Water beats fire. Add similar colors and they continue to stack up. Add Fire to water and it changes to water. Add ice to fire and it changes to fire. Add water to ice and it changes to ice. Every 20 blocks, a netural block (white) is released and can be used to destroy any stack. In 2 player modes, stone (gray) will be dropped every time an opponent outscores you. The game can be played with paddles and you drop the blocks by holding down the fire button. I would like to work with someone on this, but can only do sprite design. I must have a programmer willing to spend time........programming and willing to use the idea without changes except some appearance changes. Let me know what you think and don't steal my idea because everyone here knows who it came from. emadness.bmp
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