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  1. So I worked on Golf last night and today some more. The title screen now looks like this: I learned that MESS widens the TV screen and I needed to make the screenshot 800x600 to see how it would look on a real TV. Went to sleep and got up at 2PM again. Noticed carlsson was having trouble with diagonal movements, so I looked in the code to see how I was controlling movements. It harkened back to the old days of the game where the guy could move anywhere he wanted. So now that he automatically moves, there was no need for a few sections of the code, so I deleted them and diagonal shots work better. Talked with e5frog, and he said that I can make game sizes up to 62k and still have it working. If you gave me a million years, I probably would never make a 62k Channel F game. My golf game is about 3,500 lines of code, not counting the data for the title screen. And right now it's about 5k. Imagine how many lines of code a 62k game would have! I would like to add a song to the title screen, but the theme of the game is hard to write a song to, I mean, what would a golfing song sound like? Could anyone help me with song composing? Just send me a MIDI. Keep in mind though that there is only one note available at a time, so bass and treble at once is a no-go, and neither are chords. I'll see what I can do in the meantime. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15901-more-work-on-golf/
  2. I managed to reach to the end of Fallout Demo without to be killed. Verdict: poor mechanism gameplay. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/56/entry-15900-fallout-demo-completed/
  3. SpongeFox finished the game a few days ago (I was amazed) and after about three nights of solid play for hours I was able to collect the 75 hero tokens needed to take on Oinker, the third baws (boss). At the moment I love playing the Bubsy, Woolie, and Arnold levels with Virgil levels seeming very laborious. I HATE the pick ups in Virgil's levels... currently. I LOVE the boss fights for the second and third boss. LOVE it. . They took a while to get through, but somehow I felt challenged, not frustrated. I liking a lot about the new game. The way Bubsy as a character was presented. The other characters. After flying as the Woolie and seeing such an enjoyable character it just opens so many questions on who these Woolies really are? And more so, the nature of all the Woolies that Bubsy bopped. It is cool that they had a truce between Bubsy and the Woolies in this one. And yes the Woolie was quite helpful in reaching Oinker. Virgil is likable. And Arnold rolling down a corridor... well, I've always been a fan of games like Stun Runner, Gyruss, Tempest, and Tube on the Atari Jaguar. Great fun. I currently have 61% of the trophies, and I look forward to earning the rest. And there are competitive score boards for EACH LEVEL, for maps, and combined scores. I could see me competing against other Bubsy players for a good while. And love the new shirts. . Especially the rock one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So in other news since the release of Bubsy on Metacrtic, Paws on Fire is remaining at around 7.4 to 8.0 as a score. Not bad considering Woolies Strike back after 118 user votes currently sits at a 5.8. Here is some of the activity we've seen on this... There are 68 votes with 18 reviews, so what are those reviews? So that is all there is for now. And make sure to check out the Bubsy Fan Group on Discord! A lot of people have said it is a refreshing group of fandom that reminds people how fandom used to be. I didn't notice that at first, but yes, I think they are right. . Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15899-cruisin-twitter-bubsy-defeats-oinker-may-2019/
  4. So I got to thinking about my Golf game. I attempted to try to put in a title screen while browsing for info on any way to make a black sprite. While I never did find out how, I did run into the bmp2blit program, which basically converts a .bmp image into something that can be displayed with a Channel F. So I tried it. I finally got it to work, but the colors were wrong. I don't know why. After trying to solve this with no luck, I just decided to change the .bmp image to wrong colors so it would display correctly. This is the result. I didn't think a white word would be possible, but there it is. (It's blue in my image.) This bumped it up to an 8k game though. Barely. How frustrating! It's like 4.2 k or something. So I can add a whole bunch of stuff. Perhaps I'll make it an 18 hole course if I can think of that many hole ideas. I'm surprised (and proud) that I got it working without help. Now that I think about it, I'll have to squish the words so they fit on the screen. It's like the TV in wide screen mode cutting off the extreme ends of the words on it. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15898-channel-f-programming-playing-with-the-bmp2blit-program/
