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  1. Wait. Were any of the games found in Caracas PAL ?
  2. Also the thought about multiple stashes . As i understood these were all in a Giant Warehouse and multiple parties bought Sections from the main Pile. 2006 was first contact for me from the original Stash . Some titles were probably in multiple thousands or more. That's why there still selling on Ebay 14 years later Venezuela
  3. Ok thats a start. These are the Actual pictures of games available to me in 2011 Just the Atari and Turbgfx not including Coleco, Intellivision,Nintendo or computers . This is from the main find and i think its probably close to what titles were found and available in mass quantities of over 100 to 200 each except some titles that were 20 copies or less. I was set up too buy a huge lot for alot of Money but became suspicious after my initial buy of a couple thousand dollars .
  4. Has anyone ever tried to make a list of the Games found in the Caracas warehouse ? Back in 2006 i was trying to buy the whole room from a guy named Juan I was buying 100's motorodeo and ikari warriors plus others. I still have the pictures he sent of the Room in 2006 . There also turned out to be huge amount of software for computers too mostly Apple II, Atari 800 and Commodore stuff i ended up buying bunch from another guy in 2011. I know there were at least 93 titles available for the 2600 and about 21 for 5200 . Also Colecovision and Intellivision I think it would help with applying rarity to a few carts obviously Motorodeo and Ikari .
  5. Wow you were one of the first buyers =) i didn't hear about them till late 90's .They usually sent a games list with the orders. Thats what i was hoping someone might have. Did you ever order from Telegames or FBE ?
  6. They had mailing List with list flyers. I remember them from Rec.Games.Video.Classic Boards . Like Jerry G and others. Like this 1999 post J.F.S. 4/6/99 We own 1,000,000 Atari 2600/7800 videogames, all games are new and in mint condition with over 40 titles cost is $.80 each + shipping we accept Mastercard and Visa, our site is www.oshealtd.com Thank You O'Shea, Ltd.
  7. Pretty incredible .80 for any cart lol . I Cant even Get a snicker bar for .80 here in Manhattan =P
  8. yes that does help 😃 Many Thanks! i was hoping for the original list from 1990
  9. Hey guys Does anyone remember or have a Pic of O'shea's original Atari 2600 and 7800 games list ? Im trying to Figure out some history here . Wondering also if Famous Brand Electronic Video Kits were Actually Material sourced from O'Sheas horde Also i Had an Original Telegames Flyer from the 90's with their cart inventory but cant find it anymore.
  10. WTF!! I missed everything? so let me understand this? there are 3 airraids with boxes now. Counting the first one for sale on ebay 2 years ago ? + 2 more in last few weeks ?
  11. Hahaha I think im going to have to beg CPUWIZ to put my other cart back together. It will involve soldering and re gluing the label and im way to paranoid to try that. So it sits in a box in pieces waiting for resurrection. I would love to hit a convention up if they ever come to East coast.
  12. I bought the Air Raid because my other one is still laying in a box like a open heart surgery case. Not sure how to go about putting it back together( soldering, glueing so forth) Maybe i shouldnt. Did anyone ever get around to making replica boxes for Air Raid?
  13. He collects rare Atari 2600 artifacts. That is all you need to know. ..Al Whoa artifacts =)
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