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  1. I'm just hijacking this thread to state that Tommy Tallarico is a kick ass name Just rolls off the tongue
  2. Just spent the morning polishing the shelf on my entertainment center for the VCS The shelf is so shiny!
  3. Sadly, this event has been going downhill with its inability to attract speakers, and vendors selling video games is probably half of what it was a few years ago. Might have been my last year unless they do something drastic for next year
  4. BadHornet


  5. Please add me. My gamertag is AtariTexas
  6. I had backed it on Indiegogo for a CIB version. Has anybody received their copy? It was supposed to be released back in December, and there have been delay updates......but nothing lately.
  7. BadHornet


    Too many big words in this thread...... I just wanna know if it will play dem vidya games or hee haw reruns
  8. Was always too far from me so wasn't planning on houng
  9. Let me know what you have and price.....loooking for several titles. Must be complete and in reasonable good shape. Thanks!
  10. That guy originally had that Basic Math box at 99 cents to start....then 15 minutes later he edited it to 100 bucks
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