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  1. Hey man, you are in our thoughts! Get well soon!!
  2. JellE


  3. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

    1. doctorclu


      I did old friend. Hung out with my family over Skype for 5 hours. That was a magical time. How about you?

    2. JellE


      We had a pretty good day... glad you guys had a good day too!!!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Happy birthday!!

  6. Of course she is! How the heck are ya? Hope all is well in your world!

  7. Gosh..you are old!!!

  8. She's not so much a baby anymore... she's almost 2!! haha
  9. You can use an emulator. You don't have to use an actual machine. Woah, hello! did you ever get my email JellE? How's u? Hope ur gonna play too Hi innuendo - Welcome yes the Centipede is on the regular Atari Computer (400/800/XL/XE) but it is a ported version of the 5200's version of the game. I'll send you a message just in case you don't see this. Cheers, trbb I don't think I got an email from you Jason...well, at least not recently. I am going to see if I can get up and going and play some this season. Although it might actually be Melly playing... as she has a fascination with computers and the like now. We are doing well...just trying to keep up with a toddler now. I hope all is well in your world!!
  10. You can use an emulator. You don't have to use an actual machine.
  11. Hi innuendo...welcome to the 8 bit HSC. Unfortunately, this contest was over quite some time ago. But you are more than welcome to participate in this seasons contests. This is the link to the current contest: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/179841-hsc8-round-6-centipede-5200-conversion/ Good luck!!
  12. Happy birthday old man!!! Miss you!

  13. I used to play games on FB a lot more than I do now. I am bored with all the Mafia Wars, Farmville, Frontierville, etc. kinda games. I now pretty much play Bejeweled and some other random arcade type games. I do have to admit I like Word Search, and things like that, as well, though.
  14. Happy birthday!!!

  15. I posted so many scores for this thread nobody wants to update it. LOL I did better at some of these games since i last posted scores in this thread. I'd like to update this thread. I guess i need permission from one of the Mods or something. I think this thread should be moved to the sub forums with the other high score threads. Or maybe a new Odyssey 2 high score thread should be started in the high score clubs forum. Actually, there is no longer a HSC forum. The HSCs are usually a sub-forum in whichever category the particular things fall into. However, the NES and SMS have their own sub-forum in Classic Gaming General. I bet if you ask Albert really nicely he would be more than happy to include this one, as well.
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