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  1. I had thought about this one too. I was about to type this and saw you mentioned it already. I guess that's a 3rd confirmation it's a good name?
  2. That forum privacy policy notice is one of the best I've read. Actually tells you what ad sites will serve cookies? Actually tells you what social network sites will serve cookies? And actually tells you that you can disable / block them? ... Nice to see a site that is forthcoming instead of just saying "we will never track you and your information will never be shared, except with our partners (or in other words, everyone)"...
  3. That's some awesome news. Does that mean I should search for that old label design layout and get back to work on finishing it?
  4. Thanks for reminding me. It's been quite a while since I worked on that. The reason I never shared it is because I never finished the jungle stage. I'd like to get back to that at some point, as it's definitely a hack that needs finished, but my plate is very full right now. If things change, some time might open up for me soon. If not, I may not have time for much of anything until summer of 2022. edit: So that I don't derail too much from Popeye, if you or anyone would like to discuss any other works, feel free to hit me up in a pm.
  5. It's not about logical coherence, but artistic compromises. Sometimes you have to pick and choose where to compromise. Personally, I think Darryl already made a good artistic choice, but that's just my opinion. You're much better at picking out fine details in alignments than I am, but in some cases, it can be better to stray just a bit for the overall appearance. Anyway, we're all friends here and I have a lot of admiration for the work you do. Sometimes we'll just see it differently and that's ok.
  6. Black would just look hollow. At least the green fills the space with color like the arcade. I hadn't noticed the "O" and "l" being connected before, but now I can't unsee it.
  7. Bah... After I print, apply, and upload images, I realize some mistakes. - I should have used the microSD logo instead of the SDHC logo. - I should have added BENNVENN.COM I did say it was a quickie. That's what happens I suppose. Here are those couple of corrections. I'm sure there are a multitude of improvements that could be made, but I'll call it done.
  8. Yes, unmodified NTT controller in the SNES port.
  9. I've been itching to do a label for the BennVenn cart, and finally got around to throwing together a quickie. The idea was to use the tie-dye pattern at the top so it matches the rest of the shell, and put something Lynx-like where a label normally goes. I didn't plan on using the circuitboard on the label, but once I scanned it in for sizing, I liked it better than the plain orange or purple. Here's what it looks like applied to my BennVenn cart: There's approximately a millimeter or so of excess on the sides to give room for trimming. I actually applied this label to the cart before trimming off the edges, letting the hobby knife ride in the groove between the PCB and shell. It gave a nice fit. All images uploaded in 600dpi. If forum software resizes them, I'll zip them up or something.
  10. I use the SNES NTT Data controller. I'll try with a Colecovision controller when I get a chance.
  11. Absolutely. I just barely missed 2nd place on the high score list after posting that. The spider is really nasty. He's what takes me out nearly every time. It's not so easy to just let him pass and keep doing my thing in this version. I'll have to get better at dealing with him. Yes, I really like the control scheme in this one. It's nice to access the map with the B button instead of Option1. I also like the ability to run. I don't remember being able to do that in the full game, and I sometimes get chased down by angry cybers on my way to extraction. The only control I miss here is the strafe. If there's a way to strafe, I haven't found it.
  12. I have both Regular and Gold for FB9. I should be able to test, but that depends on how some things go. I'll know more about my life/schedule for the next year soon.
  13. What am I missing? I've looked all over for firmware and can't seem to find it. I feel like it's staring me in the face.
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