  5. Worked half the night to implement new features...More of a push to be accurate to the original. Tons of progress, next release will have more but that is not the exciting news. Came up with an almost automated way of transferring my game for use in my VDD and here are the new pictures on real, physical hardware. I did a test run on a real ADAM, colors are not that bad considering it is not a real raster screen. However, I am able to pick up objects, I bounce and I do not go through walls. So far I see no NMI bugs or tearing. I have one bug in the blue maze but everything works as in an emulator. Who knows if you are impressed or not because I sure am blown away that after 30 something years I am able to create a game for my favorite machine this side of an Amiga. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15897-great-success-the-adventure-continues/
  6. I think we can all agree that Tigervision was an all around okay company, they published some pretty excellent games like Polaris and Jawbreaker, but they also had a few stinkers as well. But apart from their incredibly rare and expensive games and their incredibly terrible games there were a few in the middle that just seem to get no attention whatsoever, games like King Kong, Threshold, and Marauder always seem to fly under the radar. Perhaps there is a reason for that, today let’s just focus on Marauder, and see why this game both succeeds and fails at being an entertaining piece of software. Marauder borrows fairly heavily from room-based exploration games like Berzerk and Venture. There is a small selection of rooms for your little unexplainable blob to run through, all of them are laid out fairly differently and all of them are a different color to help you differentiate them. The game takes place in a top-down perspective so you only see the tops of everybody’s head which makes everybody look like a lump of pixels. When you destroy a robot you will see them fall over spread-eagle, which is rather adorable. Unfortunately this is where the graphics sort of stop, there is another blob that represents a power up and another blob that is your objective, this entire game is made up of six screens and six different flavors of blob. But the graphics aren’t the deciding factor, there are still the sounds and gameplay to go, will they save this bloberiffic game? I sure hope so… If you thought the graphics were lackluster, well… the sounds compliment them perfectly. The sounds consist of several different beeps to indicate gunfire, the ‘Charge’ jingle whenever you destroy the objective or collect the power-up, and that part from ‘Taps’ whenever you die. Correct me if I’m wrong but Marauder shares its entire musical lineup with Custer’s Revenge, what an odd piece of trivia nobody needed to know. Yeah, so far this game has been light on the graphics and light on the sound, again this doesn’t spell disaster, games like Room of Doom knock it outta the park with their gameplay even if the sounds and graphics are lackluster at best. Marauder is basically Berzerk with a bit added in and a bit taken out. All you do is run through six screens to find the power generator and destroy it. Along the way you will be attacked by robots that have a nasty habit of appearing in the walls, they will get faster and smarter as the game progresses. Unlike with Berzerk you can freely move between the rooms, and any robot that you destroy stays dead, this also means that an Evil Otto type enemy is not present in Marauder. Fortunately, or unfortunately the arrangement of the rooms is random and so is the room you begin in, you may start right next to the power generator or you may not be able to find it save your life. There is a power-up that will show up once in a while, all it does is grant you invincibility, so you can have the satisfaction of running through small crowds or robots and watch them fall over. But yeah, that’s it, the game just keeps repeating over and over until you lose all of your lives because the robots have transcended human reaction times. This game starts out so great, it’s a fairly original concept based on an already proven formula, unfortunately it just doesn’t do anything beyond that, eventually you’re going to get bored. It’s worth a play every now and then but there just isn’t enough to keep you invested. It is a thoroughly ‘MEH’ game, what isn’t so ‘MEH’ is the price, since this is a Tigervision game the prices are going to be a bit ludicrous. Loose cartridges are currently listed on Ebay from between 55-130 dollars and boxed copies have sold historically from 70-400 dollars. I’d recommend just sticking to emulating this game or buying a Harmony/UNO Cart. Straight to the Collector’s Zone for Marauder, the game simply doesn’t justify the price. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15894-marauder-tigervision/
