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  1. For sale: 12 Atari Lynx official power supplies NIB. Asking price: $200 shipping included for the whole lot, or $25 (shipping included) per unit. If you're in the US, include $10 extra for insurance. PM me if you're interested. Payment via PayPal only. Fast shipping as soon as payment is received. Prices are in Canadian dollars for buyers in Canada, and in US dollars for American buyers. Reasonable offers will also be accepted. Here's a link to our eBay profiles: http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ladyjaye75 and http://www.ebay.ca/usr/ericdestcyr
  2. Actually, it's the same issue facing Canadian Sega Master System items: toy-maker Irwin was the distributor instead of the actual console maker, hence the hunt for impossible-to-find info on the item and the fact that it's completely unknown from most American collectors. Thanks so much for the info and the pictures, and I agree that the cart-holding design is dumb!
  3. Through a high school friend, I got this vintage Atari 3-game binder. Even though the logo is faded, we can still make out that it's from the Warner era (not really visible on our pic, but it's under the Atari logo). There's also a small Atari logo on the top of the outer binding. We can't see any product number anywhere, and the only image I found online of this particular game binder didn't give out more info. Since there isn't any SKU, could it be a corporate item? Anyone knows anything about it? We're really curious. As you can see below, it can hold three Atari 2600 games, as well as some manuals, and closes shut with a clasp. Thanks!
  4. Well, a free Mr. Do's Castle (even loose) is hard to beat!
  5. Yesterday morning, we saw an ad on Kijiji (which is similar to Craigslist) where the seller was giving away an Atari 2600 4-switch with 50 games. Eric called, left a message. Since the guy wasn't calling back, I decided to call on my cell and talked to him. Turned out that someone else (a sumguy?) was even faster than us and had called just before Eric did. A few hours later, the seller called me back, saying that the guy never came over and that he really wanted to get rid of his Atari. Eric came back home a couple of hours later. There was indeed an Atari VCS 4 switch with several joysticks and paddles. Most of the games (all loose) were of the common type (Defender, E.T., Frogger, Plaque Attaque, etc.), usually with worn labels, but there was one gem in the lot, surprisingly clean and with an intact, unscratched label: Looks like Eric's stroke of thrifting luck (he recently found in the wild a CIB Chrono Trigger on SNES for $20, as well as CIB Final Fantasy III SNES for $10) is continuing...
  6. *Note: Do not think that this is an April's Fool joke. The pics were taken last week.* Eric found a copy of the game, CIB, among the donations for the computer museum he works for. He took some pics:
  7. Hooked on Etrian Odyssey III

  8. My own wayback machine is researching my past in retrogaming pre-Digital Press before writing my text for the 20th anniversary issue of the DP zine.

  9. Just a quick note since I can't edit my post: If you want to add me as a friend and you're not a Digital Press regular who I know well, or if your gamertag is quite different from your nick here, please send me a message telling me that you're from here. This way, I won't think you're a random creep that accidentally stumbled upon my gamertag.
  10. The new Professor Layton game is really good. A purchase or a rental, depending on your love of puzzles.

  11. The new Professor Layton game is really good. A purchase or a rental, depending on your love of puzzles.

  12. My Xbox 360 tag is ladyjaye75. I don't play often on the 360 these days, but I do have a Gold account.
  13. Time to revive an old thread... I used to have Activision Anthology for the GBA, and later sold it. I already regretted doing so, and was looking to replace it. However, I recently bought a PSP and accidentally stumbled upon Activision Hits Remixed for $15 used, which I picked up. I like the fact that it includes the commercials as unlockables, but wish it was possible to add our own music playlist (just like the PS2 version, the music gets old fast). The only other qualm I really have is the screen ratio: either very small or stretched widescreen -- no 4:3 full-height option, which is mind-boggling. I still wonder why they didn't name it Activision Anthology -- it's not like it actually has remixed versions of games!
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