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  1. I just finished the Clearpic2 mod on a 1200xl I'm selling and thought I'd give LW a try on this machine-- WOW! Perfect! All of the characters are sharp and solid. No blurring or smudging whatsoever. Does the new Beta address the L1 and L2 light issues for 1200xl's?
  2. Yep - this can be accomplished with the config program but I could write an add-in for "in situ" alerations to the screeen colours. I didn't have high hopes for the clarity of the display through s-video on my LCD TV, but white on blue, black on white and white on black all look pretty readable, especially if I ramp up the "sharpness" setting on the TV. White on black or blue won't look so good on all sets, however, so black text on white or light green on dark green is probably the best scheme in those cases. Yes, please, please do this. Keep up the great work/
  3. I look forward to your thoughts after testing on a real machine. Sadly, my 1200xl just can't seem to crank out a decent enough picture to make the program usable. I tried it with my 600xl which has near perfect picture quality and the characters still get mushed.
  4. The real fun was when you got trapped in the number room along with 3 or 4 dragons!
  5. Glad folks are having so much fun with this. 1. No. As stated, it was made from Warren Robinett's secret message sprite. 2. The dot was made into a crucifix to ward off dragons. (In my original version, all of the dragons feared it). 3. In my original version of the game, there was a way to get into the number room, but not out! I liked the idea of a trap for the overly-curious adventurer. I'm not sure if the entrance still exists in the revised game. 4. I like the idea of an invincible dragon. I also had a secret area of the kingdom that could only be accessed by an elaborate and dangerous use of the bridge. Not sure if that remains in Missadventure Revised. At the time, I was planning a sequel that would incorporate some of these inaccessable areas. As for the different game levels, the truth is I was going to eliminate them altogether but never got around to removing the extra code. Here's my early version of the game so you can see what differences there are in the kingdom. missadventure.bin
  6. Very nice! Where can I get a casing like that, or something like it? I take it they're hard to find... A 1030 modem case would look good, too. http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-400-800-XL-Compu...%3A1%7C294%3A50 Here's another good candidate: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3DLVI%26ps%3D54
  7. If you're willing to do some minor soldering, you can upgrade a 600xl to 64K (same as an 800xl) simply by swapping two RAM chips and adding a few wire jumpers. Search these boards for the how-to. Cost is minimal.
  8. Thanks, but you haven't seen the inside. It's a rats nest.
  9. I've always liked Joust on the VCS even though the other versions, including 8-bit have much better graphics. The flying eggs and extra airspace really add to the gameplay.
  10. Hey, it's been a while and I'm curious to know how things turned out? Any pics of the computer (or yourself- I guess that'd at least give us a hint. )
  11. Personally, if I was going for the absolute kewlest looking installation,I'd GASP saw a second 1200XL case up and make something that looks like a perfect "side car" from it. Put the 1200XL-PBI board inside it, along with my hardisk controller, and mill two perfect "cart slots" in the top... Maybe even graft in cart-slot areas cut from 800XL cases (the ones with the spring-loaded polished aluminum "doors")... Oh, oh, I think Guitarman still has one of my 1200xl cases... Anyway, payment sent for my bare pcb. Thanks for all your effort in offering things like this.
  12. Rats. The lcd monitor at my office (where I really had hoped to use this) really screws up the characters. They get smudged to the point of being unreadable. Is there any way to change the background/text color combinations? It seems like a light background with dark text (like the menu bar) is much clearer.
  13. Garage door fixed! I immediately booted up LW and though I've only typed a few sentences on it, I must say this is absolutely the best thing I've seen yet for the 8bit! I love the title screen. The font looks great. One interesting thing-- once the program started both the L1 and L2 lights on my 1200xl lit and stay lit. Hopefully, I'll have some time later tonight to really get into it. Again, FANTASTIC WORK!!!!
  14. Wow! I can hardly wait! THANK YOU for your work develping this. With an efficient 80 column display, I may actually start using my 1200XL to type letters at my office just for fun.
  15. That would go nice set alongside a giant VCS-shaped sofa and cartridge-shaped coffee table.
  16. I guess I do have one small request for anyone using my concept: that you keep the princess named "Princess Penelope". That was the name given to her by my daughter, for whom I created the hack. She also named the small dragon "Squeak".
  17. I find it difficult to believe that any were actually retrieved from dumpsters and returned. Think about it: First, from what has been said above, they wouldn't have had cases and if they did, they would most likely have been incomplete or damaged by the time a dumpster diver got it. Second, they wouldn't have had boxes, instructions, etc., let alone a receipt. No retailer back then would was going to accept a return for something that expensive with absolutely none of the items that would have been sold with it. Third, if retailers had taken any back, where did they go? I would think that at least some would have surfaced by now. That a few prototypes may have been snagged before destruction by Atari employees, I can easily believe that. The other tale, however, seems just that, i.e., pure urban legend.
  18. Here's the label I made for my original one-off eprom cart. The image is copyrighted so it really can't be used, but I love the look.
  19. I just found a neat little 1200xl icon and because my mother taught me to share, here it is:
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