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  1. I think I like your options 2 and 3 (as long as we're stuck with 3 colors). Just need the turning sprites to match.
  2. Interesting that they recommended updating the firmware on an "8" Gold. That's only been officially supported on the HD "9" models (8s were android, 9s are linux and have an SD card slot for updates and roms). I've also had issues with sound on my living room TV and the Atari Flashback HD models (8 and 9). If I unplug the hdmi cable after a game is loaded and replug it, the sound will work. Then it will cut out again after returning to the menu. Basically, I have to unplug/replug my hdmi cable every time I want sound in a game or menu. The Genesis Flashbacks did NOT have this problem. Unfortunately, there's no way to update your firmware (although you can add/remove games with a mod), and even if you could update your firmware with one from the AtGames site, it would not fix the issue. I've got the latest firmware on my Flashback 9 and 9 Gold and they still have the sound issue with some TVs.
  3. It's quite nice for the older Activision artwork style and captures the action very well. Although, I always preferred the more detailed artwork/labels of some of the later Activision releases (H.E.R.O., Beamrider, Pitfall II even though it was mostly brown, etc.). But, I'm very excited for the game regardless of the packaging. The original Keystone Kapers was/is one of my favorite games even though the cart just had the blue & white text label when I bought it. I do hope this one gets a nice label with artwork rather than the plain screenshot label, but like I said... I'm excited for it regardless.
  4. You better hang in there for at least 90, bud!
  5. I did a mockup around 3 years ago (not the latest rom) of Pokey music by rockman_x_2002 (who did amazing work). YM music would be an even more impressive upgrade for use with the XM. I'd still love to see a standalone pokey cart at some point. I love this version of the game. It could be better with more enemy sprites, but in my opinion, is already the closest to the arcade of any 8-bit version and would definitely stand out with Pokey and/or YM music.
  6. Can you make it a pdf? A lot of us may not have Publisher.
  7. That email got me to bite. I got the PayPal receipt email, but I couldn’t find any way to track it on the website. I hope to get a confirmation email from Intellivision as well.
  8. I consider it unfortunately unplayable. It was a game I was looking forward to so much, but after receiving it, it became my most hated game because it had SO much potential but the collision detection took away ALL the fun. At first I thought it might be my controller, but after trying many, including a modded NES pad and even more recently the NTT controller with the Phoenix, there’s no denying it’s just got terrible collision detection. The ladders can be so difficult to get on/off. Almost every time I die, I feel like it’s not a poor decision on my part, but that I couldn’t move properly. My wife also feels the same (she was excited by the screenshots, but dismayed by the gameplay). For the longest time, I kept giving it another chance. thinking maybe with yet another type of controller, or maybe it was just my imagination that it was so bad... but every time I try again, I walk away with so much frustration and anger. It’s weird because this game gets me more angry than almost any other game I can think of. Again, I think it’s because it has so much potential that could have been fixed if testers were a little more honest instead of being so accepting of the flaws in the collision detection. (I know this may offend some, but it’s not my intention). I also hoped there would be more ppl who would speak up about it and maybe it could be fixed and those who wanted could send the cart in for a replacement at a nominal charge or something. But it seemed most of the community is overly uncritical of homebrews. That’s also why I’ve been hesitant to express how I really feel about it until now. I really don’t like criticizing something a small developer / fellow AA member programmed. So, sorry, but I really really hate this game and plead for an update to fix it (without charging us for a whole new game). As for the topic at hand... I have no guesses about what the 2020 game may be. I just saw these Bagman posts and had to finally speak up. I love you all!
  9. Yeah, the 3D prints I tried so far did not turn out in a way I would be satisfied with at all. Also, the library where I was printing them is underground, so when the weather got colder and rain more frequent, it made any 3D prints other than tiny ones impossible for now, due to the humidity. As an example, I tried several times to print a shell for a retrotink (which is smaller than a 2600/7800 shell). It wouldn't even print that without major warping. I'll give it another go when the weather warms back up and that building is less humid.
  10. I've beaten it MANY times, but NEVER with 2 players. I either need some new friends, or a time machine. I'd love to see a hack that adds the option to select a face-off from the title screen. The idea of making a 2-player one-on-one fighting game out of it is very interesting as well.
  11. Just missed the edit timeout for my last post... I re-flashed my Retron77 and the paddle is working again. My apologies for the previous pre-mature post.
  12. The paddle on mine quit working already. Only used it about 4 times. Correction: It quit working on the Retron 77. Still works on real hardware. Still extremely frustrating, since I got it mainly for the Retron 77.
  13. I don't understand how you reach that conclusion. They pretty much say "post code and we'll help", albeit in a more abrasive manner, and you say "OK, I'll stop doing Jaguar stuff."
  14. I've never noticed any audio lag on the Flashback 9s that I have. I modded 2 of my Flashback 9s (a Gold and a standard) by swapping out the resistors in the system. The paddles didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but it was playable with games like Circus Atari, Warlords, and some of the others. It seems to rely on a checksum match to know when to use paddles though. I couldn't get it to work with hacks or homebrew paddle games. The main issue I have is that it takes the full range of the paddles. That makes some games harder to play. The lag isn't bad, but you can definitely feel it in a game like Kaboom. It's playable, but you'll start having a hard time keeping up before it reaches maximum speed. I've felt that way every time I've used Stella with paddles though, regardless of the system. There's just no comparison to the real thing and a CRT.
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