  7. Today on Metacritic, there were a lot of opinions given about the new Bubsy game, Paws on Fire. The following was a message from Bubsy on Twitter: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/bubsy-paws-on-fire At the end of the day the game had the following score: And some of you have asked what is my review of Paws on Fire? We'll here is what I wrote: Original blog entry with pictures can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15896-cruisin-metacritic-paws-on-fire-is-smokin-may-2019/ Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15896-cruisin-metacritic-paws-on-fire-is-smokin-may-2019/
  8. In case you're wondering.... I started writing this a couple of weeks ago under the title: "Temporary title". I got used to it, and don't feel like coming up with something else. Every year around this time, for the past... well, it's been awhile, and I'm too lazy to look through my old blog posts... we'll just say several years, I've posted a recap of the Character Animation shows I edit together as part of my job at CalArts. Some random website thinks we're one of the best animation schools in the (insert region here)! And so does Variety! Because if you're going to make a choice of the college you're going to attend to determine the path you're going to follow for the rest of your life, the first resource you think of checking is Variety! (Because they're boffo.) Right. So anyway, here's last year's blog post. Basically, it's the same thing this year, with a few little changes. First, the number of films plummeted this year. From our record high of 192 last year, all the way down to 190. Circle the wagons! We're dooooomed!! Seriously though... I long for the good ol' days when we only produced around 160 films per year. Two years ago. Ah.... memories. Good times. Good times... This year, the Open Show was on April 27th. That's when we ran everything the students turn in. Despite fewer films, the length of the show actually went up by over an hour. 8 hours, and 7 minutes of films. And (unlike Avengers: Endgame) we actually threw a few intermissions in there, so the whole show ran just over 9 hours, start to finish. I'm pleased to report though, that the show went off without a hitch, or any reported deaths. Canon also generously loaned us one of their amazing WUX7000Z laser projectors. The picture quality was absolutely amazing, especially for being thrown over 100 feet to a 20-foot-wide screen, in a space with terrible ambient light issues. The picture was vivid, bright, and had terrific black levels. I didn't take any photos at the show this year, because I was too tired by the time the show rolled around to remember to do so. This despite shaving some 13 hours off of my usual 90 hour work week, thanks to having my counterpart in the Experimental Animation program help me go through and check specs and audio levels on the submitted films (thanks Michael!). Anyway, once that show was done, we moved onto our second show on May 8th - The Producers' Show. This is a faculty-curated "best of" that we show to the animation industry. This year, because the films were a little bit longer, we ended up at only 19 films for an hour-and-a-half show. That's only 10% of the submitted films. Pretty rarified air. This year, we were back at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills (our first time since 2012). This is the theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Yeah - the Oscars. Now, this isn't the theater where they hold the Oscars telecast, but this is where they do a lot of industry screenings and events. So it is a nice theater. We had about 730 people there (not 900, as reported elsewhere), which is about 100 more than we can usually stuff into the theaters we've been in before. But the Directors Guild of America (our usual haunt in recent years) is undergoing renovations, so we had to move. The Goldwyn itself had been renovated recently, and is currently probably the best screening facility in Los Angeles. The sound and picture were incredible. Best of