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  1. @apc has been hard at work on both the FujiNet over UDP tunneling protocol, and the Altirra device server for said protocol. With this video, you'll see two instances of #fujinet started and connected to two instances of Altirra. (Yes, this protocol is being checked into the ESP32 version as well in parallel)
  2. For anyone who is building the firmware: Can you: (1) make sure you've upgraded to latest ESP-IDF (2) make sure you've fixed dirent.h as here: https://gist.github.com/tschak909/1ad20255c17ac321bbd6fbfde9dac2c3 (3) delete your copy of the sdkdefaults.fujinet-v1 (4) pull the latest fujinet-platformio (5) clean (6) build and make sure that the fujinet completely initializes? I had to make a change to sdkdefaults to tweak static memory allocation parameters, with the latest ESP-IDF framework, and would like a few more pairs of eyes to see if things are still ok after the latest change. https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/commit/dfc7374ee6881fa5d27f828addf849c3ec9c2516#diff-828575c709a84e0dfe49845ee9030bcc01f12e9220029d91761990595de011a1
  3. I'm not sure. Am able to open it up with Chrome and Edge's built in PDF viewer.
  4. @Savetz has completed the scanning and ingestion, and it can be found here: https://archive.org/details/coleco-adam-technical-manual-eos6-os7/ -Thom
  5. Printer kept doing it even when unplugged from memory console. Still working on it. -Thom
  6. Borrowed an ADAM for @mozzwald from @rkindig at VCF Midwest. We tested it before borrowing, the tape drive needed work, but otherwise fine, it booted into smartwriter, printer worked keyboard worked, all good, we got an ADE hat from @hidehoo and called it done for now. @mozzwald gets it home, and smartwriter comes up, but no response from keyboard, and printer is going clackety clack like crazy. What could be going on? Video attached, please advise. adam-click-clack.m4v
  7. The error code above seems to indicate that the SDMMC slot may have a connection problem. possibly cold solder joint? -Thom
  8. @Savetz has begun scanning sections 4 and 5 of the ADAM Technical Manual, which contain the EOS 6 and OS7 source code, as dumped from the HP 64000 development system, with comments. The result will be processed both in image form, and thoroughly OCR'd, and subsequently uploaded to the Internet Archive. I will post the link, once it's been ingested. Once complete, the manual will be sent back to Alex Chaney. Thank you to all who made this happen. It's a good day when we can preserve artifacts.
  9. my god, the number of retro console dumpster fires that just keep raging is nothing short of insane.

    1. Keatah


      The only things that seem to be enduring are Emulation, FPGA, and Original Hardware.

  10. It looks like a successful boot to me, from the debug output. -Thom
  11. Yeah, libti99 is literally the reason that PLATOTERM for TI99 exists... -Thom
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