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  1. 20 dollars is a good offer, considering you can buy a similar product brand new for 8.41 with free shipping. It says USB in the title, but this is a par part flash cart: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25752
  2. I've gotta set this up. Does it run at full speed with good sound? I want it mainly for K-razy Shootout, Donkey Kong and Jumpman/JM jr
  3. it's on my top games of the year (along with Bioshock and COD MW2) and all time. It proves what was once awesome can still be awesome forever.
  4. what got me was Sal thought George Washington was the president during the civil war and Custer was the president of the Confederacy but somehow he knows about an obscure Atari 2600 game lol the guy is a total freak and yet somehow he is successful in life and has a dream job making phoney phone calls... There is a lesson to be learned in there someplace, but I don't know what it is.
  5. I remember calling the guy who first figured out how to program the 835/1030 modem from basic, he was the same person who wrote the AMIS bbs program and he was from Michigan, but I cant rem his name. He was pretty annoyed a 10 year old kid was bugging him, but there was something I couldn't figure out from his bbs listing and I needed his help. I also remember calling the Analog offices to figure out how to get a pure 2600hrz tone from the Atari 8bit, but what I didn't know is that trick was outdated even in the early 80's. I wrote a couple different war dialers for the 1030 modem (the 835 was not capable of tone dialing!). I even remember writing a rudimentary brute force hacking program that would continually log onto Compuserve and try to hack out passwords. Later I turned my hand relatively legal modem fun with bbs programs and especially loved the Modrona Marsh bbs which even stored it's most used files in the extra memory above basic or whatever it was as a mini ram disk and had self deleting code in basic which I thought was awesome back then because everything would run on a 130xe with ramdisk and you could use all other storage for "warez." The sysop of Modrona Marsh BBS in Torrence,CA wrote a great tutorial on programing the 1030 modem's T: handler for Antic magazine if you care to look it up. Anyway, we used to call all over the country without a care and trade passwords, codez, and even make conference calls to trade info without a thought for the poor saps who would later get the bill. I can only imagine where all that would get us nowadays (probably a jail sentence!!), but those were innocent times. How else could we destroy the Atari 8bits market in the US if we didnt call around to download the latest games and later many games that never saw the light of day in the US anyway. Those were different times. Phreaking kind of died out in the later part of the 16 bit age. By then bbs's even pirate ones were prevalent everywhere and many of the pirate groups of today started during the Amiga/ST era so things were organized and got around. The rise of Usenet and the internet in general in the early 90's started working against bbs's too.
  6. It's one thing to say "Call of Duty Modern Reflex on the Wii suffers graphically compared to the xbox360/PS3 version of the same or very similar game", because regardless of how well done the graphics are on the Wii they will be in a lower resolution and the game is available for both systems. If you have a Computer/360 or PS3 you would be better off getting that version. It's another thing to say when reviewing an Wii exclusive game that it's graphics suffer for being on the Wii, or somehow compare it to the non existant PS3/360 title. I know exactly what the OP is talking about because we expect a certain fairness in reviews and with the Wii many times you get this cynicism and sometimes downright bias so often that you get sick of it regardless of how you feel about the platform. My take on the Wii bias: I admit, despite enjoying my Wii I havent found a FPS for it that blows me away (I don't consider Metroid Prime 3 a FPS btw). I would much prefer to play Bioshock and COD MW2 (my 2 fav recent FPS's) than Conduit or COD MW reflex. I find Need for Speed Nitro is fine for my racing fix, and I still play my Wii more than any other platform (both actual Wii games and lately I get a lot of my retro fix through the convenience of the virtual console). The truth is New Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, Boy and his Blob, Maramusa the demon blade and others are all on the top of my list of (along with Bioshock and COD MW2) best games of the year. They are all great games that stand up on their own in playability and graphics. I play on a HD screen and I don't feel cheated although I wish Ninty kept up with it's competition in terms of cpu/gfx horsepower this gen I don't feel left out with the Wii at all, because while the Wii doesn't get Resident Evil 5 it gets games like Marmausa which don't find their way onto the other platforms. The problem with most reviewers in a nutshell is that they don't actually play the Wii. they've given up on the console because "it's obviously inferior" so when they review a new game, they get hung up on the non HD graphics and different control schemes. It's not what they are used too. The fact that many reviewers grew up only using the Playstation-style analog controller makes their bias even more extreme. I've been through it all from the Atari joystick all the way up to now, so I can adapt to almost anything (except the Intellivision). hell back in my day we had cue balls and dials as controllers and we didnt complain :-) The irony of this whole deal is that many more of the Wii games will stand the test of time and still be played many years from now while most of the 360/PS3 titles will not.