all, the theater projectionist there complimented us on our DCP, and said, "If we were putting it together, that's exactly how we would've done it." Now that's some pretty sweet validation. (We're using DCP-o-matic, which is the best solution we've found to date. And it has the added benefit of being free.) Here's a write up on CalArts' blog about this year's Producers' Show. And here's a write up that Animation Magazine copied from the write up on CalArts' blog. Something not mentioned in either article, nor shown in the dearth of photos available for it, was one of the coolest things to happen that evening. Bob Persichetti, CalArts alum and Oscar-winning co-director of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was the Guest of Honor at the show. Usually, the Guest of Honor gives a motivational speech talking about their work, their time at CalArts, and encourages students to go out and change the world through the power of cartoons. Then they announce our annual awards given to three of the student films as selected by the faculty, Vimeo, and the students themselves. Then the students come up, get handed the award and are congratulated by the guest of honor, and make acceptance speeches in front of some 600 people. But Oscar don't play that. You see, there's a rule at the Goldwyn. You can't hand out any awards there. The only awards that can be handed out at that theater, are Oscars. I think that's where they hand out the Oscars that aren't shown on the main Oscars award telecast. Anyway, when we were there in 2012, we cut out that entire part of the program. The Guest of Honor came up and spoke, but we did nothing about the awards. The students couldn't go up and make any speeches, we didn't announce them, nothing. We just put simple title cards before each film, noting what they'd won (they were also listed in the program). At the time, that's all we thought we could do. This time, we did a little more digging, and asked how fine we could actually split those hairs. As it turned out, the theater was very accommodating. We could introduce the winners, congratulate them, and even let them do their speeches - as long as it was all in the past tense. "So-and-so won the award for such-and-such". We couldn't hand out the awards, but we could say they'd already won them, and they could do their speeches, get congratulated by Bob and the whole bit. So that was pretty cool. But it's not what was coolest. You see, Bob had his own plan. Unbeknownst to anyone. Bob did his speech, introduced the first student winner, and as the student came up to the podium, Bob reached into a bag, and handed them... his Oscar. Each student, in turn, got to hold a real Oscar. Bob's own Best Animated Feature Oscar, which he won for directing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. How's that for motivation? How much trouble we got into for that... I have no idea. The Oscar people take their Oscar stuff very, very seriously. One of the rules they have, is that we can't have any images of the Oscar in any of the official photos for the event. Now, this is already tough enough given that there are two huge Oscar statues flanking the stage. But now, every photo we have of the students on stage also has an actual Oscar in it. So apparently, we can't use any of them. Fortunately, tons of people had cellphones, and were taking their own photos. So I'm pretty sure there are photos out there somewhere. So then... on with the cartoons! As always, many of our student films are posted on Vimeo: 2019 CalArts Character Animation films on Vimeo And of course, I've posted quite a few of them here as well. First up: the films of the 2019 Producers' Show (note: some films may not be online, or may become password protected at some point): 2019 Walter and Gracie Lantz Animation Prize Winner: Walter Lorenzo Fresta 2019 Vimeo Award Winner: Dead End Victoria Vincent 2019 Peers' Pick Winner: Kukuru Julia Rodrigues Spring Herald Curie Lu The Immortal Alex Avagimian Birdboy Sanjna Bharadwaj Do-ji-le? Cindy Yang Chapter One: The Party Ty Wilson Ghost Hunt Valerie Kao Tummi Toys Andrea Reyes Everything is Fine Jason Gabriel (not online) Ticket to Limbo Sinai Hwang hair today, gone tomorrow Rob Gilliam Witches And Their Worries Anchi Shen Taku & Mama Clarisse Chua After School Hanna Kim A Day in the Life Anna Lee French Fly Liam LoPinto Little Kevin Kevin Alters Beyond the Producers' Show, here are some of my favorite films from the Open Show: 888 Tours Jennifer Nye At the Zoo Lindsay Scanlan Campsite Madison Stubbs Evil Villain! Lee Witz Film2019 James Heelis Framed! Aya Kneitner Home Erin McDermott Hungry Yaou Chen Lights On Rayna Buxton On The Road Siti Lu Room for Two Fernanda Haiabe Sonder Jonathan Chen Sword Jingqi Zhang Visitors Chalky Wong http://atariage.com/forums/blog/118/entry-15859-temporary-title/
