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  1. Slow. I had some issues with my 3D printer and I have to reorder/spec some new parts as the ones I was wanting are no longer available. My new target is April. Sorry for the delay guys.
  2. Being different is better. That way you are keeping with the OD2 tradition. Similar to an arcade game, but different (i.e. Pick Axe Pete, KC Munchkin, UFO, & Alien Invaders-Plus).
  3. Neat concept! The only top down scrolling game (sort of) I can think of on the OD2 is Alpine Skiing. I haven't tried your wip yet, but I like the concept. Of course there is also "Freedom Fighters", but that's more of a side scroller (sometimes, depending which controller you use).
  4. Please check your PM's. I sent you guys a message.
  5. Hi RetroGamersHub, I've got you down for one controller with green roller.
  6. Hi DaveFB, I've got you down for one controller with green roller.
  7. Thanks! So far the programing manual is set-up to program in hex first. That's where all the explanation is done. The assembly is listed at the end of each program mainly as reference. I've been trying to enter the programs both ways (mainly to try and understand each function). The more I work with this cart the more I'm starting to understand. And to be honest the harder it's looking as if I would ever be able to make a functioning game. There is just so much to keep track of.
  8. I just tried the Crypto-Logic game. The game see YES & NO the same as Y & N. No difference.
  9. Well, I'm not 100% sure those key are truly identical. I was playing around with the "Addition - Program C" program and even though it's meant for numbers I was pressing letters just to see what would happen. Each letter had some kind number assigned to it? (Hex code maybe?) The key "Y" would return the same number as the "YES" key. And the "N" and "NO" keys returned the same number as well. Again, I don't know if this is 100% proof, but at least in this little program those were seen as the same key press.
  10. Very small update/comment, It looks as if the "YES" & "NO" keys are the same as the "Y" and "N" keys. At least based on the output I'm seeing. And from what I can tell those are the only duplicated keys on the keyboard. Were any games made that used the "YES" and "NO" keys as input?
  11. I will be focusing on this in February. It takes time to print out the parts and I still have to purchase more mice PCBs, but February will be the month for these controllers.
  12. is the 7800 necessary? Yes, No, maybe so? If you like it: Yes If you don't like it: No I think it might be that simple of an answer. Maybe a better question would be "is the 2600 necessary if you have a 7800?"🤔
  13. Yes, you are correct about not storing programs and the one row output. To be honest I don't think the storage issue is really that much of an issue. The max size of program you can make is only 100 lines (00-99) and since the commands are quite small it doesn't take that long to input a program. At least from what I've done so far. One line output is fine by me cause it's less to worry about at my level of understanding. I have started using this cart. I thought the membrane keyboard would be terrible, but to my surprise it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not saying it's great or it wouldn't be better to have a real mechanic keyboard, but it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. My guess is because we are all use to pushing buttons on a glass screens these days. It helps that my O2's keyboard is quite sensitive too. So, I don't have to push that hard. I've only made it to the second program in the manual, but I'm currently playing around with what little of learned (modifying the code to change little things here and there).
  14. I'm right there with you. The stock O2 controller are actually quite good. I'm guessing that most who don't like the O2 controllers were exposed to the Atari 2600 controller first and because of that they feel that is "normal". As a kid our family had O2, not Atari. When I would play an Atari 2600 at my friends house I always thought the 2600 controllers were too stiff. To me (as a kid) they didn't move. The O2 controller actually moves.
  15. I've always wanted to be able to program a game for the OD2. The problem is, I know nothing about programming. So, I'm hoping by using the COMPUTER INTRO cart I will have a little bit better idea of what it might take to program a game for the system. Yes, I know this cart is just a primer and you really can't program a game with it. I'm just trying to get my foot in the door with programing for the OD2. I've read that COMPUTER INTRO is actually quite good for what it is. I'm not sure how much (if any) of this cart really applies to actual OD2 programing, but I thought it would be a good experiment to see if a total non-programmer can truly follow it and if it really helps to get me closer to programming a game (1978 style). So, I guess this topic is going to be me documenting my progress and if I have any issues (hopefully those in the know can help) I don't know, it might be a total waste of time, but either way it will be interesting to hear others thoughts on the COMPUTER INTRO! cart and what I'm trying to do. One other thing, I had to print out the huge manual for this cart as I don't have the original spiral bound manual. I do however have the three panel reference Flow chart "thingy" (technical term)🤪
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