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  1. I'm curious. What does the cartridge look like?
  2. The Flashback HDs display with black bars on each side so that the game portion of the screen looks 4:3. With that hdmi-to-AV converter, the screen gets squished horizontally (the whole screen including black bars). Yes, I have that converter. To view full screen on a CRT, you’d have to have the option to stretch the image horizontally, either on the Flashback, converter, or TV. Most CRTs don’t have that option, unless yours has a hidden service mode. Even then, the adjustment is probably not enough.
  3. Can you attach the bin here? I'm not able to download from the site. My provider has it blocked as a malware site. Update: I was able to use my phone to save it to google drive and download from there. Uploading the bin here may still be helpful to someone else though. I'm always interested in racing games. Your Sunset Rider was looking promising and I was hoping to see it progress. This one looks interesting as well, but that sound is very jarring.
  4. Using this will squish the 16:9 aspect to 4:3, so it will be horizontally squished with black bars on the side. It would be ideal for AtGames to add an option for stretching the output to fullscreen. Then, using something like this would look good on a 4:3 display.
  5. It's coming along very nicely. On a real 7800, the background is showing up as white or light gray instead of black though.
  6. My Sega 3-button controller does not work with it, only up/down work, no left/right or button. My 6-button also does not work with it (both of them are official Sega controllers). Even my 7800 euro game pad does not work properly. It seems to be detected as a paddle because I get the paddle warning when the 7800 pad is connected. I usually use the AtGames wireless joystick (which is really good), or sometimes my favorite joystick for any 2600, the Slik Stik.
  7. Now I really want to see the jungle levels. I checked Youtube and only saw 2 videos, the longer of which was just under 8 minutes and only covered levels 3 and 4, which I've played before. I'm surprised no one has done a playthrough or even played further than level 4. How far before you reach a jungle level?
  8. Those boxes look pretty nice. However, the Cyber Virus art, while looking good, doesn't really fit the game. I've only ever survived a handful of levels, but I've never seen a jungle, only desert. Is there an alternate consideration?
  9. Awesome work! I love everything about this demo. Can't wait to own the full game. P.S. What do the letters stand for that you get after defeating the 1st boss?
  10. Been out of town for a week. Just sent payment to [email protected]
  11. I'd like one, Bob. Whatever's still available in color order of preference: Green Cyan Gold Standard Kind Regards
  12. Mine arrived today. Great production quality. There are some great things about it, but I think it could have used a bit more time in the oven... it would really have benefited from some playtesting in the AA community during development. The screen jumps all over the place on the 2 TVs I've tried it on so far. It's not unplayable, but it's pretty distracting. I'd say the scanline count is pretty inconsistent or something. I've managed to complete the first 2 stages so far, and came very close to the finish line on the 3rd. I'm still quite a ways from crossing the finish on the 4th. That one is going to be extremely difficult. The screens for finishing a race are very nicely done and a great reward.
  13. Thank you. I greatly appreciate your willingness to receive feedback and accommodate requests. It's really awesome of you. I look forward to trying out both versions soon.
  14. I don't have my console handy to test, but does the TV type work properly for the 7800 as well (momentary button instead of a switch)? This is also something to consider for compatibility with the portable. Maybe consider the default (Color) being the easier option. Just a thought, but that was an issue with some of the commercial games (E.T. - the default being the hardest difficulty added to the frustration of some players while those of us who read the manual knew to practice on game 3, default for Berserk not having Evil Otto - you had to read the manual to know which game selections had him, Moon Patrol not having music on the default skill switch - had to read the manual to know to select difficultly A for music). I'm just suggesting maybe (maybe) it would be better for the harder difficulty to be the more non-standard setting of B/W.
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