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  1. Better tell him to send me his explanation in an email. I've decided not to sign on here for a while until some of the trollers and flamers get bored an leave. I've had it with the insults and flamewars.
  2. It does indeed work on XP. His com ports might not work! The COM ports will work if they use 16550 chips like a standard PC compatible computer. XP doesn't interfere with that. Strange Laptops with non-compatible ports (or worse yet those ports they hang on the USB bus) won't work. hmmm What exactly does "Hmmmm" mean in this case? Have you discovered something?
  3. The whole engine is a lot smaller than I had imagined. Looks like it could have been used to make a lot of neat games. Too bad it was never fully exploited.
  4. I think you may have this wrong. An Audio blank is exactly the same as a data blank except that it has a few bits set differently so that Audio CD players recognise it as an audio blank and will record to it. Other than that they are exactly the same. They cost more due to royalties being paid to the music industry as they know you will most likley copy the odd CD with them. This is why the audio CD-Recorder decks will only accept them, but a PC Burner will use either just as well. You can on some Audio CD recorder trick it into using data discs. One example I heard of was to put in an audio CDR and one the system recognised it, gently prise open the draw just enough to get the disc out and replace with a data blank. The recorder thinks it has a CD-Audio Recoradble and is happy. save you a few quid too Seems to me like you could break the mechanism prying it like that. Is this really worth the small savings in price of the media? They all seem to be priced pretty much the same.
  5. I thought that the authors couldn't remember it. Is that not the case? Does someone know what it is?
  6. Have we concluded that the task at hand is impossible? If nobody else is working on this, then I'll put more thought into it.
  7. What do you mean "still" on the way? He makes it sound like he can revoke the goods even while in transit!
  8. It has come to my attention that one of you people in Jaguar-Land has been infected with a virus. It has usurped your email address book and has been spreading itself by emailing people at random pretending to be various names from the address book. There are viruses going out with Steph's, Scott's an my own addresses in the 'from' field. We have also gotten a virus claiming to be from 'jeff minter' and from sales at telegames. We have also received a number of "failed" email messages to people we have never heard of. We believe it's all straightened out now, but there was a period over the weekend where some ISP's were blocking mail from my account and possibly Scott's. If you emailed me or any ScatoLOGIC member in the last week and have not heard and answer by today, then please resend your inquiry. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Please stop insulting me with your completely unsubstantiated accusations and off-topic flames. I will report you to the moderators if you continue to harass me. You are just making trouble and ruining this board for everyone. The number of complaints being lodged is enormous.
  10. Yes, you've pretty much nailed it. ..Al Take your punishment like a man. Also, stop being a hypocrite. Moderators are not above the law. Insults are not allowed here. By ANYONE.
  11. LOL! T-bird "changed his ways" only because he was probably more or less told to by AA moderators if he wanted to stick around. Kind of like Hannabal Lector "changing his ways" because he was locked up and put in a straight jacket! But I suspect that AA moderators didn't tell T-bird to go as far as he has in his "changes," but it's probably occured because he's too stubborn to "find middle ground," so he's just gone from one extreme to the other in a sort of immature "protest." IMHO. Are these types of immature insults the only type of message you can compose? If so, please leave. They have no place here. In fact, you have no business posting in this topic, as it is not any of your concern. Your only apparent purpose here is to start trouble with your flames. Even after numerous warnings from the moderators, why do you persist?
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