  7. There actually is a turn based read along book adventure game for the DS. You need a flash cart to run in, but it is really well done. I can't for the life of me think of the name of it... EDIT: I just found it, it's called "Flight from the dark" I attached an image.
  8. Thanks for the input! I have been watching this game for the DS and it looks awesome! Something to fill the void after I finished the excellent (in my opinion) "Orcs and Elves DS" AdeptRapier I liked Orcs and Elves as well, but in my opinion this game is much better. The 3d engine is smooth like a FPS. It really reminds me of Elder Scrolls, which I happen to have installed on my Mac so it makes for an easy comparison. If you like Orcs and Elves it's a no brainer, you will like Fighting Fantasy too.
  9. I picked up Fighting Fantasy and it is really good. If you like Elder Scrolls Morrowind for the PC this is a clone of that game. I find it easy to control, it's faster than the older pc game (2002'ish) and it's more fun to play on a handheld IMO. The 3d graphic engine is very impressive for the DS as well. I thought I would let you know because I haven't heard too much about it. I heard somewhere someone said it bad controls, this is not true it controls fine and seems to be at a higher frame rate than the Elder Scrolls game on the PC! I like this typ eof RPG and if you do, and you have a DS get it.
  10. When you speak of R4 are you talking about the one for Nintendo DS if so I would recommend this http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.15613 I have this and it works great, if not can you explain what R4 is I second the DSTT in the above link. It's perfect for the DS or DS light and with the latest firmware it runs everything you throw at it + it's super cheap!!! Of course nothing is running the new Zelda game yet, but I predict by the end of the week there will be a patch for it.
  11. ' it's not bad, it's one of those games that reviewers spend too much time complaining about the Wii not having the graphics capabilities of the PS3/360. If you like this type of game it's worth a rental.
  12. Right that makes sense for sure. Can you post the link to some of these reviews so we can read them also? I would like to see who reviewed them. just look up almost any Wii review...
  13. Also a general agreement here with the original poster. However, I disagree with the comparisons across platforms statement. It's been done for as long as the console fan first proclaimed one system to be better than all others and why. Usually over ports -- because you at least then have something apples to apples like -- but not always. I have no problem comparing a game that is available on the 360 or PS3, but why take a Wii exclusive title and bring up those platforms at all? Conduit isn't avail for the PS3 but it receives only a lukewarm positive review with the caveat if you have a 360/ps3 you can do better... okay even that has some merit, but you can't read a wii review whether it's multi platform or not without a mention of the Wii lacking HD support.
  14. it's good on both systems. I played it on the DS and liked it, but I like a lot more games on the DS and would be more likely to have it with me. I think in your case the decision should be whichever platform she carries around with her. If she always has a PSP in her pocketbook, then that would probably be version she would play more often. If she carries an iPhone or Ipod touch there is a game for that system called Gangsta which is very similar too.
  15. I agree with the OP. I gave up on taking Wii reviews at face value a long time ago. I have a Wii, I am a hardcore gamer, I have a ton fun with it and that is a fact. The new Resident Evil game is awesome and the graphics are good and I dont even like on rails shooters! Sure, it looks like Resident Evil 4 not 5, but like you say since when do you compare across platform lines especially with games that aren't even available on the xbox or the ps3!!! There is a Wii bias because kids see it as a kiddie or old persons platform. This is something Nintendo needs to address with their next console or they are doomed to fall in the same pattern they fell into last time they were on the top of the video game heap. The line regarding reviewers unfairly critisizing Wii games without taking the time to learn the control scheme or in some cases go into "options" and change settings shows you how biased they are and little time they put into writing their Wii reviews.
