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  1. Same here. Can't wait for a cartridge.
  2. Has something changed with Tapatalk? I can't seem to get any forum updates in the app since yesterday evening.
  3. The Closer To Home collection has Atari Toons as an ATR file, along with example .SHO animations: ftp://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Closer%20To%20Home%20Archive/Magazines/ABBUC/267.zip And fwiw, I wrote a blog about this last month.
  4. Gozar, seems some of my Textile coding in an entry from last fall was breaking the feed. I use the NewsBlur newsreader, which I guess is more forgiving of broken feeds, and everything looked normal there. Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the feed and it now validates. I don't know how long it will take for Feedly to update, though.
  5. Weird. I don't use feedly, so I'll have to investigate. Have you tried re-subscribing?
  6. Wanted to resurrect this thread because I've posted some ATASCII animations on my blog. In 1985, ANTIC Magazine published Mat*Rat's "Atari 'Toons" program, then asked readers to enter an animation contest. The winner would receive a 1200 baud modem. The video captures I made show the winning animations from ANTIC's contest, as well as two example animations created by Mat*Rat himself. The Atari 'Toons program allowed users to customize the ATASCII character set. The image above uses such a modified character set.
  7. Charlie, Can you describe how you configured remserial? I have used different tools on my Mac to do something similar (basically tcpser + socat), and it worked, but there were a number of problems. So I'm wondering if remserial might work better. --Josh
  8. Hi all. Anyone have a Lantronix UDS-1100 they're not using? Give me a holler, I'm looking for one. --Josh
  9. I had never heard of Another World until I learned about this project. Unfortunately I was too late for the first run, but I got my name on the second run list. I still have never played the game, so my first experience with (I hope) will be on the Jag. Imagine my surprise when this popped into my podcast feed the other day: http://retronauts.libsyn.com/retronauts-pocket-episode-17-another-worldout-of-this-world A Retronauts episode entirely about Another World. Too bad they didn't mention the Jag port, but still it was an interesting show. Made me want the Jag cart even more!
  10. Kirkman = me. I think I posted a question about Fido archives there, which is probably why you were posting that reply. --Josh
  11. This is pretty epic. I love it. BTW, Doc, would you consider a link to the BiC LoRD article rather than Wiki-delete-BBS-game-articles-pedia?
  12. Thanks for your compliments! Yeah, I've been surprised to learn about all the more recent developments for the Jag. I wasn't able to get in on the first round of "Another World," for example, but I hope they'll do another.
  13. I was 14. My dad had taken me on a trip to ToadFest in Maryland in November, where I got to try the Jaguar. Little did I know he and mom were working to obtain one for us.
  14. We got the Jag for Christmas in 1993. All my other old computers are gone, but the Jaguar remains. And it's been rediscovered by my kids! http://breakintochat.com/blog/2013/11/21/happy-birthday-atari-jaguar/
  15. Benj Edwards posted this scan of an old advertisement ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Jaguar's retail launch in NY and SF, which is this Friday.
  16. Don't forget about the Internet Archive. Jason Scott has been tossing terabytes of magazines, books, and other scans into IA for permanent storage. There are a ton of magazines here: http://archive.org/details/computermagazines. If you have scans, I urge you to send 'em to Jason. The IA will make sure they are easily accessible to the world and for all time.
  17. Yes, I linked to your board and others at the end of the "Remembering Assassin" blog post. But even more interesting, the "C Monster" must have found your board sometime in the last few months. Just a day or two ago I encountered him in the Dark Force Assassin game, and proceeded to kill him. --Josh
  18. Earlier this year I finally managed to track down Kevin MacFarland, author of the Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin." Thought you guys might enjoy my interview with him. Back then he went by the handle "C Monster." I also wrote up a blog post remembering Assassin. If anyone else remembers the game, I encourage you to leave a comment on the blog! (And, as I mention in the blog, you can still play Assassin today on Dark Force, The Grove, and Starfleet HQ BBSes.)
  19. I just checked it out. Very cool to see another new (old) BBS, especially one running a newer version of Space Empire Elite than I had ever played.
  20. It was a treat to see you had replied to me! I'm a big fan of your blog, particularly your Atari and Apple anecdotes. I grew up on Atari STs given to my family as hand-me-downs and have always loved all things Atari.
  21. Pretty cool to see TOS included! But this statement struck me as a reach: I don't think Apple took any cues from the Atari ST. Most of their stuff was either original or inspired by work at Xerox PARC.
  22. Just got a PM from him. Looks like my cable should arrive this weekend. That would be perfect timing since I took some time off from work to recover from a medical procedure.
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