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  1. You are on the list for the next run of controllers.
  2. Check your PM's For anyone else just PM me if interested.
  3. Maybe this will help. My original Jag I bought in 1995. I remember purchasing my CD unit not long after. My last retail purchases for the the system were: - Zero 5 - Breakout 2000 - Towers II - Iron Solider II (CD version) They were all purchased at an Electronic Boutique in Lexington KY. I want to say around late 96/97 time frame. Unfortunately, I had to sell my original Jag set-up (system, CD unit and games) do to family obligations in 2006. I know I will most likely never have those titles again. ☹️ I hope that helps.
  4. I have two Complete Jag consoles. Back in the day (around 1995/96 time frame) I had a pretty extensive Jag collection (which included the Jag CD and many rare-ish titles), unfortunately I no longer own the CD unit and it's just too costly for me to purchase.
  5. That looks great! I've got a couple of 7800's I'll have to try this on.
  6. It's really hard to beat the overall look of the Odyssey 2. As far as pre1980 systems go the Odyssey 2 looks the most impressive (not just the boxes and artwork but even the look of the console). Heck, even the carts had a very aesthetically pleasing look to them. Very futuristic look for the time.
  7. It depends on the time frame. Our first system was Odyssey2. My favorite game would have been "UFO". Once I was old enough to walk to the local arcade it was "Yie Ar Kung Fu". On my SMS it was "Phantasy Star". Genesis it was "Sword of Vermillion".
  8. Following the logic set by saying the nes was released in 1983 (because the famicom is basically the same thing). Does that mean the Atari XEGS (and for that matter the Atari 5200) got released in 1979?
  9. I'm asking this question out of pure curiosity. I personally don't consider the "Test Market" stage as the release of a console. So to me NES came out in 1986 and the Atari 7800 came out in 1986. I see people all the time go back and forth on when a console is released. I find that most NES people consider the "Test Market" as the release of the console, I'm not sure why but they do. On the other hand other consoles, the "Test Market" is treated differently (I'm thinking the Atari 7800).
  10. You got the last one of the second run (Cyclone II). If there is still interest for more USB spinners I will start a new interest list. If you want on the list just let me know either in this topic or PM.
  11. Almost all Ebay sellers charge $3-$6.00 a piece for controller overlays. At my price of $2.00 each they are already discounted. Please keep in mind that my current catalog of Atari 5200 overlays come to 49 total titles which is larger than the original Super Overlay set (which was only 29 titles). I do have a $20.00 minimum purchase for all orders (not including shipping). Please PM me if you are interested.
  12. I think the problem with Data Age labels is there is actual aluminum in the label that wasn't protected well. Once that aluminum is exposed to oily fingerprints, moisture and the air, it starts to oxidize. It turns kind of white and looks like acid is eating it. I've had aluminum car parts from the 70's that did the same thing. So, Data Age I vote is the worst.
  13. You are on the list (and the last one for this list). *************************************** For those on the list I will be contacting you via PM in about a week to finalize details with your orders. At this point I can not put any more orders on the list as I don't have the materials to make any more at this time. Once this current run of orders is completed I will start a new list.
  14. Your on the list. Yes, Here's a couple pics to show the progress. I'm thinking first week of November I will be contacting people on the list.
  15. It really comes down to personal taste. That's why I stated this: Emulating pinball is a different animal, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. I can image using AR or VR to better emulate a pinball machine. Of course there will still be people who will say "It's not the same thing". And on some level that's true, no matter if you are emulating video game machines or pinball. It comes down to what is an acceptable version of the real thing. In the case of an arcade game, if you don't care about the cabinet orientation, marquee, controls, CRT glow (think vector games) and background sound, then yep emulation is all you will ever need. As to emulating a baseball game, it's not going to stop people from trying. Video games have tried to make you feel as if you are in a baseball game years (yes, I'm playing fast and loose with the term "emulation"). Heck, even pinball machines back in the day tried the whole baseball thing (again, not exactly emulation, but the idea is the same). Is a Kia the same as a Corvette? Grant it the Kia is not trying to be a Corvette, but using the same logic as emulation it should be close enough. I mean 4 wheels, motor, the mechanic of driving is the same and yet some prefer the Corvette over a Kia still.
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