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  1. No at my bank TD Bank north, it's an automatic thing there is no option to not have overdraft protection. It sounds to me like a form of forced credit. Like I said before if they did it once and then refused future payments then I would say okay my bad, but to keep accepting payments and charging 35 dollars over and over again seems criminal. They did take off one surcharge and 20 dollars in daily late fees, boy they are sports. I found out that when my bank merged or changed hands a few months ago they changed their policies. The irony is, I opened a special account just for Paypal because I was scammed by a woman from the Philipines on eBay and Paypal raped my savings for 6 months until it was resolved. Now I am getting it at both ends. What annoys me is I am very careful with money right now. I am not working and most likely won't be until the Spring (if I am lucky), so here I am racking my brain to save money and I end up spending almost 5 times as much just in fee's. I'm a big boy and I know life isn't always fair, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!!!!
  2. I know how ironic, I just installed the Japanese version last night and today I can get USA version. BTW the game is A W E S O M E !!! Of course, I love the old school Castlevanias, so I am biased. I even played the original GB game this one is (very loosely) based on. I actually fought through the annoying eye balls once already!!
  3. Agreed. If your back used to return "NSF" to Paypal, but now lets the withdrawal go, then there's no way Paypal would know to charge your chard. So it's not their fault. I could see charging me once, but they kept letting charges go thru all week happily taking their 35 dollar cut each time!!! I really feel like these people hit me when I am down. Money is tight for me right now and I really planned had to plan out my purchases this year. Now I feel like I might as well of gone on a spending spree since I ended up paying a mint (alot of money to me now) in fees. It's really not fair. I know there is nothing I can do now, but I will never forget this.
  4. Today I received a bank statement telling me I owed the bank a couple hundred dollars and I would be fined for each day I didnt bring my account back up to 0. I ordered a bunch of small items totaling around 40 or 50 dollars just before Christmas. Paypal usually just takes whatever out of my checking account which I have just for paypal and charges the rest to my credit card. Instead every single charge was made to my bank account (which had like 50 cents in it) and on top of that my bank charged 35 dollars for each charge and a daily fee (that started on the 21st). What the hell is this? Why all of a sudden is this happening? So now whenever I pay for something with Paypal I have to have the cash in this checking account? I was quite shocked and I really didnt need a surprise bill today especially since I had to go to the bank and give them money I dont really have for basically nothing! Is it me?
  5. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you did I say thank you? thank you!!!!!!
  6. lol I think it is pretty safe to say NO!! If it was done, it would be a big blue mess.
  7. If you dont have Darkside Chronicles yet (it came out last month) it's awesome and you can get 20 dollars off the price if you order today at Amazon (deal of the day), it's bad day/time for most people, but I thought if someone was thinking about a new Wii game, this is one of the best of the year and for this price it is even better!
  8. I wanted one of these drives so bad back in the day... I would love to buy it if I had the extra cash. It's would look great in any Atari 8 bit collection. It's the ultimate 400/800 style drive. The Indus looks so cool next to an 800xl, but this with 800 has a charm too.
  9. Gamestop gift card, value is $25. It would make a good gift. Free Shipping or I can scratch off the # for you and send it to your email. $22 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320466098071
  10. Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong. Wouldn't a used Nintendo DS with a flash card be better, cheaper, more durable, and last longer as far as their interest goes?
  11. Check out NOVA. It just got released and is getting very positive reviews. Some say it's HALO for the iPhone. It certainly looks like it... Nova is awesome. It's like a cross between Halo and Metroid Prime, but the real nice thing is the controls and overall presentation. Two qualities most iPhone games seem to lack.
  12. The weird thing about Castlevania Rebirth is that it is already released for a month or so in Japan, but no North American/Euro dates. Contra Rebirth is good. The Frogger one is good too altho it's not called Rebirth. I feel like I've been waiting for Gauntlet DS and Castlevania Rebirth Wii forever. I hope one eventually sees the light of day. I waited for Sinistar on the Atari 8bit for 5 years back in the day, and you could say I am still waiting for it now!!! lol so these things do happen.
