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  1. Hi Clint. Any new updates on postage to europe on the winner prizes. .
  2. Thank you so much CJ for Flying Shark. I know what i'm doing this afternoon
  3. Cool. Can't wait to check this out with sound. Cheers CyranoJ.
  4. Thanks for all these great ST ports CyranoJ. Loving IK+ at the moment. It would be great to see Oids on the Jag if possible. But what about these games come to mind. Vroom. No Second Prize. (if that could be possible) Defender of the Crown. (spent too much time playing that. sad i know but true) Nebulas Thanks
  5. Cool Thanks Gaztee and Omf. Was not expecting this. Looks impressive has always.
  6. Hi, I have had my copy of the game arrive i was # WL 22 . No problems from them even though the email i used to sign up for it i hadn't used for 2 months. Shocked i still had the email. The price increase it was like a couple of euro's if i remember correctly.
  7. Thank you so much for this CyranoJ. Can't wait to try this out
  8. +1 for me has well. Thanks Gaz
  9. Amazing game. Hard choices music or no music. I can't decide. Oh well have to be greedy and have both versions. Thank you CyranoJ.
  10. No they were all boxed Sky Hammer and Syndicate were still sealed. But boxes r a bit crimpled but whos complaining
  11. Cheers for the reply on zero 5. It works like a charm. Now dont need to keep digging out my ST just to play it. Thanks
  12. Well im a happy chap. Went into my local cash converters and picked up ZERO 5 , SKYHAMMER , SYNDICATE , DOUBLE DRAGON V all for £2.00 each. 1 problem i keep getting red screen on ZERO 5 any ideas on how to check the cart.
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