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  1. Super Cobra: 7180




    Planet Patrol: 5460




    Exocet: 1210




    Sorcerer: 1890




    I liked Planet Patrol the best of all of these. Aiming shots for proper collision detection was a little iffy, but on the whole, I think it was the best game of the bunch. It is akin to how I prefer to smell horse dung to that of other animal dung. I mean, it's dung, but it's kind of wholesome.

  2. Fast Food: 999




    Fast Eddie: 21050





    I love the interlude between levels in Fast Food: "You're getting Fatter."


    Fast Eddie is fun. Once I wrapped around to collecting hearts again, it got significantly more difficult. I didn't make it past that level.


    Edited to post the death screen. I screen capped it twice. Once at the death screen, once at the reset with my score. I figured the death screen was the most worthy "evidence" of my success.



    There is a can of Spinach on each level.

    Stage 1 : Left hand side of screen it moves up between level 2 and 3

    Stage 2 : Right hand side on the very bottom of the screen

    Stage 3 : Again on the very bottom of the screen but cycles to left and right

    You couldnt have Popeye without Spinach!


    Oh! I thought that dot was a warning of pending fireballs. Gee whiz now I'm going for it to get my spinach. How do you get the spinach on stage 2? I fall on the trampoline and then get bounced up.

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  4. Jawbreaker: 10,150



    Tooth Protectors: 49,100



    Plaque Attack 16,920




    I don't follow new game releases much, but I don't see tooth care as a theme in modern games. Back in the day when video games were often seen as frivolous, I think there was an interest in using games as educational propaganda. I think back to playing Apple 2 games in my grade school classroom. There were math games that were little more than math quizzes with video and audio feedback to reward you for getting an answer correct. I recall a typing tutor that let you shoot down letters when you hit the right key. Not to mention the Where in the world/USA/Galaxy is Carmen SanDiego games. Generally the edu-tainment was junk. I wanted to blow stuff up, slay dragons, and get my wagon to Oregon before the party starved. If I developed skills along the way, then that was icing on the cake.


    I enjoyed playing all three of these games. It's frustrating (in a fun way) when the Jawbreakers double back on me, and I try to get to the gap in the wall, only to get nailed by one coming on the next tier!

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  5. Dragster: 7.18




    Skiing: 33.50




    Enduro: 420.2





    I dislike all these games. But in the spirit of the contest, I played until I could place in above last place in all of them (as of the time I post this). I replayed Skiing until I could actually finish game 5 without missing or hitting a flag. Endure is the best of the three, and the graphics are lovely. As far as racing games go, it is a well made game.

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