  9. I'm over 80% of the way to a complete set! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15895-retro-hunting-n64-games/
  10. Rewrote a portion of my pickup routine today. Now, it checks for an object if I already have one in hand so it will drop and save it's location when I auto pickup another object. Moved my object display routine to only show object when I enter a room and not every cycle which should also improve speed. Reduced the size of the player from a 4x4 to a 3x3 square which looks better to me anyway. Tightened offsets. Tightened Collision Checking for my new Directional pickup routine that I am working on. Other than that and a few tweaks here and there nothing major to report. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15893-constantly-coming-up-with-improvements/
  11. I checked my old cds from magazines and I found a demo of Fallout. Since this game was praised by many players, I decided to try it. To play this demo on windows 10, set to windows 95 compatible. Fallout is a game about a desolate world when few people survives. The little village runs by two gangs: fools and crypts. The crypts is the dominant gang because they have a generator for the whole village. Thanks to remind me it's just a demo. Also I can't save or load either. When the game starts, I have to join a gang either Crypts or Fools. Peasants are angry toward you no matter you choose either gangs. Good dog. The problem with this demo is, I always get killed quickly. Either I choose a gang, I can't stay alive for more 10 minutes. I can't leave the village. Yuck! For my first impression: Fallout is not a game for me unless I go further. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/56/entry-15892-fallout/
  12. Good news: I came up with an idea for a one-player Odyssey game. How many of you Odyssey owners out there have cart #7? Because this game needs it. This happened last night. So six2 is on hold for now, again, as I would like to release a one-player Odyssey game. I call it "The Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom." I could just as easily have called it "The Penetrable Fortress of Doom," but that doesn't seem as ominous, plus I like the double i there. Not many game titles have double i's. The only one I can think of is "Skiing." The backstory is set in outer space, near the planet Saturn, where the Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom is. That's all I'll say at this point. It's hard to put batteries in the Odyssey. I wish they could have made it easier to put in and take out batteries. I broke my fingernail trying to do that. Luckily it was at the top of it so I could cut it off without a problem. But geez, I spent what, 5 minutes, trying. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15891-the-semi-impenetrable-fortress-of-doom/
  13. Updated to v9 and free to download. I wish you guys would comment with your bug reports, ideas, thoughts.... Updated preliminary moving and placement of objects. You can now move most objects in level 1 - 3. Map is fixed onto level one for simplicity. 3 keys, magnet, sword, chalice. Place them in any room inside the world, even inside the castles. Leave, go to the other side of the universe, come back and it will be in the exact same spot as you left it. In the Super game that includes ALL 60 rooms, ALL Castles and ALL objects. I want as polished as possible before animating my dragons, bats, gollywoggles or whatever. FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK Attached File(s) Project HERO 5 v9.rom (13.85KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15890-you-know-sometimes-i-amaze-even-myself-han-solo/
  14. I am going to get the overlays done for the Odyssey game I am making. I have the dice, I have the cardboard squares (like deeds in Monopoly) cut out. All that is left to do is get the overlays made, the manual sheet printed out and the boxes bought and then I will be able to send the game out. Each copy will be $20. But I am only making 9 available for sale (ten copies total, but one is for me since I have an Odyssey.) So that's where that is. There was a big thunderstorm today. It's hot in my room again. And I'm sleepy even though I woke up at 2PM (and went to sleep at 9PM last night.) I woke up at noon and went back to sleep on the couch to be with the dog. She apparently hates being lonely. Perhaps I'll sell some of my DS games since all they're doing is being kept in boxes. I don't know. I'm bored. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15889-six-for-odyssey-part-2/
