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  1. Looking good. I look forward to checking this out tomorrow.
  2. Not sure what you mean. Can you explain? I've never thought the logic was off. I'd love to have fall-away enemies though instead of them just disappearing.
  3. Wait... what did I miss? Where are instructions about changing out resistors for paddle compatibility? I've only seen the info about potentiometers.
  4. Yes, I've been using the custom firmware for the Genesis Flashback (and loving it), since it was first released. 🙂 But I'm not aware of a script to dump the emulator folder to SD and read from there. I'd think it would just be a simple edit to point the script to the correct directory of the Genesis Flashback's folder. Unfortunately, I've not opened my 2018 Genesis Flashback (yet), so I don't know where that folder is located.
  5. This works great. I love having my own music and bezels. It doesn't see to care about the emulator in the SD folder though. I tried replacing the default stella_libretro.so with the latest from the repo and stella2014_libretro.so (renamed to stella_libretro.so) and both seemed to work fine and make no difference. So I replaced it with the Vectrex core to see what would happen and it still made no difference. So it's reading the UI assets, but not the emulator core. Can you modify the script to work with the Genesis Flashback? I'd love to replace the music and bezels in that.
  6. I just noticed the pic of the game over screen in post 200 on the previous page. Not having the sky a different color (same color as the water) makes it look less boxed in. I kinda think that looked better. Here it is with the 9A color used to highlight some of the waves/spashes while the sky is removed to avoid the boxed in look, but keep the extra color detail. The man's jacket is B4 in this mockup. It could go one lower to give more contrast with the water, but I don't have my actual 7800 color pallet for my art program available right now. I'd avoid any luminance 2 or lower if you also have black though (as you do here), because on a lot of TVs a value of 2 or lower looks almost indistinguishable from black.
  7. This is what it would look like using 9A for the sky: Compared to the current color in 2 different emus. Many TVs will look somewhere between these. Some will lean more toward the picture on the left, but that's pretty much the best you can hope for. Some of my older TVs definitely lean more toward the in-between of these pics or more toward the right. I've worked with colors and how they look on many different TVs. Just saying that you don't really want to go past the "9x" range for sky blue. The "Ax" range can work depending on surrounding colors, but it's likely to appear too greenish (though suitable for water). The "Bx" range will definitely be too green for sky. Unless it's a shared color with something you want to appear green, but in that case, "Ax" would be a suitable compromise.
  8. Great job. The only complaint I have is that it's hard to tell what's going on in the game over screen. The sky looks very green and blends in with the captain. If you're using a color in the Ax or Bx range, it's going to look very green on a lot of setups. I recommend not going past the 9x range for blues especially for a sky color.
  9. Finished playing through this one today. Very well done. I look forward to the final release.
  10. My wife and I will be there. Kevin Mosely Kevinmos3 El Paso, TX Kim Mosley El Paso, TX
  11. If word got out about how awesome these games are, your boards should run out in 10 days. Seriously... every Lynx owner should have these.
  12. Here is a handful of GEN2Jag variations. They are 600dpi. Do with them as you like, edit/combine/etc.
  13. I found it difficult to limit my votes to a top 3, because to me, my personal top 4 are pretty much tied. It seems like the poll could be split into 3 categories: one for multi-level games (like On Duty, Nutmeg, Ynxa), one for quick twitch or puzzle games (like Assembloids, Growing Ties, 4ttude, Find a Way to My Heart), and one for demos (like Inside World, Lynx Quest, Undergrounders). It's hard to rank multi-level games against puzzle games or demos. - The multi-level games are interesting and engaging when we have more time to play, and thankfully each of these save your progress so they can be played in short bursts as well (each of these are phenomenal in their own way). - The puzzle games have a definite preference in certain moods or circumstances and are engaging when we don't have a lot of spare time (I love each of these for various reasons). - I couldn't personally rate demos along with the first two categories. Lynx Quest, for example, looks amazing and has potential to be one of the best games on the Lynx even among the original commercial releases once completed, but in its current state, I could not compare it to the completed games of the previous two categories.
  14. The Activision style fit well with Tyre Trax, but in my opinion, this one is more complex and deserves much more than the simplistic Activision style art. Unless it's like later Activision releases, such as Beamrider or Hero, etc.
  15. Thanks. I thought about a Genesis version and started making one, but wasn't sure if they used the same N64 enclosure since I don't have one. If the Genesis ones are the same, (or if different what size they are), I'll go ahead and make a variety of those.
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