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  1. yup, I'll look at the dump to see what could be happening. Long filenames might not be 100% yet. (I had to come up with a method that was frugal with memory) p.s. a little monty told me something very awesome is coming. -Thom
  2. So basically: Yes, page up/down exists, use the < and > keys (I tried to hint at this by inversing the < and > on screen, screen real estate is precious.) Filter is case sensitive at the moment, I will try to make it case insensitive. Also, for more complex handling of e.g. public archives, especially disk magazines, we'll need something more. I'm looking at GOPHER for this. -Thom
  3. p.s. the 6 year old me is still freaking the frack out that I'm booting disks FROM THE FREAKIN INTERNET! -Thom
  4. For those who haven't noticed, there is a new TNFS host that I've put up as an experiment, HOMESOFT.IRATA.ONLINE, which contains a complete copy of the homesoft collection. I may actually fold this into atari-apps at some point, but I wanted to experiment with deploying a TNFS server as a docker container onto Google Cloud.
  5. Already good bug reports coming in, some short term things planned due to reports: * 1-8 will simply shift the slot of the current mode, TAB will switch between hosts/device slots modes. This is because some users have PC keyboards. * Attempt to make filter case insensitive * will experiment with slot insertion going back to same file list, rather than going back to hosts/devices. (ESC still goes back to hosts/devices)
  6. #Atari8bit #FujiNet With the CONFIG Rewrite, It's now possible to specify a wildcard to filter directory entries...
  7. given that we should show the type of files in the disk image window, and that we have a limited amount of available text space (40 columns), I'm thinking that there needs to be custom 16 pixel wide glyphs (two character cells together) to show each disk type, SD, DD, etc. Am wondering if maybe a graphical form could be done that makes sense for all the different disk types? I had initially done a set of glyphs like this: but they smudge like crazy on composite displays. Anybody have any ideas? -Thom
  8. #Atari8bit #FUJINET Creating New Disks is now in a much saner place in the CONFIG rewrite, as part of the disk image list, providing both the host slot and a visible context for the new disk image.
  9. #Atari8bit The rewrite for #FUJINET CONFIG is nearing completion, and is now supporting directory pagination, and mounting long filenames! Now to implement the rest...
  10. For those who may have the SpartaDOS source code: Can we open a formal discussion for releasing the SpartaDOS and SpartaDOS X source code to the public in a GitHub repository, in the interests of long term preservation, study, and extension? -Thom
  11. Actually I can parse that into something more palatable. -Thom
  12. It provides correct time e.g. in SpartaDOS. #FujiNet will respond to APE Time device requests with a time pulled from an NTP server. The text field is preliminary, and will be replaced with a better drop-down, but e.g. it accepts TZINFO identifiers. * EST5EDT for Eastern * CST6CDT for Central * MST7MDT for Mountain * PST8PDT for Pacific. These identifiers take DST into account. It is one of those "why not?" features. -Thom
  13. @DrVenkman @jeffpiep left us with another surprise, tonight. A successful color print from the OkiMate 10 emulation in color! If you zoom in REALLY BIG, you'll see the individual print head dots... printout-21.pdf
  14. We also have GRANTIC mode, which can be used with the GRANTIC.ATR posted in the main #FujiNet thread, that can capture screen dumps.
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