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  1. Hi! I'm sorry but I only know where to buy them and, frankly speaking, I'm not into computers anymore. Ask Krupkaj instead, the company selling these cart shells is right under his nose anyway...
  2. 111 prods on Fandal's website and there will be no more. Game over.
  3. I will never get used to losing a friend... :sad:
  4. Why not? i dont know, it was be veeery slowly.. Ask the C64 guys what they think about it. http://home.ica.net/~leifb/commodore/duel/
  5. I inquired about his mental health and he was offended. But I wasn't the only one asking, or maybe it was because someone reported this auction to the administrators, the auction disappeared. Hopefully he learned his lesson.
  6. Sorry, the Megamax-PCB was specialy designed for this Aluminium-Case, an empty Case wont make you happy... "normal" Cart-PCB like the ATARI-ones wont fit. Unless I can also design my own PCB for this case, which makes sense only if there are any empty cases for sale As for the Flash ROMs - PM sent.
  7. How is it related to psychotherapy? Will the kids need it after your Atari shocks them?
  8. Wow! I'd love to use it for programming flash ROMs for my Lynx EPROM cart, for example. BTW: is it possible to buy empty cartridge cases like this one?
  9. I wish you'd come to Fujiama with a bunch of PCBs. They'd surely sell like hot cakes.
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