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  1. I checked out the USB ports with a flashlight and everything seems normal, though I do plug in my controller through USB to save on batteries
  2. after 5 days of the xbox working fine the red light has come back and the xbox won't turn on. Any ideas?
  3. This is odd but my xbox actually just turned on...I didnt play it for about a week edit: the power on the brick is now green which is good it says in the instructions...wtf..
  4. My xbox recently stopped powering up. The power "brick" has a red light instead of the usual orange/yellow light. I went to gamestop and replaced the power cord and it worked for about 1 hour and then powered down again and now this power brick has a red light. I tried switiching outlets and it didn't work. What could be wrong with the xbox? I have the original pre-slim 360
  5. lmao, nice retro spin off of the whole "madden prediction" thing they do
  6. I need an N64 and golden eye along with a few other basic games...obviously with a controller, power adapter, and AV cords. Contact me through PM or comment here. I have paypal funds at the ready
  7. anyone selling one of these?
  8. Please close this thread, I purchased the gameboy from someone via private message
  9. Hit me with deals, i can paypal you the money right now.
  10. hey thanks bud, I am legit I left all of my music/movies/ and games on it in case you liked any of it, hahaha
  11. PM me if you are serious about purchasing the iPod
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