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  1. It looks really good. You've given me a reason to dig out the keyboard controllers when I unpack at my new place. All the mentions of Activision got me thinking, do you have enough cycles (or whatever it would take at this point) to add the Activision sunset?
  2. @mart I share your excitement to sometimes share something you've worked on, but CJ has a point on this one. I love to make custom labels for things, but I've held back on sharing them after I started seeing labels I uploaded here end up on etsy and ebay. I've shared this story before, but it really irritated me when I made a friend locally who was into Jaguar and when he showed me his copy of Towers II and Zero 5, they had poor quality printed labels of the label art I uploaded on these forums. He didn't even realize he'd bought bootlegs until I told him. It really pissed me off that he got taken advantage of and that some dirtbag was using something I had been happy to share, thinking I was giving fellow Atari lovers nicer artwork for their Telegames Jag carts. My work was being used to rip people off. Yours will be too. It's sad, but true. ...And that's not even bringing up the other point that his games are about to be released on a compilation cart. I still like to make custom labels for some things, but instead of uploading the label art directly, I'll post a picture of it and if anyone wants to use it, they can PM me. That way I'm still freely sharing my work, but it won't be found by just anyone googling for artwork to put on their bootleg crap to sell on etsy or ebay. If it still ends up on those sites, at least I'll have a short list of people to know who's doing it. I'd encourage you that if you want to share something like this, you consider taking a low-res angled camera pic of a printed box (or art with a nice huge ugly watermark) and letting ppl PM you if they want the full art to make one for themselves.
  3. Do I understand correctly that the Nether Dungeons game is not currently up for pre-order, but will be announced at some point in this thread?
  4. Which rom did you have put on cartridge? That doesn't look like the final one in the 1st post (12-June). That mouth is from one of the earlier versions. There were quite a few changes like animation and alignment fixes I did between that earlier version and when I finished.
  5. Is this one of the games getting released soon, or is it still a long ways off?
  6. That looks great, but it's just not as good as his art from post #126. Seriously though, that's probably my favorite box ever so far. The colors, the way the art bursts out of the border area... just perfect.
  7. This was one of the main reasons I decided to get a WiiU a year or two ago. My wife had been playing the Gamecube a lot. The composite out didn't look good on our TV and the hdmi adapter I bought for the Wii didn't look good either (had diagonal lines). The WiiU (after hacking of course) looks the best so far for Gamecube games. I later bought an hdmi adapter for the Gamecube's other display port, but haven't tried it yet.
  8. I was on the site waiting for it to go live, put it in my cart when it did, hit refresh a couple of times wondering why the Lynx adapter wasn't going live, then my cart was empty due to being sold out. I've seen that happen with two other pre-orders in the past month. Both were errors with the website. One of them was fixed about 30 minutes later and the other was re-opened the following week after errors were corrected. I kept checking back every so often on the analogue site, but I've seen no mention of errors. I almost got upset, but the way I'm looking at it is: it's a fairly expensive device (especially when you consider that I was going to buy the dock, the game gear and the Lynx adapters to go with it). If they don't care to meet demand and don't want my money, I'll find a better use for it. I'm not going to waste energy on artificial scarcity or jumping through hoops to get a product I don't really need in the first place. I have other ways to play all the games (original consoles and emulation devices), so pfft 'em.
  9. Looks really cool. I look forward to the sale. One thing that stuck out to me was the abrupt transition between planets. Current planet disappears and new planet quickly zooms in. It doesn't appear this was due to video editing, or am I mistaken? If not, that's the one thing I would encourage improving: leaving the current planet with a flyby or something before arriving at the next one with the zoom in.
  10. More multiplayer labels and a couple picture labels for plain label carts (Dirty Larry and Hydra). Haven't rounded the corners yet and have no immediate plans to actually use them.
  11. Probably not worried about it any longer, since the thread was last active 13 years ago and the author was banned 10 years ago. Is this time trick in preparation for the new Bill and Ted movie? Whhooaa!
  12. I completely respect your decision. As I was typing, I was hoping it would be received as more of a compliment than a criticism. It's something that I think of every time I see it happen but never say anything. I just hope that the point will be brought up with future releases and if the author chooses otherwise, that's totally their decision. Thank you for receiving it with grace and explaining your reasoning (I know you did not owe that to me, but it will help me feel better about it when I pop it into my console). You're a class act. There was another game that did the same thing just the other day (same color box and all). Perhaps it was two in such close succession that got me to say something.
  13. I love the artwork, and I'm REALLY looking forward to this game. I also like when authors choose to go with an Atari style box and label. There's one thing I wish would be taken into consideration though, which is the quality of the game in comparison to the era of the 2600's timeline. Ex: The black label games being very early releases, '77-'81, had the quality you'd expect from an early release on a system, (not saying the games were bad -- many are classics -- but the graphics and game style were more simple, ie. typically single screen games with a few exceptions like Adventure, Berzerk, Superman, and most used double line sprites). The silver label games, typically '82-'84, usually had a pretty substantial leap in graphical quality (I'm thinking Pac-man vs. Ms. Pac-man or Pole Position vs. Street Racer). Many of these were multi-screen games and often used single line sprites, (Crystal Castles, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo, Krull, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Vanguard, Battlezone). Red label games are the ones I viewed as a kid as being the really high quality games. These late releases often had yet another quality jump and the graphics usually really impressed me, even in the NES era -- when they weren't just re-labeled earlier releases, (Crossbow - which I would show off to my NES friends, Roadrunner, Dark Chambers, Jr. Pac-Man, Secret Quest, and so on). Again, I love the artwork for this, but the quality and style of the game places it in at least the silver label era... at bare minimum, but more probably a red label game. Advantages of red labels is you get to see a bit more of the artwork and they're still easy to print. Many silver labels had fuller faced artwork (like Gremlins) and silver would look great with this game's artwork, but silver is hard to print without significant cost. I understand that many people have more nostalgia for black label games because that's the time period they relate to playing Atari, but this is just my 2 cents. Of course, this is speaking generally and for the North American region (as there were various re-releases to which this doesn't apply). Regardless, I'm really excited for this game.
  14. I think I'm going to consider this a win. Normally, the way my 1st layer prints on that textured glass bed, the lines are barely visible. This time, I had the temperature in the gcode file lower than normal and didn't realize it until it was already printing. I might try another round at a higher temp, but even with this, I can sand it down a bit and mist it with some satin clear. Working much better with it perfectly aligned in Cura... and better bed adhesion. Finished print.
  15. Printing now. So far it’s looking good. I have way better bed adhesion today and high hopes for this round of printing. I’ll post a pic if it turns out.
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