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  1. I checked on that monitor today and it's a Sanyo VM4512. It looks to be in very good shape. $30.00. Looks just like this one but with a 12 inch screen.
  2. There's one at a local 2nd hand shop here. Not sure if it's composite or not. I'll check for you tomorrow. I could probably get it for 15-20 bucks.
  3. We need someone like Merlin to do a chemical analysis of the rubber used for the character wheels and devise a solution to soak them in to revitalize them.
  4. I doubt you'll find a new character wheel set that isn't already crumbling. Whatever they were made of has obviously reached the end of its stable lifespan. I ordered one from Best a year or so ago and it was a pain to install. Hours later, when I finally got it back together I printed a line of text and the characters literally smashed and crumbled after just a few lines. It's a shame, too, because I think the 1027s are the best looking printer ever made.
  5. That is one of the problems, you have something that you think looks pretty much as new, de yellow a POS, put it next to the piece you thought looked good and presto, another piece to treat Ooooo... very nice.
  6. Great game. I kinda like the letters inside the blocks. It gives the game a nostalgic typed-in-from-magazine feel. I agree that the blocks drop too fast when you pull down though- I end up dropping blocks by accident.
  7. That was fantastic! Love the hard drive "bell" at the end!
  8. Sure beats anything Atari came out with to follow Adventure. Still a hack at this point...
  9. I have done a little more with it-- most of the rooms and the room matrix are done, as are the sprites. Don't expect anything soon, though. I'll let out some tidbits about the game: Rhindle finds a way out of the kingdom taking Princess Penelope with him and Dot must follow to a new realm. The Evil Magician hides the Princess's Green Palace and the only way to find it is to destroy the Evil Magician. Of course, he can only be killed by means of a magic silver daggar hidden somewhere in this new realm.
  10. There are plenty of tools out there that will convert flash, animated gifs and avi files to screen savers. I have not found a good free one though... Here is an example of one I made from an unregistered program: atariswan.zip Hey, thanks. That looks great.
  11. Whoever can make me an animated pc screensaver of the1200xl ATARI boot screen (with the color cycling effect) would have my eternal admiration, respect and gratitude.
  12. Rotating, like spinning around in a circle? None... though there was at least one demo of such a thing. The 1200XL has a color-cycling fuji logo, if you boot it with no cartridge or disk. Actually, the 1200 screen is a color-cycling word "ATARI" not the fuji.
  13. Admit it, you've secretly clicked on that $169 1200xl on ebay once or twice, haven't you...? C'mon, be honest....
  14. Very cool. Now the forum administrator just needs to add it to the list of fonts available for posts.
  15. http://i.gizmodo.com/5190252/found-18+kara...itality-%252B10
  16. How is this different from Atarimax SIO2PC usb version? Can you do more with it?
  17. 1) The closets, attics & junk colections of the American public. 2) Unfortunately, the landfills... 3) Bob1200XL's basement. What's that on the side of the 4th one from the right? (I'm always curious what mods other folks have done to their 1200xl's.)
  18. Never mind that - where's his garage??? Anyone up for a transatlantic ram raid ? Seriously that is a nice lot. And I thought *I* was addicted Let me know when you go. He's got my 1200xl buried in there someplace. Don't forget to bring your torches and hayforks!
  19. If your eprom still had 4 seconds of Asteroids after burning a different game to it then it obviously did not erase and the new programming simply screwed up the Asteroids code. I presume your burner has a blank check feature? Can you read the eprom from the burner and look into the buffer? If the eprom is indeed blank, the buffer will be full of FF's. If you see anything other than FF, the eprom is not blank.
  20. The PLDs look identical. Which game did you try? Medieval Mayhem. Hmm... that one should be compatible. Did you insert the eprom correctly? With the pixels past and atariage logos facing up, the notch of the eprom should face right (see picture). If it still does not work, you probably don't have the right PLD. Yeah, I've got the eprom on correctly (my pcb is blue and even has an outline of the eprom drawn on it showing the notch to the right). I guess I'll just order another pcb and try it.
  21. The PLDs look identical. Which game did you try? Medieval Mayhem.
  22. Very little danger of that happening. At this point, Rhindle's Revenge is just a bunch of notes on paper and an idea for an Evil Magician sprite.
  23. Is there anyway to tell which pld is which? Here's what I've run into: I recently ordered a 32k pcb and eprom, burned a 32k f4-type bankswitch .bin to it and I know the eprom is programmed correctly because I can read it to my pc and play the game fine on Stella. But it doesn't work on my 2600- I just get wavy multicolor lines and garbage. I'm thinking the pld is incorrect for a 32k .bin. Any ideas what else i can try?
  24. I get the title screen with E:handler installed across the top, but no dos functions displayed. This is on my RAMBO 256K equipped 1200xl
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