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  1. I can't, and I'm testing with both my 1200XL with U1MB, and my unmodified 130XE. I will try with the DLI build. -Thom
  2. In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter. Some users are not able to load certain versions of the game. Potential problems could be: * The loader in PoP * XBIOS * The firmware in #FujiNet. * Somewhere else. If there is an incompatibility in #FujiNet, I will work with everybody to try and fix it. @xxl offered a plausible explanation. -Thom
  3. Here's a thought: Why don't we all use our collective expertise to try and figure out: (a) what's broken where (b) how to ask each other the bits of info we are lacking in order to fix it? It just might work. -Thom
  4. Here are the event logs from a boot of the double density version of the latest build. It keeps trying to re-read sector 360, and really doesn't like something, but there aren't any obvious errors coming from my firmware... -Thom
  5. I am well aware that I have an unpopular view here. That's okay. I am pushing for this, because it's the right thing to do. Those of you who want to clutch your pearls behind civility can do so. I am being honest with my intentions and how I choose to react to these discussions, which is more than I can say for some of you. and furthermore, I am okay with being bombastic in a position of no leverage. This is the essence of protest, which does not depend on politeness. By posting this, I am deliberately putting myself on record as a protestor to the fact that for decades these idiotic discussions have been taking place, with no action taken. -Thom
  6. My bombast is out of decades of frustration, seeing the same idiotic talking points circled back to, again and again, with absolutely nothing resolved, BECAUSE THOSE WHO COULD RESOLVE IT CHOOSE TO PASSIVELY AGGRESSIVELY CHOOSE NOT TO, or fall back on the flimsiest of cop-outs, such as copyright to someone who literally has been missing in action for decades at this point. There comes a point where I finally have to call bullshit. -Thom
  7. Do you not understand that this shows a very subconscious projection? Those of you who DO have the source code, it wasn't magically bestowed upon you, you asked for it, and now you've decided to become the gatekeepers of it. (and no, don't hide under any pretense of copyright, that's a cop-out.) What happens when you all expire? Code practically goes bye-bye. But, sure. Be the gatekeepers of something that maybe a dozen people in this world care about _Now_. That just makes sure it can't be studied LATER, under any circumstance. -Thom
  8. wow, the delusion. "think of all the forks" yeah, ok, I'm done with this thread. The delusion and fear based thinking of some of you is mind blowing. Seriously, who the FUCK has the balls to decide when this code base is worthy of others to study? News flash: THERE AREN'T ENOUGH OF US WHO GIVE A SHIT TO CAUSE A PROBLEM WITH FORKING! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ARSES! -Thom
  9. @cathrynm I just checked in a change so that when ATCPM is called from MODEM, it will use the modem's current baud rate. https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/commit/f46601e4a9fc2094d21b41e393fe393145003398 -Thom
  10. it should. I can try to make this a bit better, as well. -Thom
  11. for many of the applications on CP/M, there were install programs, to set terminal type. -Thom
  12. You may need to run WINSTALL to reconfigure your terminal. -Thom
  13. 64GB. Windows will also try to format anything bigger than 32GB as ExFAT. -Thom
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