  13. NOVA is a first person shooter for the iPod. It controls really well, other FPS's have gotten close to this, but it's auto targeting and graphics make it play really well too. It's not original, sort of a Halo meets Metroid Prime FPS, but it's fun and it looks and sounds cool, it's the best non puzzle/retro game I think I've played. Certainly the best FPS on a portable platform I've played in terms of overall graphics/funness see trailer here:
  14. My best of Wii 2009 New Super Mario Brothers Maramusa the demon blade boy and his blob Need for Speed Nitro Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Resident Evil Exinction Runner ups Conduit, Call of Duty Reflex Wii Ware Bit trip series except not the second one
  15. Um.. only you "fail", good sir. Uncharted 2 won GOTY, and it deserved it. And Ghostbusters was horrible. If Batman AA didn't even get an award, why the hell would Ghostbusters? And who talks like this, seriously? What did Ubisoft do, rape your mother? Ghostbusters was horrible? are you serious... personally awards and lists (especially video game awards on tv?!?) don't do much for me and inspire very minimal caring. I think Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Brothers should of won everything, and yes I think Ghostbusters was a really good game too. Megan Fox is pretty hot, I think she gets a award regardless of what she did. I mean really, if she showed up to the awards that is +1 right there. As far as games that don't require sight there is a bit generations game for the GBA that is like that. You use headphones, I can't remember the name of it... it's the only one I can think of.
  16. this is so not a fair fight on so many levels. In terms of power, support and longevity the Amiga is far superior, but it's like a big kid picking on a little kid!
  17. There is no continuing story per se, so don't worry about it.
  18. I don't know if you should take this thread to heart. I found Hyper Asteroids 64 on the N64 to be an awesome game. I think it depends on what you are expecting from an Asteroids remake. It gets crazy fun in the later stages, I would consider it especially since it is under 10 dollars now. Since we are talking about remakes, try Robotron 64, A W E S O M E, up there with Tempest 2000. Defender on the PS2/Gamecube is okay, but it lost alot of the original in my opinion, reminded more of a better Cybermorph or something like that, but still I liked it too.
  19. I want a new game where you play Tiger woods and get to sleep with women all over the world and have to get away from your Swedish hot wife with a 3 iron trying to kill you while high on Vicodin and Ambian cocktail. NOW THAT's A GAME ABOUT TIGER WOODS I WOULD BUY!!! Oh it better make good use of motion+ controls!!
  20. Time Splitters FP, is awesome, but I'm sure the kid doesn't want a game that old. I don't consider Metroid Prime a FPS, but it's close and it is the best game of it's type on the Wii. If you don't have it, then it's a must have regardless. Conduit and COD MW:reflex are both good but nothing that will blow you away.
  21. No doubt about the Wii winning that's for sure. Not so sure about your second prediction though. In spite of a new slim design and a new super cheap price tag, the 360 still outsold the PS3 (In the US anyways) I also don't think the PS3 will be in production as long as Sony originally said. I still remember all the BS Sony fed gamers before the PS3 launched. They failed to impress on every single front. The 16 years they said the PS3 would be supported was a lie. My prediction, In a couple years MS will release the Xbox 720 and a year later Sony will release.....The PS4 *yawn* (They'll charge to play on the Sony network by then...just you watch) Time will tell. I'm old, so I remember when it seemed like the Genesis had beat Nintendo, but somehow when the Genesis seemed old and clunky the SNES kept going part way into the next generation. I realize there were other factors at play back then, but the PS3 has the potential to do the same thing. I think price is playing a big role in what people are buying due to the economy as well. We will know soon enough. Luckily I don't have money invested in any of the 3 companies, so it's fun to watch the whole scene play out. I end up playing most of the great games for every generation sooner or later, so it's win win for me!! lol I really hate Microsoft and always have, though. It stems from the Amiga/ST days. That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy a 360 or don't have Vista running on my laptop.. In the end, I love the games not the companies. If the fun games for me are on whatever platform I don't care who makes it.
  22. Wow, I totally agree with the above statements. Even though the Wii is "slowing" down in its sales, it is still selling more than the 360 and PS3. I love all three systems for different reasons, but feel that sometimes the Wii is epically kicked around. The Wii has plenty of life left, and feel that the best is yet to come. There is one thing you can't dispute. Love it or hate it, the Wii won this generation regardless of well the 360 or PS3 does. I could see the PS3 making a late comeback, since it will be on scene the longest and likely be the least expensive, but the Wii will win regardless it's just a matter of by how much.
  23. This is a good deal for 11.99 with free shipping. The Conduit is worth this bargain price if you don't have it also would make a cheap present. Here is the link (Buy.com) http://bit.ly/7jCV00 Get it while supplies last.
  24. the 4.2 update on the Wii killed out of region support on all the mod chips.. I wouldn't be surprised if 2010 mod chips correct this, but for now softmodding and using a loader is all there is for loading out of region cube and wii titles if you upgraded the system to 4.2.
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