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  1. Smurf, River Raid and Pole Position by Tron. I do not collect NTSC but found these while digging through my collection today. Best fair offer gets them, I really have no idea about NTSC prices. Im in Sweden, Europe and EU but will of course ship anywhere, anyhow using whatever service we agree on. Oh, btw, thats the sun shinig on the R in River Raid, the label is not faded in anyway.
  2. All in great condition except for a wrinkle on the Kaboom! label. I paid $30 each, will sell for $100 or best offer.
  3. On more detail, they are very light, no way there's an eprom in there. I guess it's an epoxy blobb.
  4. Im not really an Atari 8-bit guy. I like consoles more. I'll put them in the BST and hope they end up at someone how will enjoy them more. @carlsson, yes, I got the from VP, as usual
  5. Not without breaking the label
  6. Hi! I was cleaning out my collection and found these white pirate carts. I googled a little, checked the lists but couldn't find any info. Anyone knows something about them? Company, boxes/manuals, where there any more?
  7. I have on Romox Reusable cart for sale. Boxed and new. Box slightly worn, see images. Bigger image here: Flickr Located in Sweden, worldwide shipping in a jiffy ~$10US. I accept Paypal. /Frax
  8. I wish but 99% sure you are wrong /frax
  9. Im not giving up that easy I'll pay $100 incl. shipping.
  10. Looking for A Game of Concentration, PAL, Boxed and complete in good condition. Cash or trade. /frax
  11. Possible, I thought all ST's had the PS built in?
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