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  1. You are right Shawn, I made some very good hacks myself and if I hadn't made them they wouldn't exist, I know you have too. People should take our example and learn to hack, after all one of the best and easiest hacking tools around is Hack-O-Matic III; I haven't been around in a while maybe now it is even better or hack-o-matic IV maybe??? Anyway this message is for everyone don't be afraid to try hacking, the worse you could do is mess up a copy of a ROM no big deal copy another and try again if you do. Sincerely Wade Pit Fall III Extreme Monster Tag Pac Munchkin Hot Pac'em Hot Munchkin ET's Candy Bars Tank Patrol Tarsan's Rescue Mission Mad Max co hacked with Scott Dayton Then some of the smaller fixed hacks I did like giving Fat Albert some color to make him look better, fixing the lips and burgers in Fast Food so they are pink instead of purple and look a little better. Maybe a few I forgot as well, go ahead give hacking a try.
  2. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...p;#entry1143387 this is my Fast Food Pinned for HOM III Wade
  3. I posted a pinned version of this with everything I had found from when I was making Mad Max. It is on Tim's site Salemfrost. This can help in the areas of color and graphics at least, it is everything I had found, oh and a change to the score so it always displays all zeros at start and adds to the score with the remaining zeros yet to be reached at the left of the score. Now Scott may be able to help you more he is the one that made Mad Max really shine! The pinned version is for hack-o-matic III That is a bit hacker not disassembly. Wade
  4. If some type of light gun was sufficiently-readily available, I could build an interface that would allow the 2600 to do a good job of reading a light gun (given suitable software). Without some extra hardware, reading a light gun on a 2600 is dicey at best. The only light gun I could think of would be the Sega Master System light gun, that has an Atari 9 pin D style plug on it already. Oh wait I had an Atari GS before it burnt up, that had a light gun too that also had a 9 pin D plug. Wade
  5. Appreciation, I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and complements while I was making this hack! Thank you so much everyone it really means a lot to me, and I am so glad you like this, if there is any argument for hacks this it a good one, I'd way rather play this than the original game it came from! lol But I did feel such a Pitfall feeling to playing the original game that I knew it had to be done. I am deeply proud of this hack. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Wade
  6. Interesting Pitfall 2 is an odd-sized rom. I hadn't accounted for that. Now fixed. -Jeff Thanks again, yes I now remember why I tried to get into Pitfall two, so I could copy the bat for my Pitfall III hack. I did a pretty good job just eyeballing it in the game though I think it looks a lot like the bat in Pitfall II. Wade
  7. The color searching it's an exact science, but it should help locate bit codes that could imply setting colors - it still could be data of course. There is still going to be an element of trial and error I'm afraid, but hopefully it helps speed up the process for your guys. Keep up the good hacking -Jeff Thanks oh and for Pitfall II all you need to do is try to open it in HOM3. Wade
  8. Fixed opening and closing pit glitch! I just fixed the glitch in the opening and closing pits, unfortunately I also had to change the opening screen back to home vision 83' for some reason when it says Pitfall III H. Jr. this affects the pits. I don't know how or why I am not a programmer it just does. So that is changed back the game is more important than the words, so it is changed and now works with out any glitch in the opening and closing pits. Nukey would probably know why he is a programmer he would probably know why the screen jumps every once in a while and how to turn the music off the right way with no soft static click sounds every once in a while. Anyway I did my best I if I can fix the ROM any more in the future I will post the update. Enjoy! Wade Pit_Fall_III_Harry_Jr__Lilly_Adventure_hack_10_26_6__WC.bin
  9. This is just what I need now because I did screw something up in Pitfall III Harry jr. something with the opening and closing pits. But I am more excited over the advanced color search function does it look for where colors are stored like in disassemble but for bit hackers to understand? Thanks again Wade
  10. "Advanced search for helping locate colors!" oh Jeff Thank you thank you thank you!!!! No more 100's of attempts of changing bits to find out if it is a color or important game data! YEAH!!!!!!!! Like with Pitfall III I knew the gators were green but which one I tried 20 different greens and each of the numbers were like in the game 20 to 30 different times so right there that is over 200 attempts before I found the color, what a hack that is, wow colors anyplace in that ROM not all grouped like I am used to finding. lol The only thing I did notice was I tried a while back to see if I could hack Pitfall II that gives some kind of error??? Wade
  11. Noted there is an error I caused in the opening and closing pits I will fix that and change it back so the error is gone. I need to download one of my old versions and compare where I accidentally must have missed changing back a test I did, literally 100's of changes and test one of them I missed I guess. It will be fixed soon! Wade
  12. Pitfall III Harry Jr. is here. Harry Jr. is trying to get out of the jungle he has many of the same problems to deal with as his Father Pitfall Harry. There are Alligators but this time they swim and yes at later levels Harry Jr. must jump on their heads to get across chasms just like his Father did but Harry Jr. must have much more precise timing as one the alligators swim and number two they are not on the same level as Harry Jr. they swim in the dangerous swift flowing stream below him. There are rolling logs to jump over again but a few new characters to deal with charging apes! Also docile swimming turtles these Harry Jr. can jump on safely to get across chasms. Also back is the Bat his father Harry had to face in Pitfall II. Will Harry Jr. ever get out of the jungle, I don't think so. The game plays as long as you want to play it, you have unlimited lives and no timer except the timer for points for each screen, each screen is the challenge if you want to play until you get out of the jungle I don't think that is possible I think the game never ends, I don't know? I made it to over 50,000 before turning it off, it is a highly addictive game I must say though probably my most addictive hack yet. It is also the hardest hack I have finished yet, after crashing the ROM 100's of times to find the last colors I wanted to change I found them finely! If any more experienced hackers would like to smooth out a few kinks left in it I would be happy to see this game get as good as it possibly can, right now it is as good as I can get it with my hacking abilities. Enjoy Wade Pit_Fall_III_Harry_Jr__Lilly_Adventure_hack_10_26_6__WC.bin
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh "to make it a just-as-sucky Ms. Pac-Man. " I like your description! No I don't think anyone ever did that. Wade
  14. This does exist someone did turn Ms Pac-Man into Pac Man I downloaded it a long time ago think it was called Mr Pac-Man if I remember? I have it in my emulator Oh Rob Kuda I think was the one that made this. Wade
  15. I reached that stage at around 2,3000 pts. After about 50 tries, I gave up. If there was to be an end to this hack, this stage is it. That's because even if I happened to pass that stage, I don't expect to see anything cool. Just more insane music. You too!!!! That is where I stopped at too!!!!! I am sure it must be possible but wow!!!!! Believe it or not that is actually playing those nursery rhymes from the original game, it is just going through some really messed up filter of some kind I stumbled on trying to find the color for the logs and apes to change to brown. I changed it and thought well I like that better than the nursery rhymes. Wade It is not imposible I made it way past that today! Wade
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