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  1. yea..it didn't seem like that good of an idea to drop the ST to me either. The only reason that i did it is that i had read of that fix before. heard it refered to as "the atari drop".. i read of something else called "the atari twist" too, but there wasn't really a very good description of that one. I tried turning it on without the monitor hooked up and still, only the lower left led lights up. I have one disk that happened to be in the machine when i got it. it is "Micro League Wrestling match disk" could this disk be bad, or will this machine boot without a disk? maybe the disk drive is dunzo? I live in Central Maine, but i am in Seacoast NH for the weekend. If there is anyone in this general area that might be interested in taking a look with me, i'll be more than happy to drive to meet or something. it sucks, i bought 3 computers, a //e, a Franklin Ace 1000, and this ST. the only one i was actually interested in is the ST. Go figure huh?
  2. well...no RF...i even pulled it apart slightly and looked under all that steel shielding to see if there was one hiding somewhere behind the case. nada.. next i held it about 5" above the very short carpet on my porch, and let er' drop. no change. just for good measure i took it out to the garage and held it about 6" above the cement floor. again, let er' drop. really loud satisfying "electronics hitting concrete" noise, but still no change. One of the computer techs that i talked to offered me the opinion that it might have a bunk monitor? does that sound like it may be accurate? is there any reliable way to test an SC1224 without another working atari computer? a working //e looks pretty impressive next to a broken 1040STf =)
  3. Hello all...I picked up a 1040STf with a SC1224 monitor today for almost nothing. i'm primarily a cartridge loading, gaming console collector, and have never used an ST before so i don't really have any idea what i'm doing with it. I plugged in the monitor and the computer and turned it on. The lower left hand light glows red and the monitor displays skinny vertical rainbow colored lines, but nothing else. if i pull the monitor cable most of the way out of the back of the computer, the lines change to red and black "ghosty" squares. If i press the reset button the screen goes black for maybe a half second and the bars come back as soon as i let go of the button. I spent the afternoon calling local pc repair joints, (all of whom think i'm out of my mind for even attempting to run this bad boy) but no one had any info for me. many thought the ST was a videogame console. please tell me that its something stupid and simple, like operator error, and not a fried video card, or guide, or whatever it is that runs the video in this machine. thanks in advance for all your help, i can't wait to get this up and running
  4. Alright guys, I've found a little stuff about this, as wierd as it may be.. apparently what i have is a 3rd party Satellaview Clone..but at some point over the years someone for whatever reason put NOA stickers on the bottom of this machine including S/N and the NOA 800 number..I called NOA again and after finally getting them interested enough to let me talk to a supervisor, had them run the S/N that is on the bottom and it came back as an 8 bit NES that was produced in Aug. of 87'..(N18811020)...so. for whatever reason, someone peeled the stickers off of their NES and applied them to this 3rd party Satellaview...i guess that i'll just pack this baby up and put it in the box with my Super Fami Satellaview and chalk it up as 2$ well spent =).....It still baffles me as to why someone would go so far out of their way to make this Satella Clone look like a US unit..Wierd stuff huh? Thanks for all your interest
  5. I'm sure that some of you are familiar with the Satellaview for the super fami....I was at a rummage sale the other day and saw what appeared to be a Satellaview and decieded to pick it up...i saw that it was shaped differently and was slightly darker grey than the super fami unit..(more like snes grey)...i paid 2$ for it without the L shaped power adapter and without the BS X cart...but i brought it home and low and behold, it fits nicely underneath my snes and plugs right into the SNES "EXT" port on the bottom. this piece of hardware is obviously designed exclusivly for the SNES ...now obviously without the power adapter and without the BS X cart, i haven't been able to get it to do anything except baffle me and everyone that i tell about it...this is where it gets sorta wierd...I googled it and, nothing...ebay, nothing..other gaming strings, nothing....then i called nintendo of america, (as they were nice enough to put their 800 number on the bottom of this piece of hardware), and they told me that what i was describing to them didn't exist anywhere...they were able to give me plenty of info about the japanese satellaview, but according to them, there was never a US unit developed. does anyone know anything about this thing? I'm going to borrow my buddy's digital camera within the next day or 2 and i'll try to post images if you're interested. I was going to put this up for auction on ebay, but the more that i look into it, the more that it looks as if i've stumbled upon a priceless, one of a kind piece of vidgame history...Thank you all for your time and insight...maybe you can help shed some light on this peculiar piece of hardware.
  6. I have a Sears Heavy Sixer and looking around at various S/N posts i haven't been able to find a S/N that is lower...i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the S/N means or if it gives any clues about manufacture date or if its just a #..the S/N is 00532 S by the way...just curious i guess.. Thanks for any pertainant info
  7. I have an extensive mid 80's to present day console collection but just recently started collecting earlier things so i'm not too familiar with Atari's yet...i just picked up my first heavy sixer the other day for 5 bucks and it works beautifully..i was wondering if i were to go digging for my box of Sega periferals would i be able to use a Genesis controller on my new 6 switch..... Thanks for your time...
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