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  1. Update new SD card fixed the problem!
  2. I have a different problem 80% of the time i get the development mode screen (on both my Vectrexes), tried 2 different new SD Cards, even send it back to Richard, but the problem remains. When i turn my Vectrex on -> off and -> back on again i will finally get the menu, any ideas are welcome 😞
  3. Score of The day at Cashconverters, Valencia, Spain: - 208 in 1 - Grand Prix P.S. I know these are not from Brazil, maybe we should also start a Made in Taiwan post
  4. Enjoy https://designyoutrust.com/2017/01/vintage-yugoslavian-computer-magazine-cover-girls-of-the-1980s-90s/?fbclid=IwAR3Eo5YzAmwaRa2qSwHUDQiYaf5YzX9T5AJxRhPya829bSzvQGsrXMD9GR0#.XEzF1HGG4WW.facebook
  5. Enjoy https://designyoutrust.com/2017/01/vintage-yugoslavian-computer-magazine-cover-girls-of-the-1980s-90s/?fbclid=IwAR3Eo5YzAmwaRa2qSwHUDQiYaf5YzX9T5AJxRhPya829bSzvQGsrXMD9GR0#.XEzF1HGG4WW.facebook
  6. Just found this on Facebook: No news, good news? WATERMELON·TUESDAY, 27 MARCH 2018 Hello Everyone, Thanks for your patience. It's been exactly one year since we started taking orders for PAPRIUM (and a couple more years of wait for our hardcore MGF fans), It's been extremely stressful year for everyone, we bet. Regarding what's going on: We had an issue with the "DATENMEISTER" chip-set manufacturing which resulted in some last minute changes. I've worked round-the-clock for the last couple of weeks to find a workaround and been very scarce on updates, my apologies. In the next (couple) days we have to adjust the game to reflect those changes. Moreover, in the mean time, there will be an additional round of QC and testing. Rest assured everyone involved has been working hard to solve all the issues and ensure a superior product. Our aim is to deliver the ultimate Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game, in time for the system 30'th anniversary. For people who wait has ran out (well understandable) - as usual - we offer a full refund. Please contact the support at bottom of WM's magical game factory page for details or questions. Thanks everyone for your comprehension, and my sincere apology for the lack of news. PS: We are also sending this message through newsletter, it could take several hours for dispatch, thanks for your understanding. Fonzie
  7. Not an update for months, wonder when this game will be released.,,
  8. How can i order one in Europe?
  9. Would be great if i could check online if Curt still has my order details.
  10. Here's a loose mask for sale to complete your set: http://m.ebay.nl/itm/1982-ATARI-MISSLE-COMMAND-Halloween-Mask-From-Classic-Video-Game-/391564065282?nav=SEARCH
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