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  1. All in great condition except for a wrinkle on the Kaboom! label. I paid $30 each, will sell for $100 or best offer.
  2. On more detail, they are very light, no way there's an eprom in there. I guess it's an epoxy blobb.
  3. Im not really an Atari 8-bit guy. I like consoles more. I'll put them in the BST and hope they end up at someone how will enjoy them more. @carlsson, yes, I got the from VP, as usual
  4. Not without breaking the label
  5. Hi! I was cleaning out my collection and found these white pirate carts. I googled a little, checked the lists but couldn't find any info. Anyone knows something about them? Company, boxes/manuals, where there any more?
  6. I have on Romox Reusable cart for sale. Boxed and new. Box slightly worn, see images. Bigger image here: Flickr Located in Sweden, worldwide shipping in a jiffy ~$10US. I accept Paypal. /Frax
  7. I wish but 99% sure you are wrong /frax
  8. Im not giving up that easy I'll pay $100 incl. shipping.
  9. Looking for A Game of Concentration, PAL, Boxed and complete in good condition. Cash or trade. /frax
  10. Possible, I thought all ST's had the PS built in?
  11. Here's a picture, the power supply on the right is a normal 1050 adapter (110V).
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