  15. Seems the simpler the program the more I like the result. Atari MUS and OBJ files NOTES: Music File origin: PANDF2R.MUS - entered from sheet music into MMS Control Computer: 130XE Sequencer Software: MIDI Music System by Lee Actor MIDI out: MIDIMAX Sound Source: Atari 130XE (#2) MIDI in: Arduino Software: MONOSNY_1-Byte_Data.ino Monitor output to mixer Software: SINGBYTE.M65 SINGBYTE.OBJ Loaded from ATARIMAX Cart. Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX Mic One input - Atari monitor port FX : #3 MID HALL 1 Recorder: PC - Audacity 2.1.2 File: pandf2.aup Sound Edit - Sync tracks and trim - Pan and fade out Attached File(s) SOPT8.atr (90.02KB) Number of downloads: 0 Prelude and fugue No2 in C Minor.mp3 (5.05MB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/746/entry-15888-sop-track-8-prelude-and-fugue-no2-in-c-minor/
  16. Street Fighter II: The Baddest Brawl Of Them All… Well they were right about one thing.. There was a time a long, long, time ago when the battle for gaming superiority wasn’t quite as one-sided as it is today, the battle between consoles and home computers. Now I’ll admit that I know very little about computers from this era, all of my knowledge stems from the early Commodore and Atari 8-bit machines, not the burly 386, 486, and Pentuim machines of the late 80’s through the 90’s. Around the time the NES gained mainstream popularity ports of popular games were made for PC’s of the time, Contra and Megaman come to mind. These ports were generally considered to be far inferior to their console counterparts, sometimes due to the hardware just not being compatible or because the development was outsourced to smaller developers with fewer scruples. So, it’s 1993 and guess what’s big? Yep, you guessed right, fighting games. Games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were stealing kid’s quarters the world over and home versions simply had to be made. Street Fighter II had an absolute blanket release the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, SNES, and ZX Spectrum got releases to name a sparse few. And while the console versions ranged from good to stellar the home computer versions were generally considered to be pretty bad, and unfortunately we’ve been set up for failure right from the offset since the DOS version, the one we’re looking at today was programmed by U.S. Gold and distributed by Hi Tech Expressions, both of these companies have very splotchy reputations for the quality of their releases. Let’s start where we always do, the graphics. Not good, ooh this is not good. These graphics simply can’t stand up to the competition, the SNES, Genesis, and even TurboGrafx 16 versions simply blitz this. The animation is choppy and slow, the backgrounds are completely static, and the speed at which the game moves is easily half of its console counterparts. At a glance the game seems okay, the characters are well drawn and are accurate to the arcade version but then you start to look closer… The interlude screens and world map are downright silly looking, Chun Li’s eye is half the width of her entire head and she appears to be doing her best impression of the Thinker, and oh my god what happened to Blanca. Sometimes the backgrounds are a bit too vague, there appears to be a naked man in the background of Vega’s stage, look next to the woman in gold. All around this is shaping up to be a big ‘ol disappointment, will the sounds make things better? Or will they only exacerbate things? Oh dear, oh no… You get to choose… Sounds, or music, or complete silence? Each is equally bad, and here’s why. If you choose to simply hear the fighting sounds all your ears will be graced with is the sounds of squeals and farts from the fighters, but you’ll mostly be hearing silence and it doesn’t help that the sounds are abnormally quiet. If you choose the music option you’ll hear the same twangy metallic ‘Genesis’ sounding song throughout the entire game. It’s possible that my version is bugged because there is a music tester in the options menu that has five other songs that I never heard while playing the game. The game does require a sound card to play these wonderful… uh… sounds, since I’m using DOSBox I’m automatically given a Soundblaster-16 so it’s possible that it may sound better or worse on other hardware. But let’s get to where the flaws of this game truly lie… the gameplay. I mentioned in the graphics that everything runs slowly, and I ain’t kidding. The movement of