  16. you aren't the only one. I like Asteroids for the PSX although I prefer the N64 version (no load times) once you get the hang of the power ups and the way the game works it's addicting.
  17. I was going through the Turbo Grafx section of the Virtual Console. They seem to have a ton of TG16 games, almost all of my favorites (Galaga 90!) but why no Legendary Axe games? What is the deal with this glaring omission? Does anyone know if there is a reason they are not available?
  18. I thought I would post a note about the new game in the Bit Trip series: Bit Trip Void. First of all obviously I am a fan of old school games so I am the type who favors gameplay over graphics and is open to new ideas even if they are old ideas wrapped around a new concept. Basically I am the type of person these games are aimed at. You most likely fall into this category too. I loved some of the Bit Generation games on the GBA especially Dotstream!, I loved the first Bit Trip game Bit Trip Beat with it's cool paddle like remote control etc.. but I have to say the last one Bit Trip Core was only okay. It didn't do much for me except cause great frustration. I did not like the control scheem either.. It just wasnt for me. I decided to take the plundge with bt void this mornin and it is really fun. It's still for me not as good Bit trip beat, but if beat is a A+ Void is a A- the control uses the remote/numchuck or remote/classic controller. I used the numchuck scheme and it is intuitive and fun. The game is well worth the 5 bucks if you like minimalist games. I coudl go on but its hard to really convey much about a game so simple except how it makes me feel and you know that by now. Between this game and Startropics (this NES rpg is totally new to me, so it's a real treat play "new" classic nintendo game) not to mention Resident Evil DC and New Super MArio Bros my wii fix is sated for the rest of the year!!!!! Now if Castlevania Rebirth would just get a North American release I could die happy, well I need to live long enough to play it too,.... but you get the idea!!
  19. There are streaming video solutions for the Wii. They will allow you to stream from your computer (so basically anything on your pc/mac like hulu or various other network sites) or just copy downloaded or converted files on your wii (anything DIVX/XVID) from a sd card. Youwill need to install the homebrew channel first. I agree it's too bad Nintendo doesnt cut a deal with Hulu or Netflix so we can have free legal videos on the wii it seems like a wasted oppurtunity. Just a thought, but if you could get the Wii to go thru a UK proxy server you could use iplayer, but I suppose you would still need to install the homebrew channel to get iplayer on your wii anyway...
  20. A guy I know kept complaining whenever he played the pc game Prey he would get motion sick. Granted Prey does have you walking on ceilings and what not, but that wasn't the problem . I went to his house one evening and I immediately knew what the problem was his computer was too slow. The frame rate was fast enough to make it playable btu slow enough so that it would cause motion sickness. This is probably why the game on the PS3 doesnt give you any problems since it surely runs at 30 or 60 fps. The Xbox probably cant sustain the higher frame rates and so you get the motion sickness. As far as refresh rate, I am have very sensitive eyes and too much flickering (even if it's imperceptible) will give me severe head aches, but no naseua. My advice, sell the game and get something else for your xbox. You can play it on your PS3 anyway.
  21. I've read in a couple different places where the author puts down Mario Kart double dash as the weak link in the franchise. Was this the general feeling at the time of the Gamecube release? By the time I had a Cube Double Dash had been out for a while, but it was one of my fav games for the Gamecube. In my opinion there are a lot of reasons to be bitter towards the GCN platform but Mario Kart is not one of them. I was just wondering what other people thought. That said, I think Mario Kart Wii is better, but it's not as much of a leap as Mario Sunshine to Mario Galaxy! In a unrelated note: is it just me or are the Gamecube courses in the Wii game easier? The enemies seem slower to me. Maybe I am faster, but I doubt it.
  22. This auction ends Sunday evening. I will throw in a free PS1 game if you win and tell me you are from AtariAge :-) THE RED STAR
  23. huh? it's this game is not a FPS although it is 1st person perspective and you do shoot things come to think of it, but normally in FPS's you control the movement.
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