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  1. to only dream! How about an ET game. Oh yeah. I mean one that was not terrible.
  2. wow. that game last time was when I first joined this site. I have not been on for some time, but figureded I would drop in and see what is happening. TO find this, Last one was amazing and fun. Not sure if it is solved yet, but if it is I dont want the answer!
  3. The Odyssey has to be the ugliest. The Odyssey 2 though is my favorite looking one.
  4. personally I would go with the INTV. Great games, I love playing mine. I play burger time on it all the time. one of my faves!
  5. I know once I was in one of those places not near where I live. I mom came in with a Dreamcast and like 20 games. The guy offered her like 20 dollars for all of it. She was ticked but was just about to when I said I would give her35 for it all. She took it and I was happy. the guy on the other hand was very pissed. too bad, he could have offered her more. I loved when he told me to get out and the lady yelled at him. I probably would not do that at a store I frequent, but I figured what the hell.
  6. I am locaded in NE PA in the poconos, SO I am not far from Phili or NYC (within an Hour and a half of Phil and Hour from NYC) THanks for any help I looked on Ebay but am uneasy about that as I really do not know much about games, and probably could not fix one if it was not working well.
  7. OK, I finally built my new house and I have room to start building an arcade area. but I really have no Idea where to go to buy them. I don't want many, but I want the ones I played as a kid, where do I go, and how much do they run about? I see multi games, but I don't want that kind of thing, I want old ones! Where do you guys get yours from?
  8. OOOH, I live in the Poconos and not to far from there, I am going to have to get a pocket of quarters and spend a Sat morning there! I know last year I was at Disney in FL and went to their arcade place (cant remember the name, but there was a whole floor of them. I spent some time there, it was great! Also for those in south Jersey or Phili. At seaside Heights there is an arcade by the indoor Carousel that is all 80's games. just like back in the day when I was a kid and went there.
  9. Local for me was a bowling alley Greenbrook Lanes, they had a decent one, 8 on the Break. and Blue star skating had a big one upstairs. I liked that b/c my Dad managed the place when I was little and I used to go with him on weekends and "help" out either in the skating ring or the arcade. I loved that, I would get to play anything I wanted but it was early on in VG history.
  10. I loved KC Munchkin, Still fire it up now and then.
  11. got nailed like this the other day. I was buying a speaker selector and was winning with under 10 secs, then I lost. what ticked me off was the "final" wining bid was like 5 seconds after close. pissed me off.
  12. iguana

    tech question

    Thanks, I will order that. I am looking forward to big time 60 inch warlords! That and Yars and Solaris will rock!
  13. iguana

    tech question

    SO I got a big 60 inch Plasma coming and was wondering how I can hook up my 2600 to it, and if I do can it damage the screen? any ideas?
  14. I would buy a Pong action figure!
  15. This is too cool, Kind of like Kasperov vs Big Blue. well maybe not. anyway I am very interested in seeing who wins this
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