your fighter is incredibly slow and jerky almost like it’s running at half speed, but you know what I’m rather grateful for the slowness. You are given two action buttons, punch, and kick, and you are supposed to do all of the moves that you can do in the arcade game, which had six buttons. There is a reason the Genesis has a six button controller, and Street Fighter II is that reason, the DOS version gives you TWO BUTTONS!! If you were really unlucky you could have been saddled with a one button controller, and yes the game has a control option for single button controllers. Even when playing on a keyboard you are stuck with two buttons, and it is absolutely dreadful. I played this game all the way through, yeah I beat it, barely, and I had the AI as low as it could go with the timer off, and I still had trouble beating the game. No it’s not a difficulty thing the AI is dumb as bricks no matter what AI setting you choose it’s all about frustration, the game simply refuses to do what you want it to… I usually play as Chun Li whenever I play Street Fighter since she’s fast and has one of the easiest special moves, simply mash the kick button a whole bunch of times, guess how many times I activated the easiest special move in the game? Once during a bonus stage, I never got it to work when fighting an opponent and it doesn’t help that both action buttons make her kick so I don’t know which is the ‘kick’ button. This game is a ball of anger and frustration and you will hate every minute of it. You can find copies on Ebay for around 20 dollars, I paid 15 for my own copy, but you really shouldn’t even consider buying it. Just find a download for it on an abandonware website or something and run it on DOSBox if you want to feel the frustration. As an added bonus I will not tell you how to control the game you will have to guess the buttons for yourself, the manual won’t help you since it doesn’t list the controls either, so good luck with that. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15883-street-fighter-ii-dos-us-gold-hi-tech-expressions/
  17. Well, I'm fully back, with a new Web Cam and a Blue Snowball ICE Microphone. I decided to cover Draconian, and the extra bit I found from Al in the box. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15887-im-fully-back-on-youtube-reviewing-draconian/
  18. Mega May rolls on!!!! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15886-mega-may-friday/
  19. Got an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. Implementing it was really hard because it was a case of copying and pasting part of the code of a screen and then adapting it to suit the screen number you are working on. Which took an hour of yelling and cursing and trying to figure out why the button presses weren't working. But I finally figured it out. I do find it quite odd that I'm making a game for the Pokémon Mini that has nothing to do with Pokémon. The last time we left Frank, he was up in the mountains where it was snowing. The snow stopped, but that doesn't mean Frank has it easy. He still has to figure out how to get past this snowman. The solution once you figure it out is quite simple. I wonder what people will think of my game once it is completed (sometime in 2021, probably. But that's okay, it'll be the Pokémon Mini's 20th anniversary). I wonder what people think of it now. I know my snowman looks crappy, but if I were to build a snowman if it snowed and if I were so inclined, it'd probably look just like that. After all, you can't make a perfect snowman. Oh yeah, the solution: bite the snowman's eye. This will cause his head to disappear and you can pass. I tried making it so you can't go under the snowman's base, but I failed miserably and so I'm leaving it like it is now. But he can't go past the snowman until he bites the eye. And Frank does stuff like that with the A button. It's the mutli-purpose button in this game. I could probably make this game for the Atari 2600 if I was a whiz at assembly, like the people who create the amazing 2600 homebrew games now. But I only say that because the game uses one button. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15885-franks-continuing-saga/
  20. got a great deal today. Finally replaced my 5200. Got one in Box 2 controllers. was sold as broken I took it home and cleaned it good removed some oxidation from mother board and it works great. One of the controllers works the other may need a new board but all look nice needs a back door cover. all this for $70. The box is in great shape system is clean and controllers dusty but good as well. Is there a place that sells repro covers for the back? if so where. Thanks still totally stoked Omega http://atariage.com/forums/blog/761/entry-15884-5200-baby/
