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    1. x=usr(1536)


      Hah, I had one of those!  Even the mini-expander, 16K RAM module, and joypads couldn't make up for the fact that I just couldn't get into it.


      It was responsible for leading to a used 800 coming my way, though, so it wasn't all bad 😁


      (For as much as I may rag on the Aquarius, it does have a bit of a soft spot in my heart, and I can completely understand why people are into them.  I like Soviet / Russian ZX Spectrum clones, so have no room to speak as to individual tastes 😁)

    2. tschak909


      as I said, I love all retrocomputers. :) even...the Aquarius. ;)



  1. #FujiNet #ColecoAdam Working on the file picker.


  2. #FujiNet for #ColecoAdam status, am currently in the middle of re-writing the CONFIG code for all targets. The previous version had become too complex, and needed a drastic refactoring. I am also progressing on writing the adamnet version of the fuji device. most commands implemented.


  3. Something very cool is coming for FujiNet from our fellow #Atari8bit friends in Poland...more info soon. :) unknown.png

  4. #FujiNet #atari8bit For anyone who has a platform.io dev environment set up (or wants to set one up to track the latest fujinet), I need your help:

    The code in master has long since been refactored to support multiple targets, and I need people to build it now that it's been refactored and see if it runs on your hardware, testing all the major pieces (disk, printer, modem, network).

    If you need help doing so, please comment in this thread.

  5. #FujiNet #ColecoAdam Am a bit stuck with dealing with long running operations on AdamNet and how to properly handle it in the firmware. Will write documentation on how AdamNet works and post to github, in the meantime.

    Hopefully this will be of use to others, and there is a part of me that would hope it would result in others helping.

  6. I was at VCF East 2021, and gave a talk in adapting an existing #Atari8bit BASIC game (Reversi) to the #FujiNet.



  7. my god, the number of retro console dumpster fires that just keep raging is nothing short of insane.

    1. Keatah


      The only things that seem to be enduring are Emulation, FPGA, and Original Hardware.

  8. It's not about winning the argument. It's about both of you walking away with a new shared point of view. This was Hegel's most important point.

    1. GoldLeader


      Now,  I don't know who this Hegel guy is,  but something tells me he's never been to our Jaguar Forums.

    2. Giles N

      Giles N

      Hegels philosophy on the spirit of phenomenological videogaming…eh?

  9. While I wait for prototype #ColecoAdam #FujiNet hardware to arrive from @mozzwald, I start work on the software side, writing test programs and bindings to make my job easier when I start to write CONFIG. Here is a tape copier. (p.s. I realized after I recorded that I did not show the test tape being booted. It does boot though.) ;)


  10. #retrocomputing #Atari8bit In this video, I show how to use Lee Actor's Advanced Music System to compose a piece, in this case, Bach's Invention in D Minor.


  11. In this video, I show the entire process of loading a new game in from tape, and adapting it into the menu system, for a large scale PLATO on-line system running on Control Data CYBER 170/865 hardware #PLATO #IRATAONLINE.


  12. Anybody experienced with integrating Atari Machine Language and BASIC? Please provide insight on this thread: 


  13. #FujiNet proving itself extremely useful printing a sign right next to the trick-or-treats! Happy Halloween! image.thumb.png.7ea18f3949b6485c3f34975de8715310.png

  14. #Atari8bit My daughter Nina, played her first game of M.U.L.E. as a Leggite (pink), and she won! I'm very proud of her :) (I was the blue human) ;)   RIjcgCY.jpg

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    2. carlsson


      And she didn't even play the beginner Flapper species. I see you played a full 12 rounds, Standard or Tournament? (TBH I think Standard was a waste of mode, I would rather have wanted a 6 round Tournament for short games)

    3. tschak909


      Yup. Standard, and I'm _VERY_ proud of her. :) 

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      It's pretty impressive

  15. Is it possible to place higher than 9th in Baja Buggies?

  16. Argh! Atari DOS 2.0 skips wildcard code if the device isn't "D:" ($#@$(#@$(#@ :(


    1. zbyti


      life is hard :D 

    2. tschak909


      This is another reason why #FujiNet NOS needs to be done.

  17. Anybody got an extra ACTION! cartridge? I need to dev some #FujiNet examples.

  18. Does anyone know of any Polish #Atari8Bit forums that can be joined to start a discussion on #FujiNet?

    1. CharlieChaplin











      or forum.atari.sk


  19. A week later, and I am STILL mirroring pigwa. Sheezus.

  20. I really would have thought ABBUC members would be building #FujiNet devices based on the schematics and public firmware. *scratch-head*

  21. Nina and I are still writing a page in our diaries on our #Atari computers, each day. I'm up to page 82, and Nina slowly gets better at articulating her thoughts.


    1. jaybird3rd


      Such a great project!

    2. Kiwi


      Cool!  I love when old machines get used for this purpose. 

  22. For everyone on here: Do not deal with @AtariGeezer. We built a #FujiNet board for him on the condition that we would share code. This turned into "I'll do it if" .. after he received the board.

    This guy is 100% mud, and should be considered untrustworthy.

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    2. orpheuswaking


      I hope you post this in the fujinet threads

    3. tschak909


      @orpheuswaking Since he has been banned from the thread, I am dropping it. He got a free board from us, hope he cherishes it.


      @RockyRaccoon To Recap:

      AtariGeezer has been working on his own ESP8266 based device. He had been talking as if he had a working implementation of a number of things, such as a N: network device, an R: device, and a working TNFS client that did file level sharing. Kept sharing little snippets of code, when I asked about them, he became cagey and said, "Do your homework."

      He saw what we were doing and started talking with us.

      Since @mozzwald had recently produced a working prototype based on the ESP32. Geezer asked if he could get one. mozzwald said only if you contribute code to development. Geezer said he would, so Mozzwald, on his own dime, built and shipped him one (we haven't charged anything for any prototypes, to anyone, nor do we intend to.)


      Geezer receives his prototype, pictures start showing up in other threads (he has one picture with it attached to his 1450XLD), and he starts talking about the functionality he's done.


      "Great, can we see code?"

      "Yup! When it's perfect!"

      ...ok, fine.

      A bit later, Geezer responds with: "Here's something to wet your appetite, to get rid of that state machine loop." after which he posts part of the main loop of his firmware. Ok, thanks. I see calls to R: device stuff, to N: device stuff, to TNFS stuff. Great.

      and had he left it at that, I would have said nothing, and just written this off as a "he grifted a board" moment, and if some code had shown up, I would have been happy about it.


      But he didn't. 


      He posts a binary of his latest build, and I asked about source code.


      He responds with:


      "I'll post it when you post your N: an R: handler."


      So our agreement suddenly turns into a tug of war on conditions, and rather than fight that silly battle, I decided to call him out on it. I called him a douche. I fully admit I went full nuclear, but in my defense, I've dealt with people like this, my whole life, and if you don't smack it down head-on, it becomes a bigger problem later.


      He responded, understandably, quite derisively. Which got him banned from thread.


      So yeah, 

      if he had just shut his mouth and not made it about me, this wouldn't have happened. :)



    4. tschak909


      Since this posting, roughly on Jan 10, he has started his own Wifi Modem thread, where he deliberately references the board that mozzwald built for him. He still doesn't seem to be very interested in releasing code, opting instead for just releasing binaries. ok then.

  23. Does anyone have a Rigol analyzer I can borrow? I am trying to write ESP8266 firmware for SIO, and am running into timing hell.



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