  21. Received my electric bill for April 15 thru May 15: At 9am this morning my meter showed 293 kWh total of excess solar production had been sent since turning on my panels. The bill shows I was credited for 254 kWh thru the 15th, so it appears they've credited me for most, if not all, of the excess solar. Last year the bills for the same timeframe were $121 for April and $130 for May, so $73 is quite good considering we've had lots of stormy weather and my panels were turned on about halfway thru the billing cycle. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15882-net-metering-active/
  22. If you are a fan of the Bubster, you are probably a fan of cats. I can think of few cats that have meant more to us in recent times than Grumpy Cat. At first in memes Grumpy Cat was thought by many to be male. Nope, actually a female cat. As far as everything goes, a pretty sweet cat. Actually made appearances at conventions and even made at least one Christmas movie which was cute. That is off the top of my head. I am sure there is tons of merchandise that has probably set Grumpy Cat's owner up for life if not through college or something. I'm not doing a wiki entry, just saying what Grumpy Cat meant to me: a cat that bought happiness to me in my grumpy times by being equally grumpy if not more so. And I guess for me knowing she was not really grumpy, just the basic look, made it all more real somehow. And for that I wrote this on Facebook: Link to the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/17/business/media/grumpy-cat-dead.html?fbclid=IwAR0jpta45yM95v18sPZul_0IiBUdK6e7-sW7h7uAXvAUqMUGpeZ2EjiS99o Original blog entry: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15881-cruisin-facebook-grumpy-cat-passes-away-may-2019/ Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15881-cruisin-facebook-grumpy-cat-passes-away-may-2019/
  23. Some people shouldn't allow chickens to go everywhere. There are families who have cats and dogs, you know. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/56/entry-15880-chickens-on-the-loose/
  24. I couldn't sleep so I revamped my Actors routine to match the new Treasures/Objects. So when you enter or leave a room the Actors are left in their last positions. Of course I had to show you the creatures....Nothing you have not seen before, certainly no Super Game creatures or objects are activated. I have to leave something to discover on your own. So, in honor of the end of Game of Thrones I give you three dragons in all their "Hard on the Eyes" Glory. And one bat. Go South and to the West in what I labeled Room #3 on the internal Map. Bumped to r8 Attached File(s) Project HERO 5v8.rom (13.71KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15879-dragons-and-i-dont-mean-the-mother-inlaw/
  25. The title of course has nothing to do with my entry. New update coming soon. As far as I can tell all mapping bugs have been fixed. When I upload the new rom then you tell me what you find. No more going through or getting caught in walls. Kids...This was a huge pain in the %%%. The interesting thing is is when I finished and optimized the check routines it seems so simple. Just like replacing Spock's brain...A child could do it. The great part is that I can use these routines in all my new games coming. Still have to incorporate Diagonal movement and then the new rom will be released. Next will be optimize pick up routine which I plan to have directional pickup. As in pick up from the left then item will be on the right and so forth. Here is a sample of my movement code. NORTH: LD A, 01 LD (DIRECTION_RAM), A LD A,(SPRTBL) SUB A, 02 ; Y Offset LD (SPRTBL),A CALL MAP_TO_SPRITE ; Get Pattern, Wall? AND A JP NZ, WALL_NORTH ; Hit North Wall LD A,(SPRTBL+1) ADD A, 09 ; X Offset LD (SPRTBL+1),A CALL MAP_TO_SPRITE ; Get Pattern, Wall? AND A JP NZ, WALL_NORTH_2 ; Hit North Wall Offset LD A,(SPRTBL+1) SUB A, 09 ; Return X Value LD (SPRTBL+1),A LD A,(SPRTBL) DEC A ; Return Y Value + Move North CP 02 ; Check Screen Edge JP C, GOING_NORTH ; Going North RET WALL_NORTH: LD A,(SPRTBL) ADD A, 03 ; Bounce Player, Return Y Value LD (SPRTBL),A RET WALL_NORTH_2: LD A,(SPRTBL+1) SUB A, 09 ; Return X Value LD (SPRTBL+1),A LD A,(SPRTBL) ADD A, 03 ; Bounce Player, Return Y Value LD (SPRTBL),A RET GOING_NORTH: LD A, 182 LD (SPRTBL),A ; Player to the Bottom LD C, 01 CALL PRINT_ROOM RET http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15878-the-old-porkchop-express/
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